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Century Chest transcription 88

To my dear great great grand children. The descendants of my daughter Rose Davenport and her husband Abraham Van Vechten of Albany. We have been living here since September 1886. My daughter Eleanor wife of Clinton Collier was married in March of that year and on her whim [?] for her wedding journey to California developed a cough and was advised to come to Colorado where she lived two years & now lies in Evergreen Cemetery. Her father in Woodhaven Cemetery Zaverville, Ohio. Where I was born and married Benjamin Davenport who born in Winchester Virginia, lived in Barnesville Ohio. On our marriage we made our home in Wheeling Va. where he was in business as a grocer (wholesale) with my brothers cousin & Henry K. List and his brother John. We resumed to Chicago where Mr. Davenport was a broker and lived there until his death Oct 4th 1885. The twenty third anniversary of our marriage. We are now living in Broadmoor on Lake Avenue. The western end of which is the Casinos. A colonial building in its architectural design. Painted yellow with white trimmings. We attend Grace Episcopal Church Revd Benjamin Brewster Rector. Your ancestors have been a god fearing church building and supporting people. For we descendants of William Pynchon of Massachusetts who was Duke [?] magistrate in the colony and of Richard Lord of Conn. who brought the Charter to [that?] Colony also of the Rev'd George Phillips of Mass. Colony. May every blessing attend you and may you ever love to follow the right road and noble way of life. Your great great grand mother Cynthia Jones Davenport

Colorado Springs August 5th 1901

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