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Inez Johnson Lewis Papers, 1899‑1959, Ms 0231

Finding Aid created 1985 by Judith K. Jordet


Inez Johnson Lewis was born in 1875, in Stone County, Missouri, the daughter of Mrs. Florence Adah Nelson Johnson and Att. John Mitchell Johnson. Her father was a graduate of West Point and served as a captain in the army during the Civil War. He moved to Colorado Springs, January 12, 1893, where he practiced law as an attorney for over twenty years. Her mother died while she was young and she raised her two younger sisters, Mary Elizabeth Johnson (Stubbs) and Phoebe Rossa Johnson (Mosher). Inez J. Lewis married Harry Lewis on Dec.26, 1910. They had no children. After his death in 1923, she maintained contact with his parents, Mrs. and Mr. Henry Lewis, his two sisters, Ada Evelyn Lewis and Marie Lewis, and his brother J. Frederick Lewis.

Inez Johnson Lewis attended Colorado College in 1914, graduated in 1928, and taught summer school at Colorado College in 1929. She received an honorary Doctor of Law degree from Colorado College in 1937. In July/August 1929, Ms. Lewis was a delegate from Colorado to the World Federation of Education Association in Geneva, Switzerland. Inez Johnson Lewis later obtained a Masters in School Administration from Colombia University and an honorary doctor of Education degree from the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Inez Johnson Lewis taught eight years in the city schools, Steele and Lowell. She became El Paso County Superintendent of Schools in 1915 and served seven consecutive terms. In 1928 she ran for State Superintendent of Public Instruction and, though defeated in 1928, she won the election in 1930 and remained State Superintendent until 1946.

During her terms as El Paso County Superintendent she inaugurated the system of Consolidated Schools which led to many improvements. The curriculum was expanded to include music and athletics. Also, transportation of children to and from school was developed, a county library system was begun, committees were appointed to investigate text books, a county health program was initiated and hot lunches became a part of the school day in 75% of the county schools. In recognition of her efforts in consolidating the schools, the Inez Johnson Lewis Consolidated School at Monument was named after her and opened in 1920.

While Inez Johnson Lewis held the position of State Superintendent of Public Instruction, she published, in 1936, an Elementary Course of Study for the state of Colorado that was rated by Colombia University as one of the three best in the entire United States. It was revised in 1942. She also developed a High School Course of Study and a course of Study in the Conservation of the Natural Resources of the State (See Lewis, Inez Johnson, Colorado. Department of Education. Colorado's Wealth: a bulletin on conservation of natural resources. Denver: 1941? 136p. illus. 23cm). She also wrote a Safety Course of Study for the Highschools. She initiated Adult Education, Nursery schools program, child care for working mothers, and the State wide library service was extended to rural areas through the use of "bookmobiles".

Between 1943 1945 education bills were introduced in the Colorado legislature such as teacher tenure law, statewide retirement plan for teachers and there was some increase in teacher's salaries.

Inez Johnson Lewis served as president of the Colorado Education Association and of the National Council of Women in Administration. She served as vice president of the National Council of Chief State School Officers, composed of the State Superintendents of Public Instruction of various states. For several years she served as a member of the Colorado Child Welfare Board.

Ms. Lewis also served as vice chairman of the school educational committee of the Colorado Congress of Parents and Teachers, Educational Chairman of the State Branch of American Association of University Women, and chairman of Public Instruction. By right of ancestry, Inez Johnson Lewis was a member of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Colonists, and the Daughters of the American Revolution. Inez Johnson Lewis died in January of 1964.


Gazette Telegraph, January 12, 1923. "Go Back 30 Years with H.S. Rogers".
National Society of the Daughters of American Colonists Application, National No. 1927. Inez Johnson Lewis, March 27, 1928.
Dr. Inez Johnson Lewis Pioneer Woman Teacher, prepared by Rho Chapter of the Delta Kappa Gamma Society, El Paso County, Colorado Springs, a contribution to the National Pioneer Woman Teachers Preoject, 1946.
Colorado and It's People: A Narrative and Topical History of the Centennial State, Vol. III, Lewis Historical Publishing Co., Inc. New York: 1948. pp.28 30.
Evergreen Cemetery,1001 S. Hancock, Colorado Springs, Colorado, buried Jan. 16, 1964, Lot 23, Blk. 57.

Scope and content

The Inez Johnson Lewis collection is made up of scrapbooks, correspondence, and printed material ranging from 1899 to 1959. Literary productions, which include speeches, reports and articles, are not as numerous but concisely reveal the development of issues that became important to educators during the Great Depression and World War II. Photographs are helpful in matching faces to names in correspondence and the financial statements could give a re-searcher insight to the travel and budget required of a county and state superintendent of education at a time when the automobile was becoming the mainstay of American transportation. The collection is not arranged in order of quantity but in the order of perceived importance (correspondence, literary productions, printed material, scrapbooks, financial statements, and photographs).

Correspondence consists of both personal and professional. There are three subseries under professional. Files marked simply "Correspondence professional (date)" are letters during her term of office. Files marked "Campaign Correspondence (date)" are letters concerning her political campaigns for re election every two years between 1924 and 1946. Additional correspondence can be found with the Armed Services Recommendations and Aviation Education WWII. There are also a few telegrams concerning her campaign in 1930, when she first became State Superintendent of Public Instruction, and a whole file of get well cards and letters from 1938 after she had fallen and cracked her hip bone.

The collection includes a booklet entitled Dr. Inez Johnson Lewis. It was produced by the RHO Chapter of the Delta Kappa Gamma Society of Colorado Springs as a contribution to the National Pioneer Women Teachers Project. Other literary productions include speeches (1937 1952), articles by Inez Johnson Lewis (1927 1952), curriculum for two courses in education, a folder of Biennial Reports, and notes for speeches (1931 1952).

Most of the printed material revolves around her election campaigns. The collection contains newspaper clippings from the Colorado Springs Gazette (Evening Telegraph), The Denver Post, the El Paso County Democrat, the Rocky Mountain News, the Labor News, Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, Colorado Springs Farm News, Denver Democrat, Taxpayers Review, Eastern Colorado Plainsman, as well as small clippings of newspapers from Ft. Collins to La Junta and from Manitou Springs to Calhan. Some of the clippings were found loose with no indication of intended order. However, in two of the scrapbooks newspaper clippings were arranged geographically. Other printed material that related primarily to her campaign consists of pamphlets, flyers, and programs from events she participated in. Certificates and awards have been filed separately unless they were glued into a scrapbook. Material unrelated to her campaign involves files on the Kellogg Foundation (1943 1946) and information on the Daughters of American Colonists (1926 1949).

The collection also contains one scrapbook with family memorabilia along with early news articles on education. The fifteen other scrapbooks contain an arrangement of newspaper articles of political and personal interest.

A sampling of her financial statements such as budgets, business expenses, and tax records have been filed separately while charts, diagrams, graphs and lists were kept in the context of the reports or correspondence in which they were found. Photographs are in a separate file and are primarily portraits.

Information concerning Inez Johnson Lewis's family and personal events is very sketchy. Information about her political connections, campaign procedure, and Democratic affiliation are more abundant. Her philosophy of education can be gleaned from her straight forward speeches, articles and reports. Inez Johnson Lewis held an elected position in education during the Great Depression and during World War II. The effect of the War on education is evident.


BOX 1 (Folder 1 14)

Folder 1 T. J. Evans correspondence and Poems 6 items
Folder 2 Correspondence-Personal 1905 1928 27 items
Folder 3 Correspondence-Personal- 1929 1930 30 items
Folder 4 Correspondence-Personal- 1931 1937 17 items
Folder 5 Correspondence-Personal-Accident 1938 one inch thick
Folder 6 Correspondence-Personal 1938 11 items
Folder 7 Correspondence-Personal 1939 1946 61 items
Folder 8 Correspondence-Personal 1947 1949 22 items
Folder 9 Correspondence-Personal 1950 24 items
Folder 10 Correspondence-Personal 1951 47 items
Folder 11 Correspondence-Personal 1952 36 items
Folder 12 Correspondence-Personal 1953 1959 37 items
Folder 13 Correspondence-Personal-undated 27 items
Folder 14 Personal Poems-undated 21 items

BOX 2 (Folder 15 30)

Correspondence-Professional (inventory in file)
Folder 15 Correspondence-Professional 1915 1927 31 items Folder 16 Correspondence-Professional 1928 1929 41 items Folder 17 Professional-Trip to Europe 1929 20 items
Folder 18 Correspondence-Professional 1930 1932 19 items
Folder 19 Correspondence-Professional 1930-Jan-Oct. 11 items
Folder 20 Correspondence-Professional 1930 Nov. 44 items
Folder 21 Correspondence-Professional 1930 Dec. 15 items
Folder 22 Correspondence-Professional 1933 1935 8 items
Folder 23 Correspondence-Professional 1936 1938 15 items
Folder 24 Correspondence-Professional 1939 1942 23 items
Folder 25 Correspondence-Professional 1943 17 items
Folder 26 Correspondence-Professional 1944 29 items
Folder 27 Correspondence-Professional 1945 Jan-Aug. 32 items
Folder 28 Correspondence-Professional 1945 Sept-Dec. 25 items Folder 29 Correspondence-Professional 1946 48 items
Folder 30 Correspondence-Professional 1947 1959 7 items

BOX 3 (Folder 31 42)

Campaign Materials/Correspondence
Folder 31 Campaign Material Undated 57 items
Folder 32 Campaign Material 1928 1946 51 items
Folder 33 Campaign Material 1930 41 items
Folder 34 Campaign Correspondence 1915 1927 5 items Folder 35 Campaign Correspondence 1928 Jan-Aug. 23 items
Folder 36 Campaign Correspondence 1928 Sept. 37 items
Folder 37 Campaign Correspondence 1928 Oct-Nov. 54 items Folder 38 Post Campaign Correspondence 1928 Nov-Dec. 30 items Folder 39-A Campaign Correspondence 1930 77 items
Folder 39-B Campaign Correspondence 1930 29 items
Folder 40 Campaign Correspondence-Congratulations
1930 A 151 items Folder 41 Campaign Correspondence-Congratulations
1930 B 143 items Folder 42 Telegrams 1930 19 items

BOX 4 (Folder 43 53)

Folder 43 Campaign Correspondence 1932 77 items
Folder 44 Campaign Correspondence 1934 60 items
Folder 45 Campaign Correspondence 1934 loose letters 30 items
Folder 46 Campaign Correspondence Congratulations 1934 88 items
Folder 47 Campaign Correspondence 1936 A 61 items
Folder 48 Campaign Correspondence 1936 B 52 items
Folder 49 Campaign Correspondence Congratulations 1936 A 52 items
Folder 50 Campaign Correspondence Congratulations 1936 B 53 items
Folder 51 Campaign Correspondence 1938 A 75 items
Folder 52 Campaign Correspondence 1938 B 70 items
Folder 53 Campaign Correspondence Congratulations 1938 77 items

BOX 5 (Folder 54 62)

Folder 54 Campaign Correspondence 1940 A 48 items
Folder 55 Campaign Correspondence 1940 B 68 items
Folder 56 Campaign Correspondence-Thank you 1940 110 items
Folder 57 Campaign Correspondence Congratulations 1940 ? items
Folder 58 Campaign Expenses 1940 ? items
Folder 59 Campaign Correspondence 1942 41 items
Folder 60 Campaign Correspondence Congratulations 1942 90 items
Folder 61 Campaign Correspondence 1944 10 items
Folder 62 Campaign Correspondence Congratulations 1944 4 items
Folder 63 Campaign Correspondence 1946 51 items
Folder 64 Correspondence-Post Election 1946 55 items

BOX 6 (Folder 65 78)
(Speeches, Addresses, Reports, and Articles)

Folder 65 SPEECHES 1931 1933
Radio Talk "Proposed State Rural School Choir" 04/13/1931 American Education Week 09/17/1931
Colorado Education Association 10/29 31/1931
Radio Message KOA "Scientific Order and the Social Economic World" 11/18/1931 Mr. Chairman and Fellow Educators 12/04/1931
I Believe in the Colorado Education
Association 01/--/1932
Radio Message "Leisure: gift of the machine age" 01/06/1932 Safeguarding Our Rural Schools 06/28/1932
Colorado in the Education World 11/28/1932
American Education Week 1933
Commencement at Western State College 06/03/1933
The Schools and the Public 12/--/1933

Folder 66 SPEECHES 1934 1936
Adult Education Program in Colorado 05/--/1934
Education in a New Day: Commencement Adams State Teachers College 08/22/1934
Talk over KLZ "Better Housing" 11/01/1934
American Education Week 11/05/1934
National Education Week 11/05/1934
Zontians 04/11/1935
Unemployed Youth-A Challenge 06/29/1935
Reading for Rural People 06/29/1935
President and Teachers of the Nation 07/01/1935
Adult Education 07/--/1935
School-Agent of Society 11/--/1935
Radio KOA "Education: Solution to All Life's Questions" 1936
Adult Education in Colorado 03/30/1936
Logan County Teachers Association 10/03/1936

Folder 67 SPEECHES 1937 1939
Commencement Exercises of Denver University 08/20/1937
Deficiencies in the Curriculum 11/19/1937
Radio Address KVOR Safety Education" 06/07/1937
Safety Outline 12/07/1937
Civic Garden Club 05/18/1938
Greetings to Colorado Education Association 10/--/1938
Tribute to Mary C.C. Bradford (New York, National Education Association) 10/--/1938
Radio Address: Home Garden Club of Denver "Conservation" 02/22/1939

Folder 68 SPEECHES 1940 1952 total 18 items
Written for Mr. Robert Allingham (Denver) 02/07/1941
Woman's Club of Denver-KVOD "Education Law during depression and war" 05/13/1942
Radio Address KLZ "They Also Serve" 05/20/1942
Interview with Mrs. Lewis, "What the schools of Colorado are doing in the War Savings Program” undated
Address by Mrs. Emma Guffey Miller at Convention of General Federation of Women's Clubs 04/12/1944
Woman's Club of Denver "The Woman's Idea" 02/14/1945
Radio Talk-Victory Loan Drive 10/30/1945
Political Talk of Mrs. Inez Johnson Lewis 1946
Adult Education in Colorado 10/14/1946
Administration of Schools (untitled) 10/23/1946 KLZ speech "The Question of a School Board" 10/31/1946
Colorado Education Association 12/09/1949
Lecture "Do We Need a Code of Ethics?" 11/27/195-

Folder 69 SPEECHES UNDATED 25 items

Folder 70 ADDRESSES BY MRS. LEWIS (1931 1938) 29 items
To the Teachers of Colorado 02/18/1931
Radio Talk-KOA 04/13/1931
The Need of a Background in Business Education 06/24/1931
Colorado Education Association 10/29/1931
Radio Message over KOA 11/18/1931
American Education Week 11/--/1931
Radio Message over KOA 01/06/1932
For Colorado School Journal 01/--/1932
Safeguarding Our Rural Schools 06/--/1932
Radio Talk on KOA 11/--/1932
Colorado in the Education World 11/--/1932
Commencement at Western State College 06/03/1933
American Education Week 11/--/1933
The Schools and the Public 11/--/1933
Unemployed Youth-A Challenge 06/--/1935
Some Bits of Musical History of Rural Colorado 06/06/1936
Home Making in Colorado 08/13/1936
To the School Directors of Colorado 09/22/1936
For the Parent Teacher Magazine on American
Education Week 10/14/1936
Letter from Mrs. Anna H. Day and Answer March/April 1937
Address given over KVOR Colorado Springs 06/07/1937
Law and the Schools 11/17/1937
Deficiencies in the Curriculum 11/19/1937
Address to Colorado Woman's College 12/09/1937
Greetings to Colorado Education Association 10/27 29/1938

Folder 71 REPORTS (1921 1945) 42 items
Reorganizing Rural Communities in Weld County 01/--/1921
Test Bill 1934?
Report (incomplete) 09/--/1936
Legislative-Submitted to Education Committee 04/19/1937
Safety Outline 12/07/1937
Works Progress Administration and State
Department of Education 1937?
Things to Be Done 1938
Colorado Schools at the Crossroads 1940
Suggested Study-Arapahoe County as example 1940?
Article 9, Section 2, Constitution of the State of Colorado 1940?
Evidence of Growth of High School Education in Colorado 1940?
Financing Schools of State 1940?
Statistical Observation 1942
Colorado's Rank Among the States of the Union 1942 State Library 1942
Your State Department of Education Has Grown 1944
To the School Administrators of Colorado 1940 1945
Colorado's Rank with Other States 1945
Education Week 1940-
Transportation Problems in Colorado 1945
Proposed Plan for Organization of a State Council on Education for Colorado 06/07/1946
Adult Education in Colorado 09/20/1946
Surplus Property 1946
Democracy-HOPE of the World 1946?

Education Week
Plan for Increasing the Efficiency of Safety
Education in the Schools of Colorado
Question on Schools
Rhetorical Questions for discussion
Letter to Editor "Students View on Centralization"
Transportation (incomplete)
Retirement System (incomplete)
Other reports (incomplete)

Folder 73 ARTICLES 1927 1939
Journal of Education, "The Teacher Problem
of the Rural Schools 05/02/1927
"Clean Room, Clean Mind, Clean Heart" 1927
Evening Gazette, "Consolidated Schools
Big Factor in Country Life 03/06/1927
To Teachers of Colorado 02/18/1931
Need of a Background in a Business Education 06/25/1931
Schools and the Public 11/2 4/1933
American Education Week (incomplete) 10/11/1934
Article for Labor Advocate-Adult Education 04/09/1935
American Education Week-sent to Colorado
Education Association for
Nov. Journal 10/15/1935
For Colorado Education Journal
"New Course of Study" 03/10/1936
Some Bits of Musical History of Rural Colorado 06/06/1936
Law and the Schools 11/17/1937
Things to Be Done 1938

Folder 74 ARTICLES 1940 1952
Report of the Legislative Chairman
Delta Kappa Gamma Society 05/11/1940
Motion Pictures as an Educational Force 09/17/1940
To Colorado Association of School Boards 1943?
Teacher Shortage in Colorado 05/20/1943
Comments on Colorado's New School Laws 07/14/1943
Denver Post Reporter-State Financing 11/28/1944
Problems of Consolidation of School Districts
In Colorado 11/06/1945
Rocky Mountain News, "It's the State's Job" 11/28/1945
Public Education of the People-For the People-
By the People 01/--/1951
"A Man About Town" (a Column, several articles) 1952

Folder 75 ARTICLES-UNDATED 17 items
Adult Education in Colorado
The Beginning of the Conservation Movement in America
American Education Week
Campaign Issues
Growth of the State's Sense of Obligation to Childhood
Spirit of the West
Chapter II - Growth of Schools in the Early Days
Reorganization of State Department
Delinquency and Its Causes
In Education Lies the HOPE of Social Progress and
Economic Security
Should the Business Education Department Insist
Upon Incorporating Consumer Education into its
Colorado Schools at the Crossroads
Adult Education Program in Colorado
Notes: State Board Of Education.
To the School Directors of Colorado
Where Do We Go From Here? (incomplete)
Other articles incomplete


Folder 77 AVIATION EDUCATION-WWII Correspondence 38 items

Folder 78 AVIATION EDUCATION-WWII Material 14 items

BOX 7 (Folder 79 86, Notebook 1 2)

Notebook 1 TWO RINGED NOTEBOOK "Education 204V/304V"

Points of View of Life and Education
How viewpoints affect us
Current Educational Issues
Class suggestions for Study in this Course
Our World: Its mingled uniformity and uncertainty
Preferences and Precariousness
Philosophy of Education Examination Spring 1929 1930
Meaning: Its basis and function
Meaning: Conscious action, thinking, habit
Thinking and unpredictability in life
Responsibility in action
The Self: Its definition and up-building
The life good to live
Education as the progressive remaking of experience
Bibliography on Moral Education
What about naming subject matter in advance?
Educational objectives
Rest of notebook are notes from classes on these topics:
Moral Education
Modern Educational Theories-Bode
Reconstruction in Philosophy-Dewey
Examination-Philosophy of Education
Public School Publicity-Mr. Miller
State Organization of Schools-Dr. Cubberley
Consolidated Schools-Miss Carney
Curriculum of Rural Schools
Advanced Reading
Grouping as Organizing
New Schools for Old
Rural Education-Dr. Bruner
The Rural Family
Rural Health


Retirement plan of Virginia
Dr. Elsburr-Health
Dr. Alexander-Taxes
H.C.McKown-Extra Curricular Activities
Dr. Strayer
Dr. Mort (March 18, 1930)
Dr. Tidwall
Dr. Euglehardt

Two scratch pads
Columbia Report-March 1953
Educational Administration
News clippings
Score Card for High School buildings

Folder 81 WOMEN 18 items
"These Great Women Have Crossed My Path"
Eleanor Roosevelt
Dorothy Canfield Fischer
Judge Florence Allen
Mary Beard
Katherine Lee Bates
Harriet Polders
News article on Emily Griffith
Tribute to Women Senator Hattie W. Caraway
(Congressional Record)
Radio Program: "The Woman's Idea"
Notes on Women
The Future of Eleanor Roosevelt (1939)
How Women Have Achieved as Citizens
(Journal of American Association
of University Women Volume 33, Jan.1940,
No.2 Dorothy Kenyon)
The Democratic Digest Oct. 1943
Newspaper articles
"Genius Wears the Pants"
"Ruth Millet"
Mrs. Walter Ferguson-column
My Day: Eleanor Roosevelt

Folder 82 COLORADO COLLEGE 13 items


Folder 84 BIENNIAL REPORTS (dated) 10 items

Folder 85 BIENNIAL REPORTS (undated) 39 items

BOX 8 (Folder 86 92)

Folder 86 PUBLICATIONS 14 items
Course of Study in Safety 1936
Dr. Inez Johnson Lewis 1946
Colorado and Its People (excerpts) 1948
The Pen Woman Oct.1944

Folder 87 KELLOGG FOUNDATION-Health Education Units 1943 1945
Report of the Community Health Education Project
Survey Approach to the construction of a Health
Education program for secondary schools
The Crippled Child Bulletin Aug. 1945, 72pgs.
The Crippled Child Bulletin Sept. 1945
Mental Health and Social Adjustment
Tentative Units of work for use in the School-
Community Health Education Program. units I-VII
Bibliography in Health Education

Folder 88 KELLOGG FOUNDATION-Health Education Units 1946
Bibliography in Health Education
Report of the Community Health Education Project, 1946
Report from Public Health Education Committee
Correspondence (6 letters)

Folder 89 KELLOGG FOUNDATION-Health Education-Organization 1944

Folder 90 KELLOGG FOUNDATION-Health Education-Organization 1945

Folder 91 KELLOGG FOUNDATION-Health Education-Organization 1946

Folder 92 KELLOGG FOUNDATION-Payroll and Expense Account 1944

Folder 93 KELLOGG FOUNDATION-Payroll and Expense Account 1945

Folder 94 KELLOGG FOUNDATION-Payroll and Expense Account 1946

BOX 9 (Scrapbook 1, Folder 95 96)

Scrapbook 1 Family Scrapbook 1899 1925
Folder 95 Loose papers 14 items
Folder 96 Loose news clippings

BOX 10 (Scrapbook 2 4, Folder 97 104)

Scrapbooks with folders of loose papers

Scrapbook 2 Red Tied Scrapbook 1925 1957
Folder 97 loose papers 1925 1957 (inventory note in file)
Folder 98 1926 1932 loose papers from a scrapbook (RED) 3 items
Folder 99 1928 1930 loose papers from a scrapbook (BLUE) 14 items
Folder 100 1928 1930 loose news clippings from (BLUE) 20 items
Scrapbook 3 Black Tied Ideal Scrapbook #1 1928 1931
Folder 101 1928 1931 loose papers (Inventory in file) 33 items
Folder 102 1929 1956 photocopied scrapbook (papers) 14 items
Folder 103 1929 1956 (news clippings) inventory in file 30 items
Scrapbook 4 Black Tied Ideal #2 (ordered by geography)1930 1932
Folder 104 1930 1932 loose papers (inventory in file) 8 items

BOX 11 (SCRAPBOOK 5 8, Folder 105 111)

Scrapbooks with folders of loose papers

Scrapbook 5 Scraps 1930 1944
Folder 105 1930 1944 loose papers (inventory in file) 27 items
Folder 106 1930 1944 news clippings 77 items
Scrapbook 6 Western Federation Education Association 1931
Scrapbook 7 Dotted Scrapbook 1931 1932
Folder 107 1931 1932 loose papers (inventory note in file) 11 items
Folder 108 1932 1933 loose papers from a scrapbook (BROWN) 11 items
(Notes of speeches)
Scrapbook 8 Burgundy Scrapbook 1933 1947
Folder 109 1933 1947 loose papers 21 items
Folder 110 1933 1947 news clippings (inventory in file) 30 items
Folder 111 1934 photocopied scrapbook 22 items

BOX 12 (Scrapbook 9 10, Folder 112 115)

Scrapbook 9 "Scissors" Scrapbook 1934 1938
Folder 112 1934 1938 loose papers (inventory note in file) 3 items
Folder 113 1936 1947 loose papers (from notebook) (inventory in file) 6 items
Scrapbook 10 Black pinch book (ordered by subject) 1937 1952
(subjects found in Black pinch book: Women, Education, Politics and Economics, Law,
Safety, Miscellaneous)
Folder 114 1937 1952 loose papers found in Black pinch book 15 items
Folder 115 1951 1952 found in manila envelope 21 items

BOX 13 (Folder 116 124)

Folder 116 PHOTOGRAPHS 14 items
Folder 117 PHOTOGRAPHS OF Inez Johnson Lewis 6 items
Folder 118 FINANCIAL 1915 1946 44 items
Folder 119 FINANCIAL 1947 1959 41 items
Folder 120 FINANCIAL Tax Returns 1940 194735 35 items
Folder 121 DAUGHTERS OF AMERICAN COLONISTS-Correspondence 14 items
Folder 122 APPLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP Daughters of American Colonists (inventory in file) (one inch thick)

BOX 14


Inez Johnson Lewis newspaper articles in the Colorado Springs Gazette

1910 Oct.19, Wed. page 8 "One Good Term Deserves Another"
Nov. 4, "Miss Johnson has Worthy Record"
1914 Oct.18, Open Parliament (letter to the editor) "The County Superintendency"
Oct.24, Open Parliament (letter to the editor) "Commends Mrs. Lewis"
Oct.28, Wed. "Vote it Straight"
Oct.29, "The Country Schools"
Nov. 8, Page 14 "Woman Polls More Votes than Any Other"
1916 Oct. 28, Sat. page 4 "Mrs. Lewis for Superintendent" "Mrs. Lewis Foremost in Nation in County School Work - Dr. Winship"
Nov.10, Fri. page 8 "Surprises in the County"
1918 Nov.14, Thurs. "Announce Official Count on Election"
1920 Oct. 29,30, (advertisement) "Mothers and Fathers of Colorado Springs"
Oct.30, (advertisement) "An Appeal for Fair Play"
Nov.12, "Mrs. Lewis is Winner by 74"
1922 April 23, Sun. page 16 (photo) "Music Festival Will Bring 1,000's of Children to Stratton Park on Friday"
Sept.15, Fri. "School Heads to Meet with County Chief"
1922 Oct.22, Sun. (two advertisements, photo) "Vote for Mrs. Inez Johnson Lewis"
Oct.29, Sun. (two advertisements, photo) "Mrs. Lewis Always Has Carried the Rural Vote"
Oct.29, Sun. (front page) "Name Mrs. Lewis State Chairman Child Welfare"
Nov.17, Fri. "Sheafor's Own County Gave Him Handsome Endorsement"
1924 Nov.11, "Official Count Completed; No Big Changes Are Shown"
1929 Jan. 6, Mrs. Lewis Retires
Jan. 8, Number of votes lost
1930 Nov. 16, "Poorly prepared teachers..."
1931 1932 Mrs. Lewis wrote column for Gazette, "Know Your Local School"

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