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Richard G. Beidleman Papers, Ms 0272


Born: Grand Forks, North Dakota June 3, 1923.
Died: 2014.

Brown University 1940-41
University of Colorado 1941-43
University of New Mexico 1943
University of Colorado 1946-47. B.A. (Biology); M.A. (Biology), 1948; Ph.D. (Biology, Ecology) 1954.

1948-56 – Colorado State University
1956-57 - University of Colorado
1957-1990 – Colorado College


This collection reflects Richard Beidleman's vast interest and involvement in areas of biology, zoology, the environment, and Colorado Springs/Pikes Peak Region issues. The materials in this collection are personal papers, reports of organizations and their projects, reports compiled by Beidleman, correspondence, teaching materials, and articles.

Richard Beidleman's experience as a teacher, naturalist, civic activist, researcher and author provide data for the study of the National Forests, the Pikes Peak Region, Colorado College, the Southwest, the West, the environment and the National Science Foundation, plants and animals, among other topics. He was author or co-author of more than 250 books, articles, pamphlets, motion picture reviews, textbooks and guides.


BOX 1:

folder 1 NSF/CC Science Institutes (RGB) – Miscellaneous

NSF/CC Summer Science Institute for Teachers (Beidleman, Director)
folder 2 1959
folder 3 1960
folder 4 1961
folder 5 1962
folder 6 1963
folder 7 1964

NSF/CC Aspen Summer Institute in Field Biology for Secondary School teachers, with Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies. (Beidleman Co-Director)
folder 8 1962
folder 9 1963
folder 10 1964
folder 11 1966 (Enderson Co-director; RGB visiting lecturer)

NSF/CC Summer Secondary School Student Training Program (sstp) (Beidleman Director)
folder 12 1959
folder 13 1960
folder 14 1961
folder 15 1962
folder 16 1963
folder 17 1964
folder 18 1968
folder 19 1969 (RGB biology section professor)

folder 20 NSF/CC 1961-62 Academic Year In-service Science Institute for Junior High School Teachers (Beidleman director)

folder 21 NSF/CC 1962-63 Academic Year In-service Science Institute for Elementary School Teachers (Beidleman, Director)

Colorado College Summer Institutes:

folder 22 1969 Ecosystems of the Pikes Peak region (RGB Co-Director)
folder 23 1970 Ecosystems of the Pikes Peak Region (RGB Director)
folder 24 1971 Ecosystems of the Pikes Peak Region (RGB Co-Director)
folder 25 1972 Ecosystems of the Pikes Peak Region (RGB Co-Director)
folder 26 1973 Ecosystems of the Pikes Peak Region (RGB Co-Director)
folder 27 1974 Ecosystems of the Pikes Peak Region (RGB Co- Director)
folder 28 1975 Ecosystems of the Pikes Peak Region (RGB Co- Director)
folder 29 1976 Ecosystems of the Pikes Peak Region (RGB Co- Director)
folder 30 1977 Ecosystems of the Pikes Peak Region (RGB Co- Director)
folder 31 1983 Ecosystems of the Pikes Peak Region (RGB Director)
folder 32 NSF/CC Summer 1978 Natural History of the Pikes Peak Region (Beidleman Co-Director)
folder 33 CC Urban Institute summer 1981 (Beidleman, Faculty)
folder 34 CC Mountain Institute summer 1982 (Beidleman, Faculty)

Rocky Mountain Nature Association (Rocky Mt. Nat. Park) Seminars:

folder 35 1971 Animal Ecology seminar. Summer (RGB)
folder 36 1972 Animal Ecology seminar. Summer (RGB)
folder 37 1973 Animal Ecology seminar. Summer (RGB)
folder 38 1973 Winter Ecology seminar. March (RGB)
folder 39 1974 Animal Ecology seminar. Summer (RGB)
folder 40 1974 Autumn Ecology/Animal Behavior Seminar.

September (Beidleman and Vargo)

folder 41 1975 Rocky Mountain Ecosystems seminar. Summer (RGB)
folder 42 1976 Rocky Mountain Ecosystems seminar. Summer (RGB) 1976 Fall Ecology Seminar. September (RGB, Vargo)
folder 43 1977 Rocky Mountain Ecosystems Seminar. Summer (RGB) 1977 Bird Ecology Seminar. Summer (RGB)
folder 44 1978 Rocky Mountain Ecosystems Seminar. Summer (RGB) 1978 Bird Ecology Seminar. Summer (RGB)
folder 45 1979 Rocky Mountain Ecosystems Seminar. Summer (RGB) 1979 Bird Ecology Seminar. Summer (RGB)
folder 46 1980 Rocky Mountain Ecosystems Seminar. Summer (RGB) 1980 Bird Ecology Seminar. Summer (RGB)
folder 47 1981 Rocky Mountain Ecosystems Seminar. Summer (RGB) 1981 Bird Ecology Seminar. Summer (RGB)
folder 48 1982 Rocky Mountain Ecosystems Seminar. Summer (RGB) 1982 Bird Ecology Seminar. Summer (RGB)
folder 49 1983 Rocky Mountain Ecosystems Seminar. Summer (RGB)
folder 50 1984 Bird Ecology Seminar. Summer (RGB)
folder 51 1985 Bird Ecology Seminar. Summer (RGB)
folder 52 1987 Bird Ecology Seminar. Summer (RGB)

BOX 2:

Seminar on Environmental Arts and Sciences (SEAS) (Thorne Ecol. Inst.) Aspen (RGB staff and steering committee)

folder 1 Summer 1967
folder 2 Summer 1968
folder 3 Summer 1969
folder 4 Summer 1970
folder 5 Summer 1971
folder 6 Summer 1972
folder 7 Summer 1973
folder 8 Summer 1974
folder 9 SEAS 1980's
folder 10 SEAS Steering Committee 1982

Aspen Center for Environmental Studies (ACES) Bird Ecology Seminars (RGB instructor)

folder 11 1980
folder 12 1981
folder 13 1982
folder 14 1983
folder 15 1984
folder 16 1985
folder 17 ACES Bird lists, field maps etc.

folder 18 Amer. Inst. Biology Sciences Short Course: Scientific Writing. Arizona State University, Tempe, Ariz. June 16-20, 1973 Instructors: RGB and Sam Gadd.

folder 19 Denver Audubon Society/Northern Colorado University. Grasslands Institute. June 1965. RGB, staff.

folder 20 National Wildlife Federation, Estes Park Summit. July 1976. RGB: short course "Science in Frontier America"

folder 21 Colorado College Academic Year Science Institute for Elementary School Teachers. Durango, CO. 1962-63 RGB, Director.

folder 22 Colorado College Biology Dept./ Denver Museum of Natural History, Baja Mexico ecology courses and other CC extension courses.

University of Colorado (Colorado Springs) Extension Biology Course (RGB, Instructor)

folder 23 1961-62
folder 24 1963-64
folder 25 1965-66

folder 26 Colorado College Deep Springs Science Program 1959 (RGB, Director)
folder 27 Colorado College Ford Independent Study Program (FISP) (RGB staff)
folder 28 Colorado College Selected Students Program 1962... (RGB staff)
folder 29 SS Sophomore Science course: Cosmology and Evolution (RGB & Fischer)
folder 30 Colorado College Nurses program (RGB instructor)
folder 31 CC Evolution extension course (RGB instructor)
folder 32 Rocky Mountain Center on Environment (ROMCO) News Media Seminar. Utah. October,1973.
folder 33 Colorado College Zoology Seminar of Scientific Writing and Research. (RGB and Enderson)
folder 34 Colorado College Zoology 409-410 Research Project Courses (No Papers)
folder 35 CC Lola Belville special biology correspondence course (RGB instructor)
folder 36 Beidleman - copies of course examinations
folder 37 Beidleman - RGB courses, student rosters
folder 38 Beidleman - RGB courses, student rosters (continued)
folder 39 Beidleman - advisee lists (incomplete)
folder 40 Colorado College printed course schedules 1959

BOX 3 - Regional mining quarries, especially Castle Concrete Operations.

A. Mining (general and regional)
B. Pikes Peak Area: Mineral Resources report, etc.
C. Avenger Quarry Claims - Ute Pass
D. Waldo Canyon (Ute Pass) Quarry
E. Mountain Shadows Area proposed gravel quarry 1988-89 (Moonlight Hills Strip Mine)
F. Other Colorado Springs Area mining activity including coal
G. Colorado Mined Land Reclamation Act/Board "gutting attempt" by Colorado Legislature - etc.
H. Front Range Mining Withdrawal Bill, etc. 1970-71; and others early mining restriction attempts
I. 1989-90 Legislative Bills re Front Range Quarries, and other recent attempts to control mining
J. Front Range Mining Scars Commission information, including reports 1989-90
K. Castle Concrete Company (etc.) Quarry Operations
1. Castle Concrete (etc.) historical background including past and present ownership
2. Castle Concrete Quarrying: Chronology
3. Castle Concrete - assorted newspaper clippings: pre 1980
4. Castle Concrete - assorted newspaper clippings: 1980 to 1990 see also folder 19.
5. Castle Concrete Quarries reclamation
6. Castle Concrete Quarries - miscellaneous
7. Castle Concrete - mined land reclamation board hearings 1977, and related items
8. Recommendations on reclamation by SPABA, etc., 1980
9. Castle Concrete 1971 application to Colorado Springs for water; and associated meetings
10. Castle Concrete - request for enlargement of Snyder Quarry 1989-90
11. Queen's Canyon Quarry "gift offer" to the City of Colorado Springs for park purposes 1974-75.
12. Proposed Queen's Canyon Wildlife Refuge (Colorado Division of Wildlife; especially Big Horn Sheep)
13. Castle Concrete Quarries: student and other research reports
14. Castle Concrete Quarry: Beidleman (and Wilder) 35mm slides
15. Castle Concrete Quarries: dust pollution
16. Queen's Canyon Quarry: High Pointe Development (Helenberg, with Thorne report)
17. Snyder Quarry Court Case - 1971
18. Snyder Quarry Court Case - 1974
19. Castle Concrete Quarries: Letters to the editor. see also folders 3 and 4.
20. Castle Concrete Company propaganda, promises, PR
21. Dames and Moore Report on Snyder Quarry 1973
22. Castle Concrete Quarries - miscellaneous photographs
23. Castle Concrete Company - miscellaneous quotations & statements
24. SPABA and other summary reports on Castle Concrete operations, see also file 8.
25. Castle Concrete Quarries - spills and other defacements


[ A ] Mostly RGB Research Projects and Consulting (note: there may be some associated maps in some other RGB file Collection)

IBP Grassland Biome Project
South Front Range Planning Team 1969, see reports
South Front Range Task Force 1980
Glenwood Canyon/Cottonwood Pass Highway Routes Project
Broadmoor Property Development - David Sellon
Public Service Co. power plant site projects - Ken R. White
Co. - Walsenburg Site, Fowler Site
Conklin and Rossant, architects - miscellaneous 1972-
Happy Canyon Project - RGB for Thorne
EPA-ROMCO Land use project
Colorado Springs Car Barn Env. Impact Assessment - RGB
IMPORTANT: Henderson West project - American Metals Climax
1970-71 studies RGB and John Marr, with 10 year reports
AMAX project ecology
Black Thunder Coal Project - Atlantic Richfield
Conklin and Rossant - Powder River Basin New Towns Project
Denver Water Board - ROMCO project RGB
Spanish Peaks Research Station project
White River project - David Fleming RGB
Monument Sewage Lagoon study
Reports on Grand Valley New-Town project for Conklin & Roussant - See maps and aerials
Trinity Ranch Reports for Episcopal Church - Wetmore
Perry Park Ranch South Project - Beidleman and Fischer
Fort Union Ranch, New Mexico see also map
Consolidated Space Center Landscaping - with RGB report - See map
Northern Arizona University consulting - RGB
Temple Buell College consulting - RGB
Interstate 70 Hogback Interpretive project - RGB et al
Vail Pass Highway Route 70 project - Marr & RGB (Barton, Stoddard, Milhollin & Higgins)
Denver PRT (RTD) project - Wirth-Berger Associates (see maps)
Colorado History Film Strip Project - Educational Services & Supply


[ B ] Especially Bear Creek and other Colorado Springs Parks

Bear Creek area aquatic studies
Bear Creek - winter bird population studies 1975-76
Bear Creek Breeding Bird Study - Pam Polite 1977
Bear Creek area brushland studies
Bear Creek south-facing Ponderosa Woodland studies (entrance to canyon)
Bear Creek north-facing Douglas Fir Forest studies (entrance to canyon)
Bear Creek Riparian Ecosystem studies
Bear Creek grassland area studies
Bear Creek Dakota Hogback ecological study
Bear Creek fireburn reports
Garden of the Gods - many studies and reports
Laxon, John B. 1970 bird population dynamics in the Garden of the Gods
Beatty, Barb and Bob Parmenter A Winter field guide to the plants in the pinyon-juniper woodland - G of G 1973
R. Keith Hook & Associates 1974 Garden of the Gods Scope of Services
EDAW Inc. a master plan for G of Gods (proposed)
THK Associates 1974 G of Gods proposed master plan
Strang, Clarice and M.Tomabechi 1976 Inventory of G of Gods
birds and correlation of soil and vegetation
Anonymous n.d. An ecological survey of G of Gods
Smith, Gretchen 1987 ecological evaluation of proposed site for new visitor center
Other studies on proposed visitor center site 1987
White House Ranch Studies
Cheyenne Canyon Park Studies
Pulpit Rock Park Studies
Loeffler, Charles Wildlife Management Concept for Colorado Springs Parks
Palmer Park Deed Conditions etc.
Monument Valley Park studies etc.
Redwing Marsh (Aiken Aud. Soc.)
Sondermann Park
Rockrimmon Park - ecological study for park dept.
Tejon Marsh Wildlife Area
Wirth-Berger Littleton Flood Plain Park Proposal - RGB
Pueblo West Ecological Report - RGB/Liz Wright Ingraham
Thorne - Western Energy project
ROMCO Two Forks project
Colorado Wild. Div. Wildlife species database project
Miscellaneous Consulting projects - RGB
Great Western Cities project - RGB
Seybold, Martin E. An interpretive master plan for G of Gods Park, Colorado 1979


[ C ]

Kew Gardens Flagpole article material
John Bidwell article material
Sierra Club proposed R.M. Guide Project - RGB
RGB - writing
RGB - professional job offers
RGB/CC FISP program (Ford independent study program
Nat. Sci. Found. Evaluation Panels - RGB

BOX 6.2

AIBS visiting lectures at CC
AIBS visiting biologist program - RGB lectures
AIBS Ecol. Soc. Amer. field trip to Mt. Evans 1964
AIBS symposium - RGB 1964
AIBS single concept film project - RGB (Deserts & Grasslands)
F.E. Compton Natural Science Dictionary project - RGB
Nat. Park service, Rocky Mt. Nat. Park Integration
Experiment 1956 incl. report to National ParkS by RGB
RGB - lectures and field trips - see also Beidleman File Box J
Lippincott - proposed frontier science book correspondence.
N.S.F. /Colorado Wyoming Academy Science Visiting scientist program 1959-60


[ D ] Much correspondence, incl. recommendations, and other items.
Keith Hay (former student; Amer. Petr. Assn., Fish & Wildlife serv. etc.)
Oscar Soule (former CC student, prof. at Evergreen state)
Hugo G. Rodeck (CU Museum)
Oakley Thorne (Thorne Ecol. Inst.)
Hazel Mertz (RGB - NSF secretary)
Hugh Kingery (Colorado Ornithology)
C.M. Goethe (patron of natural science)
Ferrel Atkins (mathematics professor)
Letters of recommendation - misc.
Barr Lake State Park
Mueller State Park
Nature trails
Commission on Undegraduate Education in Biological Sciences
New Tutt Library (RGB committee chairman)
Colorado State Conservation Education committee
Frost-Hanna Ranch natural history studies
Kelly, Reed
Student letters
Non-student letters
Brown, F. Martin
Fleming, Peggy
Grevey, Eileen
Kennedy, Patricia
Lubchenco, Jane
Smith, Sharon
Trimble, Stephan
Zwinger, Ann
Garden of the Gods - Registered Natural Landmark Designation Proposal (R&B)
Garden of the Gods - 1885 photo by William Jackson (Put in ColoRm Photo File)


[ E ]
Cheyenne Creek Ecological Studies
Developments - Colorado Springs Area
Floods, Flood Plains, etc. Colorado Springs and general
Tuscon (Arizona) Floods
Big Thompson Canyon flood - 1976
Estes Park flood - 1982
Corporate Center Development (on Monument Creek at Woodman Valley Rd)
Packard development on Monument Creek at Fillmore
Garden of the Gods and Buffers
Alice Forbes Perkins Hooper's Letters re: Perkins gift of G of Gods
Davis addition to Garden of the Gods (including copy of deed)
Hillside Ordinance, Foothills Ordinance, Land stripping
Ordinances - Colorado Springs Area
Land Use and Beautification


[ F ]

James Watt - Secretary of the Interior
Sagebrush Revolution
Ann Gorsuch (EPA director, Colorado legislator) and Robert Burford (Director, Bur. Land Mgmt. and CO legislator)
Steve Durham - Colorado legislator; EPA regional director
RGB Correspondence with congressman, governors, etc.
El Paso County commissioner Jack Mitchell Jr
Colorado Springs Mayor Larry Ochs
Colorado State Legislator backgrounds, etc.
Aries, Frank (C.S. - Arizona developer) Also includes Banning Lewis Ranch, Mobil Development Co., etc.)
Local Developers (misc.)
Union Blvd. Extension
Other Colorado Springs Roads (some Union Blvd.)
Rampart American - Cedar Heights developments (many; see also maps)
Rampart Heights Development
Palmer foundation

BOX 10

[ G ]

Gold Hill Mesa development (21st street)
Growth Issues - Colorado Springs, El Paso Co., Colorado
Aspen Woodland destruction - Colorado
Regional (Colorado) Weather (incl. C.S.)
Acacia Park Plan 1972
Colorado and Colorado Springs water issues
Broadview Ranch Developments (the Mesa)
Colorado Springs Equestrian center
Blair Bridge Park
Parks and Open Space - Pikes Peak Region
Colorado Springs Parks (misc)
Air, Water and land (dumps) pollution - Pikes Peak Regional esp. Pikes Peak Air Quality
El Paso County Air Quality Advisory Committee
Fountain-Monument Creeks Report: Nelson, Haley, Patterson and Quirk
White House Ranch (including Vrooman deed)
Willman & Curry - An Appraisal of the White House Ranch 1968
White House Ranch Committee
White House Ranch Indian Encampments
Parks (not Colorado Springs), including state parks
Shopping Centers (including inventories)
Garden of the Gods Landmark Proposal (RGB) and related documents
Royal Gorge Landmark proposal (RGB) and related documents
Univ. Colorado Museum Summer Lecture Series - RGB, director, 1957-70
Cave of the Winds - historic
Colorado Lottery (especially re parks)
Eastonville, Colorado (agricultural ghost town)
Fort Carson expansion (including Pinon Canyon)
Noise Pollution (including impact on wildlife)
Community Planning and research council (C.S.)
Ken Kramer - Colorado representative and legislator

BOX 11

[ H ]

Developer's brochures - miscellaneous
SPABA (Springs Area Beautiful Association)
Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
Colorado/Colorado Springs economic development advertisements, etc.
EPA - including environmental impact statements
Clear Cutting
Griffis, William - "The effects of clearcutting as a timber harvesting technique"
Sudbury, Canada, Mining/Refining Impact
U.S. Soil Conservation Service - Critical Area planting
Florissant area Colorado College field site (Cameron; part later becomes Colorado College cabin area)
U.S. Geol. Survey Environmental Impact Evaluation Circular
Lane and Jones 1981 - Residential development proposal for Uintah at Mesa Road
Solar Energy
Geologic Hazards - general
Winter Olympics in Colorado 1976
Colorado Natural Vegetation Bibliography
Donald VanHorn - Colorado Biogeography
21st street putting green - ecological studies with slides
Blue Mesa Reservoir development - studies and reports (incl. slides)
Greenland Ranch project (RGB - Centennial Engineering)
Other Greenland Ranch Studies
Denver Museum of Natural History - proposed Frontier
Naturalist Exhibit - 1984
Gas Station "population density" studies - Colorado Springs
Mann, Robert C. A study of succession on a mud slide (Marble, CO)
U.S. Soil Conserv. Serv. - Reconnaissance survey of vegetation - descriptive outline of vegetative types on project and camp areas in Colorado
Urban Ecology - general
Oil shale and coal development - Rocky Mountain
Carlton tunnel drainage and water pollution
Corporate Energy statements, advertisements, etc.
Air pollution articles
Colorado closed-cone pine ecosystem - Catherine Harkins
Colorado semi-arid native vegetation planting (including
Colorado Springs Water Operations Center)
Miscellaneous Aerial Photographs

BOX 12

[ I ]

Thorne Ecological Institute (not SEAS, however)
Wright-Ingraham Institute
Nature Conservancy
Colorado Springs Landmark Council
Biol. Sciences Curric. Study - Steering Committee (RGB)
BSCS Institute - meeting Chicago 16-17 Feb. 1963
CUEBS Ecology Lab block & steering committee (RGB)
(Commission on undergrad educ. in biol. sciences) RGB
CUEBS Regional Meeting - Boulder Feb. 16-17, 1967
National Association of Biology Teachers - RGB
Delta Epsilon science honorary - CC
Colorado-Wyoming Acad. Sci. (RGB - Exec. Dir., 6 yrs.; and pres.)
National Association of Biology Teachers meetings and other scientific meetings
RGB - personal research proposals
Ettinger Foundation proposal
N.S.F. species association group research grant
Pike National forest citizen's advisory committee - RGB
Rocky Mountain Nature Association
C.S. Mayor's Committee for a Civic Center (RGB) - 1970
Citizens committee for education - Fort Collins (RGB)
Citizens lobby - Colorado Springs
Pikes Peak area council of governments
Bi-state Biogeographical seminar
PPACG - Optimum Growth Committee
C.S. Outdoor Education Center proposals
Colo.Wyo. Acad. Sci. NSF visiting scientist program (RGB - director)
Independent student Association - Colorado State Univ. (RGB - advisor)
CC Symposium 1970 - Can Man Survive
NSF Stanford Univ. Environmental Impact course - 1973-74
NSF Instructional Scientific Equipment proposal for CC Biol (RGB)
C.S. Climatological data
Moir, William H. and Sam Shushan An Indexed bibliography of the native vegetation of Colorado
Fish, Wildlife, Vegetation, and Man's Impact - Colorado
Baja California - background articles for Baja CC field courses

BOX 13

[ J ]

Colorado River Basin
Arkansas River Basin
Timbering of old-growth trees
Colorado College library committee (RGB)
National Park Service - RGB
Subdivision ordinance - Colorado Springs
Electrical transmission lines - hazards
Alaskan oil
Two Forks project - Colorado 1980's
Indian Mesa development, C.S. (The Mesa) 1981
Colorado Springs brochures
Colorado tourist brochures (not Rocky Mountain National Park)
Aspen area brochures
Aspen area maps, natural history lists, ecology
Colorado Springs Citizens goals
Public lectures and field trips - RGB
(see also Beidleman Box C)
Colorado Springs New Library (including Mayor's Committee for same)
Habitat Descriptors for identified wildlife species in El Paso County - Colorado Division of Wildlife
Beidleman writing - Rand McNally, etc.
Beidleman - writing: letters of transmittal & reply

BOX 14

[ K ]

National Park Service correspondence RGB
Dynamic Equilibrium manuscript - BSCS - RGB
Beidleman writing: rejection letters
Western State College ecology short course - summer 1959
Univ. Oklahoma field camp lectures - RGB
CC Rastall Center Board - RGB
CC Carnegie non-science-major program RGB
Colorado State College workshops - RGB
YMCA conference
YMCA conference - Estes park - lectures and seminars RGB
Univ. Denver In-service institute - RGB lectures
Rocky Mountain National Park - RGB
North Dakota A.&M. Lectures - RGB
Ralph Meeks (CSU student) transcript of German Prison experiences
National Park Service naturalist qualifications
RGB - correspondence re projected articles
RGB manuscript for Winter Birds of Colorado Guide - Univ. of Colorado Museum
Notes for article on Teddy Roosevelt hunting in Colorado
Beaver article for Thorne - RGB
Important: research project regarding ownership of Garden of
the Gods - Addition No. 2 (SPABA)
Colorado State Parks (RGB - board member and chairperson)
Off road vehicles and associated damage
Wildlife-habitat relationships - region 2 data base users guide
Hawk route censuses - SE of Colorado Springs
Winter bird-population studies - 20-year summary
Winter birds
Christmas Bird censuses
Winter bird-population studies - a large number, which have been published in American Birds, Aud. field notes. Including student participation on occasion. See RGB bibliography. Also includes some breeding bird population studies
Rocky Mountain National Park - Christmas Bird Counts

BOX 15

[ L ] This includes some important consulting, etc., reports

Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP) Integration report – RGB 1956
Conklin & Roussant Urbanization Projections - 1
Fowler Site Study Phase 1, environmental assessment
The South Front Range in 2020
Feasibility Study - new urban facilities in the Powder River Basin, Wyoming
Wirth-Berger Associates - RTD : environmental assessment
Mayor's Civic Center Advisory committee, site selection committee
Grand Valley urbanization plan
Plane Schedules
Plane Schedules
Trip Schedules (itineraries)
RMNP courses - 1981
RMNP courses - 1982
Misc. Colorado etc. Park brochures (not state parks)
Beidleman, Richard misc.
CC Teacher Education Committee
CC Palmer Museum
Colorado Division of Parks - field notes
Botany population studies
General biology - laboratory
CU professional + UCCS
General Biology - procedures, lectures etc.
CSU professional
CC long-range committee
CC department/ college professional
CC - supervised student research publications
Departmental courses
RGB - misc. activities
Mammology lectures
Biotype Factus
Lecture (course) notes
Animal Ecology - procedures
Lecture notes - vert zoology CSU

BOX 16

[ M ]
Jamboree site research
Woodland destruction
Single cottonwood study
South park succession
Greenhorn clear-cutting
Bridge project
Rocky Mountain National Park handbooks
Map - Monument Park, Southeastern CO water conservation district meeting, AERIE series
NSF visiting science lectureship program 1961-62
Academy of science visiting science lectureship 1961-62
Interaction Manuscript
Dynamic Equilibrium/ Rand McNally
Dynamic Equilibrium/ Southern Rockies Wildlife
Time regional ecologies
Garden of the Gods birds
Geology log: Arkansas divide
Junco retrices sheets
Population dynamics primer
State bird - CO
Alberts: RGB completed manuscript
ROMO rough draft
Citizen's goals conference

BOX 17

[ N ]

Vertebrate ecology
Ecology: Life Zones
RGB CC advisee list
RGB teaching
RGB copies of course exams
General zoology - Brown U.
Ecology notes
Ecology field trips
Owl Canyon, Pinyon group
Landslides & subsidence
Houck property
Austin Bluffs research projects
RMNP manuscript RGB
Junco retrices
Junco tail feathers
Brairgate Plant survey
U.S. Forest Service - Rocky Mtn.
Strip mining
Plant community & site analysis forms
CO National forests
Geographical Distribution of North Colorado Birds
von Ahlefeldt, Judy
Palmer Park
BBC: The Paradise Land
County planning (El Paso)
Citizen's lobby 1973
Colorado Springs city council
City/county affairs
City planning commission
Colorado Springs - planning
Beidleman environmental center

BOX 18

[ O ]

Lesser prairie chicken
Cripple Creek/Gold Camp Road
Local parks misc.
Local government committees/correspondence
RGB personal/correspondence
Trip to Garden of the Gods 1918
Nature Conservancy
Equipment grant materials 1962
RGB accounts
Bird checklists
Key to bird designations
State Parks
Cheyenne Creek
Two Forks
Student papers/ research
Petition to Colorado Springs City Council
Springs Area Beautiful (see also local gov't)
Ruth Shaw Papers

BOX 19

Southwest Studies I

Geological Quadrangle Map No.'s 21-24, 26
SW studies 1983-
SW U.S. Maps
SW Forest and range ecosystems
Southern Colorado geology mid logs
SW road logs - CO and NM

New Mexico ecosystems papers: climate
Carson National Forest, NM
Santa Fe and environs (incl. Cerrillos)
NM state and non-national parks
NM wildlife refuges
Bos que del Apache wildlife refuges
City of Rocks
NM geology
Cochiti Lake development
Alburquerque and environs
Santa Fe miscellaneous pamphlets
NM maps/road logs
NM B.L.M. areas
Standley, Paul C. - vegetation of the Brazos Canyon, NM
Watson, J.R. plant geography of north central NM
Arizona nature conservancy newsletter
Arizona geology maps
Coronado National Forest, AZ

BOX 20

Southwest Studies II

Arizona state parks and forest service areas
Southwestern research station and Chiricahua Mountain areas
Weber, William A. 1963, Lichens of the Chiricahua Mountains,
Avid Lands Institute (U. Arizona)
Harris, Arthur H vascular plants of El Paso
Texas national and state parks
Texas maps
Geologic atlas of TX
El Paso, TX
Southwest Ecosystems courses - RGB 1973-76
SW Studies Institute summer 1978
SW Studies Institute summer 1984
Geology and ecology of the SW NS200
SW environmental problems
Vegetation survey techniques
SW ecosystems = Arizona Field Data
Quarter Census - Portal/Granite Gap 1978-79
Fly Peak tree census
Trees and shrubs Chiricahua National Monument
Birds of prey San Simon Valley 1977-79
Woody plant survey - Herb Martyr Road 1977-78
Woody plant survey - Herb Martyr Road Oct. 1979
Woody plant census - Chiricahuas 1979
Woody plant survey - Herb Martyr Road 1980
Woody plant census - Chiricahuas Oct. 1980
Woody plant census - Chiricahuas Oct. 1980, shrubs
Woody plant survey - Herb Martyr Road Sept. 1981
Chiricahua field data
Woody plant survey 1979-82
Dansereau forms
Dansereau 1958

Research papers 1977-1983
Key to oaks of Cochise County, NM
More papers on SW ecosystems

BOX 21

Southwest Studies III

Southwest Studies, general
Henshaw, H.W.
Tourist pamphlets/maps NM, AZ
SW Indians
Hubbard, John P. 1971, summer birds of Gila Valley, NM
Emory, Col. William H.
Diffenderfer, Dr. W.I.
Emory, Col. William H. notes of a military reconnaissance
Pearson, G.A. 1914
Solbrig, Otto T. and Orians, Gordon H.
Stamp, Nancy E. and Robert D. Ohmart
Tanner, James T and Hardy, John W. 1958
Austin, George T. and E.L. Smith
Calvin, Ross 1949
Cross White, Frank S.
Francis, Peter
Gardener, J.L.
Productivity of Desert ecosystems
Kemp, Paul R. 1983
Franzreb, Kathleen E 1984
American Scientist Magazine Jul/Aug 1977
The Botanical Review (2 copies each)
Jan-Mar 1964, Oct 1950, June 1953
Shields, Lora Mangum
Batchelder, Charles F.
ARIDUS Desert Legume programs
ARID lands newsletters
SW ecosystems bibliography

BOX 22

Southwest Studies IV

Class rosters, field trip info., syllabus, booklists 1986-87
'Ethnozoology of Pueblo Indians in Historic Times' RGB
Data, Maps & species lists of SWRS property 1986-87
Pacific railroad survey 32nd parallel
'Distinctive Trees of the Southwest', SW ecosystems course
description 1981-83,85-86, SWRS misc. items, map
eastern Pima county, pamphlets vegetation/wildlife, 'Arizona Geology' 1989
Pamphlets birds/rodents/plants, vacation maps/books of AZ, NM
Ecology booklets - SW area
SW ecosystems student journals c.1984
SW ecosystems budget, ecology booklets of SW
SW ecosystems Oct. 1974
SW ecosystems quizzes fall 1982
SW ecosystems EL Paso
Sw ecosystems Santa Fe 1976
SW ecosystems Santa Fe Oct. 76
SW ecosystems SWRS 1977
SW ecosystems 1978
SW ecosystems SWRS 1979
SW ecosystems 1980-83
SW ecosystems schedules 1983
SW ecosystems 1984-86
Maps - pamphlets: Pikes's Peak area

BOX 23

National Parks I
National Parks and Monuments, general
Civil War Battle fields
Acadia National Park, ME
Arches National Park, Utah
Aztec Ruins National Monument
Bent's Old Fort, Nat. Historic Site
Badlands National Monument
Bandelier National Monument, NM
Big Bend National Park, TX
Black Canon of the Gunnison
Black Canyon
Black Canyon, master plan
Black Canyon, birds
Black Canyon, museum prospectus themes
Brice Canyon National Park (see also Zion)
Cabrillo National Monument, CA
Canyon de Chelly
Canyonlands National Park
Capital Reef National Park
Capulin Mountain National Monument, NM
Carlsbad Caverns
Carlsbad National Park
Casa Grande
Chaco Canyon National Monument
Channel Islands National Monument
Chiricahua N.Mon
Colorado National Monument
Crater Lake National Park
Cuvecanti National Recreation Area (see also Black Canyon, NM)
Death Valley
Devil Postpile
Devil's Tower, WO
Dinosaur National Monument
Annotated checklist of Flora and Favia, Dinosaur National Monument
Dinosaur National Monument, birds
El Morro National Monument, NM
Everglades National Park, FL
Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area, Utah

BOX 24

National Parks II
Florissant, NM
Florissant National Monument
Fort Bowie National Historic Site, AZ
Fort Laramie
Fort Union, NM
Fort Union Ranch
Fort Union "publications"
Fort Union Ranch ecological inventory
Franklin D. Roosevelt National Historic Site, NY
Gila National Forest (NF), NM
Glacier National Park Glen Canyon
Grand Canyon Gran Quivira, NM
Grand Teton
Great Sand Dunes (Sand Dune National Monument)
Guadalupe National Park Homestead National Monument, NE
Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site, AZ
Isle Royale National Park, Mich.
Jefferson National Expansion, St. Louis
Joshua Tree, CA
King's Canyon
Lake Mead National Recreation Area, AZ-NA
Lassen National Park
Lava Beds National Monument, CA
Mesa Verde National Park
Denali National Park, Mt. McKinley
Muir Woods National Monument
National Capital Parks, Washington D.C.
Natural Bridges National Monument
Navajo National Monument Olympic National Park
Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument
Pecos National Monument, NM
Petrified Forest National Park
Pike NF
Pinnacles National Monument
Pipe Spring National Monument, Utah
Pipestone National Monument, MN
Rocky Mountain National Park, CO

BOX 25

National Parks III

Saguaro National Monument, AZ
Sand Dunes National Monument
Scott's Bluff National Monument, NE
Sequoia National Park
Shenandoah National Park and Blue Ridge Parkway, VA & NC
Statue of Liberty, NYC
Sunset Crater National Monument (see also Wupataki, NM)
Theodore Roosevelt N. Memorial Park, ND
Tumacacori National Monument, AZ
Tuzigoot National Monument, AZ
Walnut Canyon National Monument, AZ
White Sands National Monument, NM
White Sands National Monument, NM
Wildlife Refuges
Wind Cave National Park, AZ (see also Sunset Crater, NM)
Yellowstone National Park
Yosemite National Park (see also Brice and maps)

BOX 26

Student papers and research

BOX 27

Correspondence I
Letters of recommendation
Correspondence: 1972, 1970-51, 1949-48

BOX 28

Correspondence II
Student letters - miscellaneous
Non-student correspondence
Student (past/present) correspondence
Student correspondence
Student Correspondence: A-Z

BOX 29

Plants and Birds
Garden of the Gods Davis Property
PJ destruction
Greenwood, Larry R. and Jack D. Brotherson
Woodin, Howard E. and A.A. Lindsey 1954
Castetter, Edward F.
Phillips, F.J. 1909
PJ Woodland
Erdman, James A. 1970
PJ Woodland
PJ Woodland management
PJ Woodland student study
PJ Woodland
PJ Woodland ecosystem
PJ Woodland
Short, Henry
PJ Woodland
Juniper Woodland to grassland
RGB course schedules
Colorado Bird Checklists
Fox Squirrel
Squirrel, Tuft-eared
Baird's sparrow
S.Red backed vole
Black capped chickadee
Brewer's Sparrow
Western grebe

BOX 30

Birds/Mammals/Cold-blooded vertebrates/invertebrates

Rampart-range bighorns
Poudre River - small mammal studies

Colorado and other bird lists for field work
Muir, John the water ouzel
Flickers and other woodpeckers
Prairie dogs/owls
Mammal remains in owl pellets
House sparrow research
Pigeon behavior
Hartshone bird articles
Bird bounding notes
AOU checklist supplements
Hawk censuses
Bird checklist
Ornithology - miscellaneous
Tree cavity birds
Dead tree research
Breeding bird censuses (deciduous)
Ponderosa community birds
Winter bird key
Brewer, Richard
Bird censuring instructions
Bird feeding, attracting
Binocular instructions
Colorado Springs and associated region
Colorado birds - pamphlets and checklists
Allen, J.A. 1871
Sclater, William L. 1908
Lowe, Willoughby B. 1894
Urban birds
Spadefoot Toad Research
Harvester Ant Study
Invertebrate research projects


6. Land use maps - El Paso County (U.S. Soil Conservation Service)
7. Annexation plat Garden of the Gods addition 2
10. White House Ranch
16. 1871 Pikes Peak Timber land reserves, 2 copies
22. Annexation plat Garden of the Gods addition 1 filing 2
25. Annexation Plat Garden of the Gods addition 1 (in two parts)
30. Important space operations center, landscaping (most proposed vegetation, which cost thousands, died) see RGB report.
36. Grand Valley, Oil Shell Town, aerial photo, see RGB report
37. Development Plan - Pulpit Rock
46. 4 plat maps: Cherry Valley School 1969, Elbert 1979, Eastonville 1975, Black Forest 1975
51. Fountain Creek, Regular Park
55. Austin Bluffs/ Pulpit Rock
58. Dern House, SW landscaping plan - Heinrichsdorf
60. Ecological Planning Study (Denver, “important contains misinformation”)
70. Trailhead Facility - Bear Creek

BOX 32 MAP CASE DRAWER 15 (not actually a box)
maps (very large)

1. Assessors Map - El Paso Co. adjoining 73000 - Rampart Heights
2. Cheyenne Canyon Park, 1976 - Photo (Nelson-Haley-Patterson and Quirk) and map
3. Rampart Heights (private holdings next to Garden of the Gods) Assessors map 73000, shaded areas Rampart-American
5. El Paso Co. assessors map (copies) general 64000, 74000, 75000
8. Garden of the Gods Land Acquisition
9. El Paso County Mineral Extraction Master Plan 1975
11. El Paso County Highway Map (showing sections)
12. Bear Creek, Cheyenne, Canon Parks
14. Map of Park system and Index to Master Plan - Colorado Springs, Sam Vickerman and F.K. Mayer - 1937
15. Land Plat, Glen Eyrie Estate, 2 copies revised 1926.
17. Rampart-American - Assessor's Map #6 & #7
20. Rampart-American Collection: Garden of the Gods - park & recreation map #1027 (from National Parks 1937 map) dated Sept. 3, 1959 - boundaries revised June '66.
24. #7 topographical drawing of area surrounding Rampart-American property showing Rampart Range Road, etc. (transparency by Marion Busey, 2 copies)
26. Rampart-American Scenic Area Analysis
27. Master Plan Rampart-American (Charles Gothers)
28. Transparency and two drawings depicting acquisitions related to Rampart-American property Mrs. Busey
31. Broadmoor Development Land, David R. Sellen Co.
32. White House Ranch
33. Palmer Park Master Plan
34. RTD (PRT) Denver, see RGB file.
35. Garden of the Gods preliminary plan
40. Central Colorado Springs, N. of Downtown - excellent aerial photo, 6/12/80
41. Urbanization Projections; Plan IV Grand Valley - Colorado River Basin and aerial photo, see RGB file
42. Alternate I, II, III Grand Valley New Town, see RGB file
44. Running Creek Field Station/topography
50. El Paso County: Raptor Census January 1975
52. Monument Valley Park
53. Early locations of Audabon Society winter bird population studies
56. Fort Union Ranch New Mexico, Gen. Butler's Ranch - (Mayor Andy Marshall of Colorado Springs is a descendant) See RGB Fort Union File
57. Pulpit Rock Park
62. PRT - RTD - Denver, see RGB file
63. Sondermann Park
64. County Farm proposed regional park (2)
65. Zion national park
66. Public Service Co. power plant project Fowler, CO area
67. Cedar Heights
68. Cedar Heights
69. Pueblo West
71. Thorne - Castle Concrete - Helenberg, high point center (Queen Canyon Quarry)
72. Monument Valley Park
73. RTD systems map, Denver Metro area, see RGB file
74. PRT - RGB Boulder, see RGB file

Box 33 OVERSIZE rolled maps (very large)

4. Poor copies of Glen Eyrie Estate plans
13. All 1977 Charles Robinson (Golden) maps - U.S. Geo survey (from Woodland Park & Cascade Quads), map to Geologic hazards and surficial deposits U.S. Geo Survey (Woodland Park & Cascade Quads), environmental and energy Instructions for both maps
18. Rampart-American land use plan
19. Vicinity Development (Rampart-American), Pleasant Valley (one) to National Forest (on West), Manitou on South beyond Navigators on North.
21. Rampart-American visual corridor Inventory
23. Rampart-American Master Plan
29. Vicinity Development - Garden of the Gods area especially Rampart-American, later Cedar Heights
38. Garden of the Gods map
39. Bear Creek
43. Sondermann Park
45. Aerial photo of N. Colorado Springs intersection of N. Nevada and interstate
47. El Paso County Parks including Beaver Creek
48. The Historic: Fort Union Ranch, NM
49. Canyonlands national park
54. Henderson West Project, AMEX, see RGB reports
59. Aerial photo North Central Colorado Springs, Templeton Gap
61. Hill Properties plan, Colorado Springs

BOX 34

Books (all have records in the library catalog)
Kilburn, Dr. Paul Environmental Analyses by a New Energy- Producing Industry
Civic Design Study Rocky Mountains and Great Plains Area
Draft: Environmental Impact Statement for Training Land Acquisition (Fort Carson)
City of Colorado Springs Department of Public Utilities, Your Water Pure...Precious...Plentiful...
Centennial Engineering Inc., Resource Inventory and Analysis
Greenland Ranch Douglas County, Colorado (prepared for Fuller Co.)
Cheyenne Mountain Zoological Park, Annual Report 1967
U.S. Department of Agriculture, Soil Survey of Otero County, Colorado 1972
Pueblo in the Seventies
A Strategy for a Livable Environment
Colorado State Department of Game and Fish, Big Game Kill 1946-1947
Summary of Colorado's Fourth annual Governor's Conference on Parks and Outdoor Recreation, 1965
Land Management Planning, Issues and Concern Statement, Pikes Peak and San Isabel National Forests (draft and final)
Recreation Planning: Dallas Creek Project
U.S. EPA, Carrying Capacity in Regional Environmental Management
"Monitor": Vol. 63, No. 2. The Environment What Are We Going to do About It? 1965
Options for the Future Sketch Plans for the Colorado Springs Urbanizing Area Prepared by the Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments. 1973 Colorado Springs
Environmental Resources Study for Teller and El Paso
Counties Colorado. Part 6: Climate and Design. 1974 C. Springs.
Department of the Interior Draft Environmental Statement
Foothills Project Prepared by the Bureau of Land Management
Department of the Interior 1976 Washington D.C.
Saguaro National Monument 1972 U.S. Department of the Interior
Land Use 1974 Washington DC.
The Role of Ecology in the Federal Government Report of the Committee on Ecological Research 1974 Washington D.C. Publication.
The 1980 Report to Congress on the Nations Renewable Resources 1980 Washington D.C.
Recreation today and Tomorrow in the Missouri River Basin
1959 Washington D.C.
The Pikes Peak Region Today 1966 C. Springs
Billy Visits the Pikes Peak Region C. Springs
The Colorado Front Range Corridor

BOX 35

-Publications and Reports - Environmental, Planning Documents, Developments, Educational, etc.
-Energy Resource Center of the Pikes Peak Region. 1982 Energy Analysis and recommendations for the Pikes Peak Region.
-Taylor, Maxwell F. and M. L. Ware. 1971. Anthology of faculty comments and opinions - All Faculty evaluation survey of the Colorado College Plan.
-Colorado Springs Planning Department and ENational ParkAC. Colorado Springs Design for Progress.
-U. S. Forest Service. 1979. Regional Issues - a determination of significant Forest Service issues in the Intermountain Region.
-City of Colorado Springs. 1983. Comprehensive Plan.
-Colorado Springs Goals. n.d. Goals - comments from neighborhood meetings.
-PPACG. 1977. Development framework for the Pikes Peak Region.
-Pike and San Isabel National Forests. 1982. Long-Range Management Plan: Planning Action 5 (Formulation of Alternatives), 6 (Estimated Effects of Alternatives), 7 (Evaluation of Alternatives and Recommendation of a Preferred Alternative).
-Office of the Governor (Colorado). 1980. Colorado Front Range Project.
-Finch, Jennifer and Jean Schaffeld. 1977. State lands in Colorado-a study of recreation potentials. Colorado Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation.
-Colorado Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation. Park Board Minutes, Aug. 1972-Dec. 1975.
-Graduate Schools of International Studies, Univ. of Denver. 1972. Citizens' Seminar on Priorities for the Planet Earth: the ecological crisis as a worldwide problem.
-Regional Service Institute, Southern Colorado State College. 1968. A Plan for the Arkansas Valley Region of Colorado.
-Land, McCutcheon, McBride, Inc. 1970. Final report to the Mayor's Civic Center Advisory Committee of Colorado Springs, Colorado.
-U. S. Council on Environmental Quality. 1979. The President's Environmental Program 1979.
-Shoemaker, Joe and Leonard A. Stevens. 1981. Returning the Platte to the People. The Platte River Development Committee.
-PPACG. 1974. Environmental Resources Study, Teller and El Paso Counties.. Part A: Perspective.
-PPACG. 1974. Environmental Resources Study, Teller and El Paso Counties. Soil Resource Analysis.
-PPACG. 1974. Environmental Resources Study, Teller and El Paso Counties. Summary Report.
-U. S. Environmental Protection Agency. 1972. Quality of Life Indicators - a review of state-of-the-art and guidelines derived to assist in developing environmental indicators.
-Colorado Natural Areas Program. 1983. State of Colorado Registered and Designated Natural Areas.
-Colorado Natural Areas Program. 1986. A partnership for protecting Colorado's natural heritage - Colorado Natural Areas Program.
-Colorado Natural Areas Program. 1981. State of Colorado designated and registered natural areas 1977-80.
-Pike & San Isabel National Forests. Land use planning. Upper Arkansas Planning Unit. 2 copies (one missing a map)
-Rocky Mountain Center on Environment (ROMCOE). 1972. Critical Review of draft environmental statement - Air Force Academy Airmanship program.
-El Paso County Planning Office. 1973. Planning Review - 1973.
-Sumner, David. 1973. Iron Mining and contemporary Aspen - a case study on environmental impact problems.
-PPACG. 1973. Project Team. Vol. 1 Introduction and Policies.
-PPACG. 1969-1970. Annual Report.
-PPACG. 1970-1971. Annual Report.
-Colorado Division of Highways. 1976. Draft environmental impact statement. U. S. Highway 24, Colorado Springs.
-Community Development Associates. 1981. Master Plan - Hill Properties. Hill Development Corporation.
-Heist, Paul and Maxwell F. Taylor. 1979. The Block Plan - a preliminary report on a ten-year evaluation of the Colorado College Block Plan Format for Intensive Study.
-Frying Plan - Arkansas Diversion Project. Folder with miscellaneous information on the project.
-U. S. Forest Service. 1977. Map: Roadless and Undevelopement Area Evaluation II. Rare II. National Forests, Colorado.
-Kucera & Associates. 1969. Aerial photograph of the Fountain, Colorado area and to the north.
-Conklin & Rossant, Architects (NYC). 1973-1974. Folder with maps and project plans for the oil shale "new town" at Grand Valley, Colorado.
-Wirth, Berger & Associates. Three maps of the Denver Regional Transportaion District, in conjunction with the PRT (Personalized Rapid Transit) System Project for Denver.
-Fisheries and Wildlife Research 1978. U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service.
-Natural Area Committee, Univ. of Colorado. 1961. Scientific values and need for preservation in its natural state of the Flatirons-Mesa Trail area.
-Halla, Michael E. (ed.). ca 1980. Final environmental impact statement for training land acquisition for Fort Carson, Colorado. Department of the Army, Fort Carson. Essentially related to the Pinyon Canyon area in southeastern Colorado.

BOX 36

Articles by Richard G. Beidleman, 1956-2000, in chronological order. Incomplete.

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