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Sand Creek Papers, 1861-1864, Mf 0018

Colorado College history professor Harvey Carter received these papers in 1962 from R. H. Irrmann of Beloit College. Carter donated the papers to CC in 1964.

Content: materials connected with the Sand Creek Massacre of 1864, when General John Chivington of the United States army murdered the men, women, and children of a Cheyenne village in southeastern Colorado territory near Sand Creek.

1. Letter (“copy report”) from S. G. Colley, Agent for the Upper Arkansas, Dec. 19, 1861 to William Gilpin, ex officio superintendent of Indian affairs in and for the territory of Colorado. 5 pages, handwritten, signed.

2. Letter ("letter of appointment for agent") from William P. Dole, Commissioner of Indian Affairs, Oct. 9, 1861 to Samuel G. Colley, Esq, Denver City, Colorado Territory. Concerns Colley's appointment as Agent for the Indians of Arkansas Agency. 2 pages, handwritten.

3. Letter from John Evans, Governor of Colorado Territory & Superintendent of Indian Affairs, Denver Sept. 19, 1864, to Major S. G. Colley, U. S. Indian Agent, Ft. Lyon, Colorado Territory. Informs of arrival of three Indians at Ft. Lyon with a letter from Black Kettle proposing peace and enclosing "copy of the same" 1 page, handwritten.

4. Letter (dictated) from Black Kettle (signed “Black Kittle”), Cheyenne Village, Aug. 29, 1864, to Major Colley, "brought to Ft. Lyon, Sunday, Sept. 4, 1864 by One Eye". Concerns the wish to make peace. 1 page, handwritten in pencil. Transcription.

5. Letter, pages 2-5 only, handwritten, no signature. “We cannot successfully preach peace to a starving savage…”

6. John Evans, "Chivington Massacre of the Cheyenne Indians," Aug 11, 1864. “Authorizes” “citizens” to “go in pursuit of all hostile Indians on the Plains … to kill and destroy all such hostile Indians…” 6 pages, printed.

7. John Evans, “Colorado Superintendency Indian Affairs, To the Friendly Indians of the Plains,” Denver, June 27, 1864. Directs “friendly Indians” to places of “safety.” 1 page, printed.

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