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Archer Butler Hulbert Papers, Part 1, Ms 0130, 1873-1933 and Part 2, Ms 0163, 1915-1974

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Archer Butler Hulbert Papers, Part 1, Ms 0130, 1873-1933
   Scope and Content
   Notes to Researchers
Archer Butler Hulbert Papers, Part 2, Ms 0163, 1915-1974
   Scope and Content

Archer Butler Hulbert Papers, Part 1, Ms 0130, 1873-1933


Archer Butler Hulbert was born January 26, 1873, in Bennington, Vermont, the son of Calvin Butler Hulbert and Mary Woodward. His father was a clergyman and president of Middlebury College in Vermont from 1875 to 1880.  His older brother Henry Woodward Hulbert was also a clergyman and educator.  Other family members included a brother Homer B. and sisters Gertrude H. Wylie, Anne H. Boehne, and Mary H. Rogers.

Archer Hulbert was educated at St. Johnsbury Academy in Vermont where he was a classmate of Calvin Coolidge.  He graduated from Marietta College in Ohio in 1895.  Hulbert also studied at Western Reserve, Chicago, Wisconsin, Columbia and Harvard Universities as well as in London and Paris.  At Harvard Hulbert studied under Frederick Jackson Turner whose frontier thesis he later popularized in his books.  In 1929 Hulbert was awarded an honorary doctorate from Middlebury College in Vermont, and in 1930, Marietta College offered him an honorary L. H. D.

After graduating from Marietta College, Hulbert became vice-principal of Putnam Military Academy in Zanesville, Ohio.  In 1897 he joined his brother Homer in Seoul, Korea, and became editor of The Korean Independent.  Upon returning to America in 1898 Hulbert became interested in pioneer migrations.  He made a special study of trails and roads over which early expeditions and pioneer movements were made.  His first book on the subject was Red Men's Roads published in 1900.  The Old National Road was published the following year.

Hulbert's first teaching job was at the University of Chicago for a summer session in 1904.  In the fall of that year he returned to Marietta College as professor of American history, a position he held for fourteen years.  Shortly after arriving at Marietta College, Hulbert completed his sixteen volume series on the historic highways of America.

During his years at Marietta, Professor Hulbert did research on George Washington, lectured on the economics of good roads for the United States Department of Agriculture, and served as archivist for the Harvard Commission on Western History from 1912-1916.  He also organized the Mariettta Historical Commis- sion.

About 1917 Hulbert began lecturing for the War Work Council of YMCA.  From 1918 to 1920 he taught at Clark University in Worcester, Mass.  During this period he developed a syllabus for teaching about U.S. involvement in World War I.

In 1920 Hulbert was appointed professor of history at Colorado College in Colorado Springs.  He interested himself in the western pioneer trails over which he traveled gathering notes and reminiscences of the pioneers still living.  In 1925 his friend and fellow Vermonter, Philip Battell Stewart, a trustee of Colorado College, and Stewart's wife Frances Cowles Stewart, founded the Stewart Commission of Western History and appointed Hulbert director.  As director Hulbert initiated an ambitious project under the general title of Overland to the Pacific.  By 1933 three volumes of the series had been published.  Five other volumes were completed after his death under the editorship of his wife Dorothy Printup Hulbert (later Dorothy Bryson).

In 1929 the Vermont Historical Commission compiled a bibliography of Hulbert's works.  The bibliography contains about 100 items including larger works, pamphlets, and periodical contributions.  When Hulbert published Forty Niners in 1931 he was awarded the Atlantic Monthly Prize of $5000.00.  As a result of his work in publishing the Crown Collection of American maps he was made a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.

Besides the professorships Hulbert held lectureships at Harvard, Columbia, Chicago, Western Reserve and Wisconsin Universities, and Pomona College.  He was a member of several historical associations.

Archer Butler Hulbert married Mary Ellizabeth Stacy, September 10, 1901.  Two daughters were born to them, Marian Elizabeth (Mrs. Floyd R. Parks) and Katherine Wheelock (formerly Mrs. Hugh Honnen, now Dr. Katherine W. Wheelock).  Mary Elizabeth died in 1920.  In 1923 Hulbert married Miss Dorothy Printup, an instructor in classical languages at Colorado College.  They had two daughters, Nancy (Mrs. Karl R. Olsen) and Joanne (Mrs. Robert W. Yeager).

Hulbert died at his home in Colorado Springs, December 24, 1933, and was buried in Evergreen Cemetery in the same city.


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1873 Born, January 26, in Bennington, Vermont.
1895 Graduated from Marietta College, Ohio.
1897-98 Edited The Korean Independent at Seoul.
1898-04 Literary work.
1901 Married Mary Elizabeth Stacy.
1904 Lecturer at University of Chicago, summer session.
1904-18 Professor of American History at Marietta College.
1905-14 Lecturer on economics of good roads for the Office of Public Roads, United States Department of Agriculture.
1909 University Extension Society of Pittsburgh, Chautauqua Institution.
1911 Instructor at Columbia University, summer session.
1912-16 Archivist for Harvard Commission on Western History.
1917-18 Lecturer for War Work Council, YMCA.
1918-20 Professor at Clark University, Worcester, Mass.
1920-33 Professor of history at Colorado College, Colorado Springs.
1923 Married Dorothy Printup.
1925-33 Director of the Stewart Commission on Western History.
1933 Died, December 24, in Colorado Springs.

Scope and Content

The Archer Butler Hulbert Papers consist of a wide variety of materials covering most of Hulbert's life.  Family and business correspondence, diaries, scrapbooks, account books, photographic prints, lantern slides, printed and original maps, postal cards, periodicals, notes, publications, published and unpublished manuscripts, and memorabilia are contained in the collection.

Family correspondence forms a major part of the collection.  Letters from Hulbert to his parents and siblings, their letters to him, and to each other are included.  Hulbert's childhood letters are in the collection as well as letters received by his widow at the time of his death.

Business correspondence regarding his various publications are a part of the collection, as well as correspondence of the Stewart Commission on Western History.  A few of the letters are from well known Americans such as Theodore Roosevelt, Charles G. Dawes, Calvin Coolidge, Woodrow Wilson, Owen Wister, Emerson Hough, Dorothy Canfield Fisher, Frederick Jackson Turner and others.  Numerous letters to librarians, historians, and curators of historical societies throughout the country are part of the collection.

Hulbert's writings concentrated on canals, rivers, roads, trails, forts, the life of George Washington, and the westward movement.  During his later years his attention centered on the publication of documentary materials related to the westward movement such as the letters of Narcissa Whitman.  Thus, the collection contains not only the manuscripts of published works in these subject areas, but numerous typescripts and photocopies of documents which he planned to publish.  Postal cards, lantern slides, maps, and photographs are also illustrative of these subject areas. 

Of particular interest are the items related to Hulbert's year in Korea, 1897-98, during which he was editor of The Korean Independent.  A scrapbook containing clippings of the editorials Hulbert wrote during that period, is part of the collection.  Also included are some items written by Hulbert's brother Homer during the same period.

For several of his earlier works, Hulbert maintained scrapbooks of clippings of reviews, correspondence, announcements and memorabilia connected with his publications.  Eleven of these scrapbooks are in the collection.

Notes to Researchers

Books received with this collection have been cataloged, and may be located through the Tutt Library On-Line catalog.  The library has almost all of Hulbert's independent works, and many of his articles.

Most of the photographic negatives which arrived with this collection were found to be nitrate-based film, and in poor condition.  Many were badly curled.  Only a few in good condition were retained with the collection.

The printed maps other than the Crown maps, and a few clippings of maps, were also removed from the collection, and placed with the other Special Collection maps for better storage.

Every attempt has been made to place related materials together in the collection.  However, because of the large volume of materials and the many different formats within the collection, related materials may be placed apart.  Researchers are encouraged to search the entire inventory for items pertinent to their study.

Additional information concerning Hulbert's life and work may be found in the collection file.  A complete description of the Crown Collection of American Maps is also contained there.  For access to this file, please request the assistance of the Special Collections staff.



Family Letters

Letters from Archer Butler Hulbert
Bx 1 17 Fds
Fd 1 To Mary Hulbert, 1883-1886 26 items
Fd 2 To Mary Hulbert, 1887 22 items
Fd 3 To Mary Hulbert, 1888 33 items
Fd 4 To Mary Hulbert, 1889-1890 27 items
Fd 5 To Mary Hulbert, 1891 12 items
Fd 6 To Mary Hulbert, 1892-1894 22 items
Fd 7 To Mary Hulbert, 1895-1904 28 items
Fd 8 To Mary Hulbert, 1907-1919 22 items
Fd 9 To Mary Hulbert, [n.d.] 32 items
Fd 10 To Calvin Hulbert, 1883-1890 21 items
Fd 11 To Calvin Hulbert, 1891-1916 39 items
Fd 12 To his family, 1888-1899 31 items
Fd 13 To his family, 1900-1905 36 items
Fd 14 To his family, 1906-1910 20 items
Fd 15 To his family, 1911-1920 34 items
Fd 16 To his family, [n.d.] 54 items
Fd 17 To his family, [n.d.] 20 items
Bx 218 Fds
Fd 18 To Anne Hulbert, 1883-18916 items
Fd 19To Gertrude Hulbert, 18861 items
Fd 20To Henry Hulbert, 1884-1898, 191210 items
Fd 21To Mary Hulbert, 1903-19113 items
To unidentified family members, 1897-1900 8 items
Fd 22Fragments3 items
Letters to Archer Butler Hulbert
Fd 23From Mary Hulbert, 1885-1890 27 items
Fd 24From Mary Hulbert, 1899-190119 items
Fd 25From Mary Hulbert, 190222 items
Fd 26From Mary Hulbert, 190337 items
Fd 27From Mary Hulbert, 190417 items
Fd 28From Mary Hulbert, 190519 items
Fd 29From Mary Hulbert, 1906-190824 items
Fd 30From Mary Hulbert, 1909-191424 items
Fd 31From Mary Hulbert, 1915-191616 items
Fd 32From Mary Hulbert, 1917-191831 items
Fd 33From Mary Hulbert, [n.d.]40 items
Fd 34From Mary Hulbert, [n.d.]26 items
Fd 35From Mary Hulbert, [n.d.]58 items
Bx 314 Fds
Fd 36From Calvin Hulbert, 1881-189917 items
Fd 37From Calvin Hulbert, 1900-190441 items
Fd 38From Calvin Hulbert, 1905-190744 items
Fd 39From Calvin Hulbert, 1908-191648 items
Fd 40From Anne Hulbert, 18902 items
Fd 41From Gertrude Hulbert, 1885-193336 items
Fd 42From Henry Hulbert, 1880-189917 items
Fd 43From Henry Hulbert, 1900-190524 items
Fd 44From Henry Hulbert, 1906-191544 items
Fd 45From Henry Hulbert, 1916-193342 items
Fd 46From Homer Hulbert, 1900-193067 items
Fd 47From Homer Hulbert, [n.d.]16 items
Fd 48From Homer Hulbert, [n.d.]50 items
Fd 49From Homer Hulbert, [n.d.]45 items
Bx 4 23 Fds
Correspondence among other family members arranged by author.
Fd 50Anne Hulbert, 18853 items
Gertrude Hulbert, 1881
Fd 51Calvin Hubert, 1887-19044 items
Fd 52Henry Hulbert, 1901-19307 items
Fd 53Homer Hulbert, 1904-19348 items
Fd 54Marian Hulbert, 1915-19207 items
Fd 55Mary Hulbert, 1833-3616 items
Fd 56Mrs. Calvin Hulbert, 1905-19179 items
Correspondence with others
Fd 57Edwin Rogers, 1899, 1901-191761 items
Fd 58Miscellaneous authors, 1884-19318 items
Stewart Commission Correspondence
Correspondence, 1924-1930
Fds 59-72 Outgoing and incoming arranged alphabetically, then chronologically. 340 items
Bx 5 12 Fds
Correspondence, 1931-1933.  Incoming, arranged chronologically.
Fd 731930 - May, 193127 items
Fd 74June - July, 193127 items
Fd 75August - October, 193126 items
Fd 76November - December, 193145 items
Fd 77January, 193239 items
Fd 78February, 193247 items
Fd 79 March, 1932 (includes a March 15 letter from Willa Cather concerning the painter Robert Henri) 38 items
Fd 80April, 1932 25 items
Fd 81May - June, 1932 25 items
Fd 82July - September, 193240 items
Fd 83October - December, 193243 items
Fd 841933 4 items


Marietta Historical Collections with a Description of Oregon & California..."  by Overton Johnson and Wm.H. Winter, 1846 (typescript)    Correspondence related to Overland, 1932-3414 itemsVolume 1 (blue print on white paper)
Bx 65 Fds
Fd 85"The Great War" lecture notes, clippings30 items
Fd 86"The Great War" Notebooks11 items
Fd 87-88"Marietta Historical Collections"3 items
v.4 Manuscript with photograph of Col. John May
Fd 89Miscellaneous items related to Marietta Historical Collections 5 items
Bx 7 10 Fds
Charles Greene Material
Fd 90Diaries 4 items
Fd 91Clippings 9 items
Fd 92Original letters to Greene, 1868-1905 15 items
Fd 93Manuscript 1 item
The Forty-Niners
Fd 94Manuscript with notes for a talk7 items and package of book contracts
Other Writings
Fd 95"Wagon Road from Defiance to the Colorado River" Typescript of Exec.Docs., 1st sess, 35 Cong.1 item
Fd 96"Report of Edward F. Beale, Esq. Relating to The Construction of Wagon Road from Fort Smith, Kansas, to the Colorado River" (Typescript)1 item
Fd 97Niles Register, v. 53.  (Typescript) 1 item
Fd 98-9"Journal of an Expedition from Santa Fe, N.M. to San Diego, Cal. in 1849" (Typescript)1 item
Bx 8 11 Fds
Fd 100Documents of General B.L.E. Bonneville 1 item
Fd 101"Correspondence with the Governor Of Mexico, in Relation to Expulsion of Citizens of U.S. from upper California." (Typescript of Senate Docs. 28th Cong., 1844) 1 item
Fd 102"Annual Message and Accompanying Documents, 1849-1850." (Typescript) 1 item
Fd 103"Spanish Expeditions into Territory Now Colorado" Howbert transcript from Spanish Archives (typescript) 2 items
"Fosteriana:  Thoughts, Reflections, and Criticisms Of How They Started in Search of Quivira and What Happened on the Way."
Fd 104"The First Wagon Train on the Oregon Trail" 1 item
Fd 105Illustrative Documents for U.S. History 14 items
Fd 106Untitled manuscripts 2 items
Fd 107"Southwest on the Turquoise Trail" manuscript 1 item
Fd 108"Pike's Recovered Maps" by Stephan Harding Hart with photographs of Zebulon Pike 4 items
Fd 109"The Origin of the Oregon Missions" manuscript1 item
Fd 110Forsyth Manuscript 1 item
Bx 9 12 Fds
Fd 111-118Documentary materials for Overland to the Pacific, v. 6, chapters 1-7 with appendix 11 items
Fd 119"Route Across the Rocky Mountains1 item
Fd 120-122Manuscript:  "The Oregon Crusade" with supporting documents 3 items
Bx 10 11 Fds
Fd 123"The Emigrants' Guide to Oregon and California" by Lansford W. Hastings, 1845 (copy)1 item
Fd 124"Journal of Captain Abraham R. Johnston" (typescript)1 item
Fd 125"The First Emigrant Train toCalifornia" by John Bidwell (2 copies) 2 items
Fd 126"Fremont in the Conquest of California" by John Bidwell (typescript) 1 item
Fd 127"Life in California before the gold discovery" by John Bidwell (typescript) 2 items
Fd 128"Notes of J. Abert to Lieut W.H. Emory" Oct. 8, 1846.  Exec. Docs,1st sess, 30th Cong.  Ex. Doc. No. 41. Appendix No. 6-71 item
Fd 129Niles Register, Oct. 31, 1846 Extracts from Journal of Lieut Emory (typescript) 1 item
Fd 130Notes 26 items
Fd 131Bonneville letters (copies) 34 items
Fd 132"Letters written to his wife" by Dr. John Thompson in 1849-1850 (typescript)1 item
Fd 133"Report of Samuel Parker..." 1835-1837 (2 copies) 2 items
Oregon publications
Bx 11 15 Fds
Fd 134John Ball letters & correlated papers, 1832-18341 item
Fd 135Whitman-Greene letters & related papers13 items
Fd 136Miscellaneous items 3 items
Fd 137Dorothy Hulbert Bryson's workbook for volumes on Whitman; "The Oregon Missions as shown in the Walker letters, 1839-1851 2 items
Fd 138Files of Classmate numbers [1936] containing a story of Winifred Hulbert on the Oregon Trail 5 items
Fd 139Projections for Overland to the Pacific Series16 items
Fd 140"Expedition of the Dragoons to the West" (typescript) 1 item
Fd 141"Rocky Mountain Correspondence," "Irving's Influence on American Opinions of the West," "Battle of the Fur Traders with the Indians Near the Rocky Mountains" (manuscripts)3 items
Fd 142"Bonneville's Expedition to the Rocky Mountains," "Captain Bonneville's Letter," "Captain Bonneville," "Colonel Bonneville on Protection of the Indian Trade" (manuscripts) 4 items
Fd 143"The First Overland Trip to
California," "Jedediah Strong Smith," "The John Ball Correspondence" (manuscripts)3 items
Fd 144Untitled manuscripts6 items
Fd 145Benson's diary (in 2 notebooks)2 items
Fd 146"Exploration & Survey for thePacific Railway," "Davis Memorial volume in the U.S. Senate," "Senate Doc., 2d session, No. 39" 3 items
Fd 147Other Oregon materials6 items
Fd 148"A Report on Edward Fitzgerald Beale's Camel Expedition..." by Lydia Novak1 item
Box 12 13 Fds
Fd 149Copies of clippings29 items
Fd 150"Sketch of a journey to the Rocky Mountains and to the Columbia River in North America" (copies) 2 items
Fd 151Clippings of small maps 31 items
Fd 152Letters and journal relating to the Pacific Railroad Survey (typescript)20 items
Fd 153Letters and journal relating to the Pacific Railroad Survey transcripts)4 items
Fd 154Letters and journal relating to the Pacific Railroad Survey (typescripts)1 item
Fd 155"The Bedroom on the Lark"1 item
Fd 156"The Homestretch" (original title), "The Runaway Girl" 2 items
Fd 157"The Runaway Girl" (typescript)1 item
Fd 158"No Foe in Shining Armor"1 item
Fd 159"Ripley, Harrison and Tyler, Too"1 item
Fd 160"Love Never Faileth"1 item
Fd 161"King of the Land of Do Without," "White Wolf"2 items
Bx 13 6 Fds
Fd 162"The Outcasts of Poker Flat"1 item
Fd 163"The River" 1 item
Fd 164"The Homestretch," "The Catspaw," "The Tag End of Aristocracy"3 items
Fd 165--166 "After-dinner stuff" (clippings & notes)
Fd 167Unidentified pages from manuscripts8 items
Bx 14 8 Fds
Fd 168"The Frontier in American History" 1 item
Fd 169"A Pennsylvania Spy" 1 item
Fd 170"Western Shipbuilding" (2 copies) 2 items
Fd 171Notes
Fd 172Early writings 16 items
Fd 173Childhood poetry 16 items
Fd 174"Gethsemane: A Meditation"1 item
Fd 175Clippings and illustrations65 items
Bx 15 19 Fds
Fd 176"The Romance of American Rivers"2 items
Fd 177"The Transportation as a Factor in Growth of Chicago"2 items
Fd 178"The Steamboat & The Great Plains "Empire"2 items
Fd 179"The Ohio River"2 items
Fd 180"The Washington We Forget"1 item
Fd 181"Washington's Heritage of Executive Ability 1 item
Fd 182"Great Meadows and Virginia's Bounty Promise1 item
Fd 183"Locating the Virginia Regiment Lands"1 item
Fd 184"The New West and the New Washington"1 item
Fd 185Notes for Lectures18 items
Fd 186"Thoroughfares of the Old Ohio"1 item
Fd 187"A University for Elderly People"3 items
Fd 188"A Barrack Room Story of the West"2 items
Fd 189"The Black Forest of America"1 item
Fd 190"The New Education," "The Patriot," "The Orchard That Saved Boston," "A Country Without a Man," "Pay Dirt"5 items
Fd 191"Captain Augustine Washington," "George Washington:  The First Detroit Booster," "The Reformation in Russia," "General John Forbes" (2 copies)5 items
Fd 192"The Auto Guyed," "The Viled Recommendation Foundation," "Alligator-horses," "Wet Hoey and Dry Baloney in the Light of American History," "Reducting the Powers of the Supreme Court"5 items
Fd 193"The Yankee Characteristics of the Washingtons," "How the Mississippi Found Her Master," "Undeveloped Facts in the Life of Marcus Whitman," "The Lay of the Lone Prospector," "The Increasing Debt of History to Science"5 items
Fd 194"Cowboys and cowboy songs" "Cowboy songs," "Mode of Determining the Astronomical Positions and the Elements of Magnetism at Temporary Camps," "Washington's Chartier Farm," "Business Efficiency: A Factor For Unity"5 items
Bx 16 17 Fds
Fd 195John Boyn Materials
"The John Boyn Story:  Rightful King of Servia." Includes correspondence from Chedo Mijatovich Dec. 1, 1902-Feb. 8, 1904 24 items
Letters from John Boyn, Mar. 17, 1903-Sept.3, 1903
"Our Prize Camp-Fire Story" Notes, clippings, etc.
Fd 196Boyn manuscript & article2 items
Fd 197Publications of Rufus Putnam Association Manuscript: "Senator Hoar's Historical Interest"2 items
Fd 198"The Habit of Going to the Devil," "Bill Hammond's Boy (2 copies)5 items
Fd 199Lecture Notes7 items
Fd 200Washington materials, clippings & articles16 items
Fd 201Lincoln materials29 items
Bx 17 5 Fds
Fd 202Clippings from journals16 items
Duniway, Clyde A. "Daniel Webster and the West." (March 1928): pp. 3-15
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Fd 203Miscellaneous publications3 items
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Fd 204Publications of the Oregon Pioneer Association 5 items
Constitution and Quotations from the Register of the Oregon Pioneer Association; together with the Annual Address... Salem, 1875.
Transactons of the Annual Reunion of the Oregon Pioneer Association, 1879, 1881, 1882, 1885.
Fd 205"Shipbuilding on the Ohio, 1800-1808"1 item
Fd 206Publications of Frederick Jackson Turner consists of four booklets with clippings of Turner and others.4 items
No. 1.
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No. 4. 
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Correspondence with Mrs. Hulbert concerning publications
Box 18 13 Fds
Fd 2071918-192361 items
Fd 2081924-192824 items
Fd 209192944 items
Fd 210January - April, 193031 items
Fd 211May - December, 193036 items
Fd 212193312 items
Fd 2131934 39 items
Fd 214193522 items
Fd 215193617 items
Fd 2161937 10 items
Fd 217February, 1932 - April, 193328 items
Fd 218May - July, 1933 35 items
Fd 219August - November, 1933 25 items
Fd 220December, 1933 - June, 1934 19 items
Special Correspondence
Fd 221"Autographed Letters" 1900-193355 items
Adams, Herbert B.
Ayer, Edward E.
Barker, S. Omar
Bruce, H. Addington
Burr, George L.
Channing, Edward
Coolidge, Calvin
Curtis, Charles
Dawes, Charles G. (3)
D____? , Harry M.
Duniway, C.A.
Dunning, William A.
Fairand (?), Livingston
Fisher,Dorothy Canfield
Ford, Worthington D.
Hall, G. Stanley (2)
Hanna, Charles A.
Hart, Albert Bushnell (3)
Harvey, Charles M.
Herrick, Myron T.
Holland, W.J.
Hough, Emerson
Howe, Mark Antony De Wolfe
Hughes, Charles E.
Hughes, Rupert
Hulbert, H.C.
Jackson, W.H.
Jordan, Harry P.
Naylor, James Ball
Nelson, Thomas Forsyth
Pewedde, Stephen B.L.
Porter, Peter A.
Putname, G.H.
Roosevelt, Theodore (3)
Scott, Frank T.
Shoup, Oliver H.
Sloane, William
Stowe, Beecher
Thwing, Charles F.
Watson, Frederick
White, Stewart Edward
White, W.A.
Wilson, Woodrow
Wister, Owen
Unidentified (3)
Homestead Certificate No. 13080, Watertown, South Dakota, signed by Theodore Roosevelt
Fd 222Letters from Frederick Jackson Turner7 items
Personal Materials, Miscellaneous
Bx 19 6 Fds
Fd 223Biographical information10 items
Fd 224Stewart Commission mailing lists and contracts8 items
Fd 225Miscellaneous manuscripts9 items
Fd 226Miscellaneous manuscripts34 items
Fd 227Clippings, primarily book reviews48 items
Fd 228Photographs for publications54 items
Manuscripts for books
Bx 20Narcissa Whitman Letters1 item
Bx 21Marcus Whitman: Twice a Martyr Includes notes and documentary materials13 items
Bx 22Rails Across the Rockies1 item
Bx 23Junior History of the United States1 item
Bx 24The Forty-Niners1 item
Diaries and Notebooks

Bx 25Diaries, 1885-1920;18 items
Appointment book style annual; volumes containing brief notes on events of the day, travel plans, golf dates, visitors, etc.
Fd 1 1885, 1892, 1897, 1902, 1904, 1905
Fd 2 1907
Fd 3 1913-1920
Notebooks (2 containing miscellaneous reference notes)
Bx 26Notebooks and account books
Bx 27Crown Maps, Series IV10 Fds
Fd 1Volume 1 (tissue originals)
"The Platte River Routes" 45 plates.
Fd 2Volume 1 (negatives)
Fd 3
Fd 4Volume 1, "Trial proof" (white print on blue paper)
Fd 5 Volume 1, Printed version (blue print on white paper)
Fd 6Volume 2, "North and South Platte Routes" 51 plates
Fd 7Volume 3, The Oregon Trail in Idaho and Oregon" 56 plates
Fd 8 Volume 4, "The California Trail, Ft. Hall to Placerville, with branch to Salt Lake City" 53 plates
Fd 9Volume 5, "The Santa Fe Trail (Raton Mountain Route)" 53 plates
Fd 10Volume 6, "The Santa Fe-California Trail" 44 plates (incomplete)
Box 28Photographic prints: mostly roads, trails, and forts primarily eastern states during the early 1900's.  A few family pictures are included. 39 pkgs.
Note:  A group of 328 3" x 4" glass positives have been removed from the collection and placed in the library's photograph collection.  The items are primarily illustrations of the Crown Collection of American Maps, and The Forty-Niners.  (Cf. SL-06g.)
Far Eastern Collection
Bx 29 9 Fds
Fd 1Manuscript versions of articles 12 items
Fd 2Clippings11 items
Fd 3Publications 7 items
Fd 4Publications 13 items
Fd 5Clippings
Fd 6Scrapbook of editorials in The Independent, 1898 1 item
Fd 7Copies of The Independent, 1898
Fd 8Photographs, mostly Seoul42 items
Fd 9Maps 6 items
Bx 30 Scrapbooks, 1901-1908, 193111 items
Each scrapbook is a collection of announcements, clippings, correspondence and other matter related to one of Hulbert's publications. Titles given are Hulbert's own.
"Historic Highways of America" 1902
The Forty-Niners" 1931
"The Hulbert Far Eastern Collection", 1897-1902
"Pilots of the Republic"
"Washington and the West"
"The Ohio River" 1906
"The Niagara River" 1908
"4 Hulbert Scrapbook Miscellany" ca. 1898
"5 Hulbert Scrapbook Miscellany" 1901
"Queen of Quelparte" 1902
Editorial scrapbook, [n.d.]
Oversize Materials
Bx 31Oversize Crown Maps, Series IV (uncut)
File cards; research notes
Original maps28 items
Postal cards141 items
Mostly colored, many dated 1908-1910.  Views of trails, rivers, forts in eastern United States. The majority are of Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Ohio.
Bx 32
Fd 1Galley proof of Frontiers1 item
Fd 2Galley proof of The Forty-Niners1 item
Fd 3Letters to C.R. Green, 1867-68 (typescripts)
Fd 4Miscellaneous clippings19 items

Publications by Archer Butler Hulbert 14 items

Bibliography of the writings of Archer Butler Hulbert
Vermont State Library, 1929.

"Colorado - The Clearinghouse of Provincialism." Mountain States
Banker (September 1932): 27-29.

"The Era of Indian Demoralization." Reprinted from the
Journal of Race Development 6 (January 1916).

"The Increasing Debt of History to Science." American
Antiquarian Society (April 1919):29-42

Letters of an Overland Mall Agent in Utah.
Worcester, Mass: American Antiquarian Society, 1929.

The Message of the Mound Builders to the Twentieth Century
Society of Colonial Wars in the State of Michigan, 1913.

"Physician Heal Thyself." Alumni address,
Marietta College, 1915.

"A Preliminary Syllabus for a Study of the Issues of the Present War." 
Part II: Why America Entered the War. Worcester, Mass: Clark University, [1919].

"The Provincial Basis of Patriotism."  Report of an address reprinted from
Ohio Archaeological and Historical Quarterly (October 1927).

"The Relations of American Sectionalism to Transportation
Routes." Clipping from Proceedings of the Eighth Annual
Meeting of the Ohio Valley Historical Society, pp. 74-79.

A Syllabus on American History and the Natural Sciences. Colorado
Springs: Colorado College Publications (January 1922).

"A System of Highways for the South." Reprinted from Manufacturers
Record [n.d.]

"Washington's `Tour to the Ohio' and `Articles of the Mississippi
Company'" Reprinted from Ohio Archaeological & Historical Society Publications 18 (October 1908).

"Western Shipbuilding." Reprinted from the American
History-Review 21 (July 1916)


Forward 54 (September 1935).

The Frontier and Midland 14 (January 1934).
Contains an article "The Trip to California,"
edited by Dorothy Hulbert.

Geographical Review, July, 1932.

Minnequa Historical Society Bulletin, October
1935.  Contains a review of Southwest on the
Turquoise Trail by Hulbert, pp. 7-12.

The Mountain States Banker 8 (September 1932)
Contains the program for the Colorado Bankers
Association Convention for which Hulbert was
one of the speakers.

National Waterways
Feb. 1924
Jan. 1929
Jun. 1929
Jul. 1929
Sep. 1929
Oct. 1929
Nov. 1929
Dec. 1929

National Republic 21 (July 1933)

Ohio Archaeological & Historical Quarterly 41
(October 1932)

Ohio Archaeological & Historical Quarterly 42
(October 1933)

The Pikespeaker, Oct. 16, 1931
Contains a review of The Forty-Niners, p. 8;
cover portrait of Hulbert; frontispiece photo-
graph of Hulbert, p.4; "Portrait Impression"
p. 9, (missing from this issue)

Union Pacific Magazine (Sept. 1925)


Letters to Mr. David Green from Samuel Allis, 1836 (copies)

Journal and letters of John Dunbar, 1834 (copies)

Pike Maps - 52 items

Diplomas, 1891, 1895, 1904, 1930

Archer Butler Hulbert Papers, Part 2, Ms 0163, 1915-1974

Scope and Content

This addition to the Hulbert Collection consists of notes, manuscript fragments, some correspondence and miscellaneous material related to the publication of The Forty-Niners and the Stewart Commission Series. Some of the items relate to the Colorado College career of Mrs. Hulbert, including some lecture notes and correspondence.

In Part I of the collection duplicates of manuscripts pages were removed. Since identification of manuscript fragments in this group proved too time consuming, all of the fragments have been retained.


Box 1
Fd 1Letters to Archer Butler Hulbert 1915-1933
*Letters from libraries concerning purchase of "Overland to the Pacific"
Fd 2Correspondence, notes, clippings, and miscell- aneous typescripts re. Whitman letters.
Fd 3Correspondence to Dorothy Wing concerning Forty Niners 1934-1974
Fd 4Accounts with publishers
Fd 5Stewart Commission brochures
Fd 6Manuscript fragments
Fd 7Notes
Fd 8Outlines
Fd 9Songs and class notes
Fd 10 "Journal of a Voyage" (rough draft)
Fd 11 "Journal of Pike's Expedition" (rough draft)
Box 2
Fd 12"The First Wagon on the Oregon Trail" (rough draft)
Fd 13 Notes for "Overland to the Pacific"
Fd 14 "A Young People's History of the United States" (fragments)
Fd 15 Fragments - U.S. History ?
Fd 16 " " "
Fd 17 " " "
Fd 18 " Forty-Niners ?
Fd 19 " " "
Fd 20 " " "
Box 3
Fd 21 Forty-Niners (rough draft)
Fd 22 " " "
Fd 23"Ship-building on western waters" Ms.
"Was Zeb Pike a conspirator?"
Fd 24 "The Ships of the Desert Prepare to Sail-Chapter 2
Fd 25 Miscellaneous fragments
Fd 26 Student Papers
Fd 27 Crown maps - Vol. 1 6 sheets
Box 4
Fd 28"Westward the course of empire" Colorado College Faculty Lecture, by Dorothy P. Hulbert, April 15, 1937
Fd 29 Notes by Mrs. A. B. Hulbert for "Overland to the Pacific" Includes 3 negatives and prints (2 - unused)
Fd 30 Lecture notes and class materials of Mrs. A. B. Hulbert
Fd 31 Latin literature
Fd 32 " "
Fd 33 " "
Fd 34 Miscellaneous notes, clippings, postcards, etc.
Fd 35 Miscellaneous negatives, mostly family and travel pictures


A similar bibliography was published by the Vermont State Library in December, 1928. This compilation is a revised and updated version of that bibliography.


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3. The Chesapeake and Ohio Canal and the Pennsylvania. (V. 1 The Great American Canals,

4. Colonel Washington. Cleveland, Ohio: Western Reserve University, 1903.

5. The Cumberland Road. Cleveland, Ohio: A. H. Clark, 1904. (Historic Highways of
America, v.10) Revision of Old National Road, q.v.

6. 1830-1930 The Oregon Trail Centennial: the Documentary Background of the Days of the
First Wagon Train On the Road to Oregon. Missoula: State University of Montana, 1930.

7. The Erie Canal. (v.2 of Great American Canals, q.v.)

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13. Historic Highways of America. Cleveland, Ohio: A. H. Clark, 1902-1905.

v. 1 Paths of the Mound-building Indians and Great Game Animals, 1902.
v. 2 Indian Thoroughfares, 1902.
v. 3 Washington's Road (Nemacolin's Path) the First Chapter of the Old French
War, 1903.
v. 4 Craddock's Road and Three Relative Papers,1903.
v. 5 The Old Glade (Forbes's Road (Pennsylvania State Road), 1903.
v. 6 Boone's Wilderness Road, 1903.
v. 7 Portage Paths, the Key of the Continent, 1903,
v. 8 Military Roads of the Mississippi Basin, 1904
v. 9 Waterways of Westward Expansion, 1903.
v. 10 The Cumberland Road, 1904.
v. 11-12 Pioneer Roads and Experiences of Travelers, 1904.
v. 13-14 The Great American Canals (v.1. The Chesa- peake and Ohio Canal
and the Pennsylvania Canal. v.2 The Erie Canal.)
v. 15 The Future of Road-making in America; a Symposium, 1905.
v. 16 Index.
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College, Ohio. Printed by the College, 1918.

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Chicago: A. C. McClurg, 1906.

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39. Ohio in the Time of the Confederation. Marietta, Ohio: The Marietta College Historical
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bibliographical resume, 1925-l930. Colorado Springs; The Stewart Commission of the Colorado College and The Denver Public Library, 1933. (Overland to the Pacific, v. 3).

45. Pike Zebulon Montgomery. Zebulon Pike's Arkansaw Journal: In Search of the Southern
Louisiana Purchase Boundary Line (Interpreted by his newly Recovered maps). Edited with bibliographical resume, 1800-1810, by Stephen Harding Hart and Archer Butler Hulbert. Colorado Springs: The Stewart Commission of the Colorado College and The Denver Public Library, 1932. (Overland to the Pacific, v. 1).

46. The Crown Collection of Photographs of American Maps, selected and edited by Archer
Butler Hulbert. Cleveland, Ohio: Privately printed by The Arthur H. Clark Co., 1904-1908. "strictly limited to 25 sets each numbered and signed". v. 1, no. 6, v. 2-5, no 8. From Crown collection of manuscripts in the British Museum (5 vols.; 239 mounted photographs).

v. 1 Fifty photographs of maps of American Rivers.
v. 2 Fifty photographs of maps of forts and other military maps and plans in the
southern states, western Pennsylvania and New York, 1905.
v. 3 Fifty-three photographs of maps of forts and Fortifications of the Niagara
frontier, Hudson Valley and Lakes George and Champlain, 1907.
v. 4 Thirty-six photographs of Maps of Forts and Fortifications of Lake
Champlain, eastern New York and New England, and twenty-four photographs of Simcoe views of the Niagara frontier, 1908.
v. 5 Fifty photographs of Maps of the Region between the St. Lawrence and the
Mississippi Rivers, including the Lower Canadian provinces, the New England States, New York, the larger cities of the east, and part of the Southern coast, 1908.

With index: The Crown Collection of photographs of American maps. A collection of original photographs, carefully mounted, of maps important historically yet hitherto unpublished, contained in the British Museum and other foreign archives especially chosen and prepared to illustrate the early American history, selected and edited by Archer Butler Hulbert... Index. "Fifty copies... printed, twenty-five copies for subscribers to the set and twenty-five copies for the private use and distribution of the editor and publishers."

47. The Crown Collection of American Maps, Series II. London: R. B. Fleming, 1909.
Photographs of Manuscript Maps from the British Museum.
v. 1 Fifty photographs of maps of New York, Pennsyl- vania and Georgia.
v. 2 Fifty photographs of maps of Lower Canada.
v. 3 Fifty photographs of maps of Nova Scotia, etc. 1910.
v. 4 Fifty photographs of maps of Nova Scotia, New Foundland, etc.
v. 5 Fifty photographs of American miscellaneous maps, 19l2.

48. The Crown Collection of American Maps. Series III. London: R. B. Fleming,
1914-1916. Photographs of Manuscripts in the British Museum.

v. 1-5 Fifty photographs of maps of North America, Carolina, Connecticut,
Florida, Georgia, Lousiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts Bay, New England, New Hampshire, New York.

49. The Crown Collection of American Maps. Series IV. ("Trans- continental Trails").
Colorado Springs: The Stewart Commission on Western History of Colorado College, 1924. Manuscript blue print maps.

v. 1 Platte River routes: fifty manuscript blue print maps of the Oregon and
Mormon Trails.
v. 2 North and South Platte (river) Routes: fifty manuscript blue print maps of
the Oregon Trail in Nebraska and Wyoming, 1925.
v. 3 Oregon Trail in Idaho and Oregon: fifty manu- script blue print maps of the
Oregon Trail, 1926.
v. 4 California Trail from Fort Hall to Placerville: fifty manuscript blue print
v. 5 Fifty manuscript blue print maps of the Raton Mountain Route of the Santa
Fe Trail, 1927.
v. 6 Fifty manuscript blue print maps of the Santa Fe California Trail, 1928.

50. The Crown Collection of American Maps. Series V. "The Great Western Stage Coach
Routes." Colorado Springs: The Stewart Commission on Western History of Colorado College. Manuscript blue print maps.

1 v. The Deadwood Trails. Comprises 59 maps. Issued in both blueprint and photograph.

51. The John Ball Letters, edited by Archer Butler Hulbert with Marian H. Parks. Colorado
College Publication, History Series, v. 1832, no. 1, (January 1928).


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