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Manuscript Collections

Colorado College Special Collections contains more than 300 manuscript collections, including diaries, the Helen Hunt Jackson Papers, the Colorado Springs Century Chest Collection, and other primary sources.

To find them, search the Tutt Library Online Catalog. You can limit your location to "Special Collections - Manuscripts" or use keywords like papers, records, correspondence, or diaries.

Looking for our medieval manuscript material? Here's our breviary, list of leaves, and the digitized Donald Jackson Collection.

Materials for Helen Hunt Jackson's Ramona

Selected Finding Aids

Charles E. Aiken Papers, Ms 0001
A prominent Colorado Springs businessman of the late 1800s, Aiken was considered to be an authority on ornithology, paleontology, history of the earth, evolution, heredity, breeding and training of dogs.

Richard G. Beidleman Papers, 1950-1990, Parts 1-2, Ms 0272 and 0402
Richard G. Beidleman was a professor of biology at Colorado College, 1957-1988. His interests included biology, zoology, the environment, and Colorado Springs / Pikes Peak Region issues.

William A. Bell Papers, Parts 1 and 2, Ms 0257 and 0306
Wm. A. Bell was associated with the founding of Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs, Durango, and the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad.

Blackmer & McAllister Records, Ms 0178
Henry M. Blackmer and Henry McAllister, Jr. were both influential lawyers in Colorado Springs. McAllister was Spencer Penrose's lawyer and was reported to have read Tennyson's "Crossing the Bar" at his funeral.

M. Hamlin Cannon Papers, 1849-1859, Ms 0293
M. (Moses) Hamlin Cannon was a historian recognized as one of the world authorities on the historical development of Mormonism.

Mary A. Chenoweth Collection, 1919-2005, Parts 1-3, Ms 0368, 0369, and 0369A
Mary Chenoweth taught art at Colorado College from 1953 to 1983. A prolific artist, she was proficient in many art media, including sculpture; woodcarving and woodcut; silkscreen; watercolor and oil painting; pen and ink drawings; etchings; collage; and her unique hand-made postcards.

Colorado Springs Century Chest Collection, 1901, Ms 0349
A collection of letters, photographs, and other materials from the citizens of Colorado Springs in 1901.

Francis Cragin Early Far West Notebooks, Ms 0225; Papers, Part 1, Ms 0362; Part 2, Ms 0370
Francis W. Cragin taught at Colorado College in Geology, Mineralogy, and Paleontology from 1891 to 1902.

Cripple Creek Ledgers, 1891-1960, bulk 1891-1930, Ms 0271
A collection of ledgers from various companies and organizations in the Cripple Creek District.

Roselle Theodore Cross Papers, Ms 0007
Roselle Cross wrote for the Rocky Mountain Congregationalist in the 1870s. In 1892 he wrote a history of Colorado College. This collection contains a great deal of historical information about the Congregational Church in the West.

Lillian de la Torre Papers, Ms 0346
Personal and professional correspondence, biographical materials, photographs, family history, scrapbooks, manuscripts, research materials, many on Tobias Smollett, articles written in collaboration with Lewis M. Knapp, book reviews and re-prints of articles by Colorado Springs resident, mystery writer, and playwright Lillian de la Torre; some personal and professional papers and materials belonging to George S. McCue
John Gray Papers, Ms 0099
John Gray was the architect for the Shove Memorial Chapel at Colorado College.

Thomas Nelson Haskell Papers, 1835-1906, Ms 0013
Thomas Nelson Haskell represented the Congregational Church in the establishment of Colorado College. The collection contains material related to this period of his life as well as a variety of business and personal matters. Transcriptions of some of the family letters are available here.

Walter M. Hatch Papers, Mf 0122
Walter M. Hatch was President of the Colorado Springs Investment and Improvement Company. This collection contains his correspondence during the year 1886.

Edward Graham Hayes Papers, Ms 0015
The collection contains diaries and letters of Edward Hayes when he was a student at Colorado College and during his cattle ranching days at Granger, Colorado in the 1880s.

Archer Butler Hulbert Papers, 1915-1974, Parts 1 and 2, Ms 0130 and 0163
Archer Butler Hulbert was a historian, author, lecturer and professor at Colorado College.

Helen Hunt Jackson Papers, 1828-1886, Parts 1-6, Ms 0020, 0156, 0315, 0348, 0351, 0353
Helen Hunt Jackson was a writer and Native American rights advocate who lived and wrote in the late 1800s here in Colorado Springs.

William S. Jackson Papers, Parts 1-4, Ms 0235, 0241, 0284, 0365
William S. Jackson served as secretary and treasurer of the Denver & Rio Grande Railway in the late 1800s. He was also a banker and a trustee of Colorado College. Jackson was married to Helen Hunt Jackson and some of her papers are in this collection.

James Hutchison Kerr Papers, 1882-1919, Ms 0081
Kerr was a Colorado College educator in chemistry, biology and mining and metallurgy in the late 1800s. His journals and scrapbooks of clippings, photographs, correspondence, brochures and writings document the settlement days of the Pikes Peak region.

Inez Johnson Lewis Papers, 1899‑1959, Ms 0231
Lewis was educator and Superintendent of Schools in El Paso County, Colorado 1915-1928 and State Superintendent of Public Instruction, 1930-1948.
Nuremberg Trial Papers 1945-1946, Ms 0155
J. Hartley Murray's collection of material related to the trials of Nazi war criminals held in Nuremberg.
Robert M. Ormes Papers, 1923-1978, Parts 1-4, Mf 0061, 0314, 0216, 0026
Robert M. Ormes wrote several books on Colorado and Colorado railroads.

Elsie M. Palmer Letters, 1934-1950, Mf 0298 and Ms 0335
Elsie M. Palmer was the eldest daughter of William Jackson Palmer, a founder of Colorado Springs and the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad.

J. Juan Reid Papers, 1908-1981, Ms 0176
Between 1928 and 1975, J. Juan Reid was a student, coach, teacher, Dean of Men, and Director of Alumni Affairs at Colorado College. He also wrote a history of CC, Colorado College: The First Century, 1874-1974, published in 1979.

Hans Rosenhaupt Papers, 1934-42, Ms 0274
Correspondence between CC German instructor Hans Rosenhaupt and the author Thomas Mann.

Sand Creek Papers, 1861-1864, Mf 0018
In 1864, General Chivington attacked and massacred members of a Cheyenne village in south-eastern Colorado near Sand Creek. This site includes scanned images.

Saturday Knights Records, 1903- , Ms 0160
The Saturday Knights is a men's hiking club organized in 1903 in Colorado Springs.

Mary Snow Sinton Papers, 1878-1955, Ms 0077
Mary Snow Sinton moved from New York to Colorado Springs in 1881. Her family owned the Sinton Dairy Farm.

Letters to Philip B. Stewart, 1901-1908, Ms 0028
Correspondence between President Theodore Roosevelt and Colorado businessman and politician Philip B. Stewart.

Bert Stiles Papers, Ms 0095
Bert Stiles was a writer and a Colorado College graduate who died on a bombing mission during WWII.
Marianne Stoller Papers, 1970-1995, Ms 0331
Stoller taught in Anthropology at Colorado College from 1969-1998. Materials having to do with Native American and Hispanic cultures in the Southwestern U.S., including field notes, road maps, brochures, clippings, research materials.

Alice Bemis Taylor Collection of Autographs of the British Poets, 1599-1897, Ms 0145
The collection consists of about 290 manuscripts and letters of British and a few American poets.

United States Japanese Relocation Center Papers/Records, 1942-1946, Ms 0221, Ms 0295, Ms 0011, Ms 0299
Four collections of materials from and about this Relocation Center for Japanese-Americans during World War II. The Relocation Center, located in southeastern Colorado, was named after the nearby town of Granada. It was also given the name Amache, Colorado. The camp officially opened on August 27, 1942. At its peak it held approximately 7,600 evacuees. Of these, about two-thirds were U.S. citizens.

Edmond C. Van Diest Papers, 1878-1950, Ms 0233
E.C. van Diest (1865 - 1951) was friend and consulting and construction engineer to General Palmer (father of Colorado Springs). When Palmer died, van Diest was asked to remain as consulting engineer to Colorado Springs. Among his accomplishments are Monument Valley Park, Glen Eyrie, and the bronze statue of General Palmer at the intersection of Platte and Nevada. He was also a trustee for Colorado College. The collection includes: papers, letters, reports, pamphlets, ledgers and journals, deeds, stocks, publications, addresses, bound copy books and maps and drawings.

Philip Moen Washburn Papers, 1872-1898, Ms 0044
Philip Washburn and his wife Miriam lived in Colorado Springs in the 1890s. Their daughter, Ruth Wendell Washburn, was a noted child psychologist.
Women's organizations in Colorado Springs
CC Special Collections holds the records of several Colorado Springs women's organizations of the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries. Finding aids to these collections are available in the library or by contacting us ( American Association of University Women, Colorado Springs Chapter, 1926-ongoing; The Reviewers, 1921-ongoing; Tuesday Club, 1894-ongoing; Wednesday Art Club, 1888-1936; Woman's Club of Colorado Springs, 1901-ongoing; Woman's Literary Club, 1892-ongoing.


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