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Alice Bemis Taylor Collection, Ms 0145

Harriet Martineau letter
Transcribed by Deborah Logan, 2005

To Edward Moxon
11 June 1844

Dear Mr Moxon

I think I must ask for one more copy of “the Sick-room,” for “Mr Harrowin, Ironmonger, Kingsland.”

This looks odd, - but a rather pleasant tale hangs thereby. He is the father of a housemaid of ours, a great reader; & partly through pleasure in my works, partly from my making him my trumpet maker, - & so, to all the deaf aristocracy, - he not only will never let me pay for a trumpet, but is never so pleased (being a benevolent man) as when I point out to him a poor person who is deaf, whom he may supply gratis.

We find ourselves baffled, however, by poor people choosing to use a trumpet purely for ornament, - sticking it up over the fireplace or on the pump for show! - I hear today that Mr Harrowin is anxious to learn some tidings of me; & I think this book will gratify him, & be in no way lost upon him. Yours very truly

H. Martineau.

P.S. I have been shown a letter from a lady visiting in the highest literary circles in London now; as she did at Xmas, when also on a visit; & she writes (not knowing that I shd hear of it) that she now finds my vol still talked of, to the exclusion of newer books, wherever she goes. - And I still have anonymous letters, & letters from strangers, - here & there of brutal abuse from high & mighty Christians of the Bp of Exeter’s sort, - but almost all of a very opposite kind; & [page is cut off]


Harriet Martineau
Alice Bemis Taylor Collection
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