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Alice Bemis Taylor Collection, Ms 0145

William Roscoe letter, not dated
Transcribed by Jessy Randall, Erin Keenan, and Liz Lewis, August 2002

Please note: according to Roscoe scholar David Weinglass, author of the entry on Roscoe in The Biographical Dictionary of Modern British Radicals, Vol. I 1770-1830 (Harvester Press, 1979, pp. 413-419), Roscoe’s wife, whom he married in 1781 after a five-year engagement, was Jane Griffies (1757-1824). They had seven sons and two surviving daughters.

I have an opportunity of going [?]
to Liverpool in a day or two
which mention to Marie [?]
case [?] when I write thither

I am dear wife
Very sincerely yours

W. Roscoe

Friday morning
Candle Town [?]

Alice Bemis Taylor Collection
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