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Early Manuscript and Printed Leaves

Box 1 - manuscript leaves, 10th-20th centuries

Undated Book of Esther, in Hebrew, sheepskin scroll (probably 19th century, in its own box)
Undated Ethiopian “magic scroll,” in Ge-ez (probably early 20th century, in its own box)
10th c. Vita Sancti Fabiani leaf, in Latin
12th c. Exodus 29:3-11, in Latin (vol III, acc 2-143.77)
12th c. Psalm 78, in Latin (vol III, acc 2-144.77) Helen Davies multispectral imaging data
12th c. Texts on the Apostles, in Latin (vol III, acc 2-145.77). Recto, column A: Matthew 10:6-8; an excerpt from Psalm 44:17; and an excerpt from the liturgical prayer known as the secret or the prayer over the gifts for the saint’s day of Philip and Jacob (May 11). Recto, column B: Ecclesiasticus 36:6-9. Verso, column A: John 15:20-24. Verso, column B: Matthew 9:36-10:1. (per John Romano, 2007 – previously described as New Testament)
13th c. Papal bull, 1258, Alexander IV (d.1261), in Latin
14th c. Psalm 46, antiphonal (music) leaf, in Latin (Germany) (vol II, acc 2-69.77); with large undated antiphonal (music) bifolium, in Latin, gift of Judy Finley, 2015
14th c. Book of Hours, in Latin (France)
15th c. Hymns, in Latin (France) “Iesu, corona celsior” (excerpt); “In visitatione sanctae Mariae virginis”; “Sacri parentes virginis” (excerpt). (per John Romano, 2007 – previously described as “Text about Mary”)
15th c. Psalm 22 (23), in Latin (Italy)
15th c. Legal manuscript, in Latin (vol II, acc 2-68.77)
15th c. “Hours of the Virgin”, in Latin (northern France) (vol III, acc 2-142.77)
1571 Papal document, Pius V (d. 1572), in Latin
1647 indenture, in English (England) (parchment)
17th c. (?) medical text in Arabic (2 leaves, gift of Melvyn and Roberta Klein, 2018) Helen Davies multispectral imaging data
1743 Qur'an [Koran], dated in Arabic 1155H, in Arabic and Persian (bifolium, i.e. 2 leaves, gift of Carky and Mary Rubens, 2010)
18th or 19th c. Firdausi (ca. 940-1020), Shahnameh, in Persian
19th c. Qur’an, in Arabic (2 leaves) (vol II, acc 2-73.77, 2-74.77)
19th c. Bhagavad Gita, in Sanskrit, chapter 1, verses 42-46 (Kashmir, vol. II, acc 2-72.77), with a second Sanskrit manuscript (Kashmir, vol II, acc 2-71.77)
1803 indenture, in English (England) (parchment, gift of Judy Finley, 2011)
(19th c.?) Zizhi Tongjian (Comprehensive Mirror for Aid in Government), Chinese woodblock print
1918 Qur’an, in Arabic (3 leaves) (vol II, acc 2-70a.77, 2-70b.77, 2-70c.77) [previously described as 14th century based on the Hijri date of 1337; later misdated 15th century]

Box 2 - leaves from printed books, 15th century

1450-1455 A Noble Fragment, single leaf from the Gutenberg Bible, gift of Carky Rubens, record in the library's catalog.
15th c. Saint Antoninus, in Latin, 8 leaves
1454 facsimiles of leaves from the Gutenberg Bible. For an actual leaf, see A Noble Fragment, Rare Folio BS75 1454a.
1470 Jacobus Magni, Sophologium, in Latin, Adolf Rusch, printer, Strassburg
1471 Nicolaus De Lyra, Postillae in Biblio, in Latin, Sweynheym and Pannartz, printers, Rome
1471 Bartolus de Saxoferrato, Digesti Novi, Super I Parte, in Latin, Wendelin De Spira, printer, Venice
1473 Johann Boccaccio. De Claris Mulieribus, woodcut, in Latin, Johann Zainer, printer, Ulm (vol III, acc 2-134.77)
1473 Johann Bamler, printer, Augsburg, Jacobus Palladinus De Thoramo, in Latin and German (vol III, acc 2-129.77)
1473 Gunter Zainer, printer, Augsburg, from Speculum Humanae Salvationis, woodcut, in Latin (vol III, acc 2-130.77)
1475 Lucas Brandis, printer, Lubeck, from Rudimentum Noviciorum, in Latin (vol III, acc 2-131.77)
1476 Pinus Secondus, Historia Naturalis, in Italian, Nicolas Jenson, printer, Venice
1476 Johann Zainer, printer, Aesop’s Life and Fables, in German and Latin (vol I, acc 2-62.77)
1479 Anton Sorg, printer, Herzog Ernst von Bayern (from das Concilbuch), in Dutch (vol I, acc 2-61.77)
1483 Rob. Boninus de Boninus Valturius, De Re Militari, Verone, in Latin (vol III, acc 2-132.77)
1486 Erhard Reuwich-Schoffer, Breidenbach: Reise in Heilige Land Mainz, woodcut, in German (vol III, acc 2-133.77)
1488 “Legend of the Twelve Maidens”, in Dutch (vol I, acc 2-63.77)
1488 Johann Preuss, Directorium Humanae Vitae, Strassburg, woodcut, in Latin (vol III, acc 2-135.77)
1490 Andrea Mantegna (1431-1506), Bacchanalia with Silenus, engraving (vol III, acc 2-128.77, framed, located in Stewart House basement, 1998)
1490 “Wie Herzog Friderich von Osterreich dem romischen konig schwur”, woodcut, in German (vol I, acc 2-64.77)
1490 Unidentified page from German theological work in German
1493 Siena, Italy and Maria Magdalena leaves, Hartmann Schedel, Liber Cronicarum (also known as Nuremberg Chronicle or Schedelsche Weltchronik), in Latin, Michael Wolgemut and Wilhelm Pleydenwurff, artists, Anton Koberger, printer (Siena 2-137.77; MM 50-461-72)
1494 from Ship of Fools in Latin by Sebastian Brant, Basel (vol III, acc 2-136.77)
1494 Steffen Arndes “Scribe at Desk” from Biblia Lubeck Rudimentum Novicorum, woodcut (2-138.77)
1496 Alex De Polizones Phil. de Casano Auctoritates de Adventu Christi et Antichristi, in Latin, Milan (vol III, acc 2-139.77)
1498 from Illustrated “Horace,” in Latin, printed by Gruninger, Strasbourg
1499 J. Loehoologg, the Younger, Cologne Chronicle, in Dutch (vol III, acc 2-140.77)

Box 3 – 16th-17th centuries

16th c.? Hans Springinklee (ca.1495 - after 1522). St. Judas Thaddeus, woodcut (vol III, acc 2-117.77)
16th c. Hans Burgkmair (1473-1531), Triumph of Maximilian I, Boulogne Territories (vol III, acc 2-123.1.77); Heralds (vol III, acc 2-123.2.77); Burgundian Fifers (vol III, acc 2-123.3.77); Sword Footmen (vol III, acc 2-123.4.77)
16th c. A. Glockenden. Christ carrying the cross, untitled woodcut (vol III, acc 2-122.77)
1508 Saint Thomas Aquinas. Title unknown, in Latin, leaves 195-202, Venice? Lichtenstein?
ca. 1512 Ugo da Carpi. Sybil Reading, Facing Right, chiaroscuro woodcut (III 2-121.77)
ca. 1520 Missa pro sponso et sponsa printed page, in Latin (vol III, acc 2-141.77)
1540 Heinrich Aldegrever (1502-1555). William of Cleves, engraving Leipzig, in Latin (vol III, acc 2-127.77)
1544 Henri Petri. New Europa, Basel, in German (vol III, acc 2-124.77)
1557 Master “RW; HRMD.” Augustus Carolus V (Emperor Charles the Fifth), in Latin (vol III, acc 2-120.77)
1575 Sebastian Münster (1489-1522). La Cosmographie Universelle de tout le Monde, in French, Paris.
after 1600 Braun V. Hogenburg. Monasterium, etching (vol II, acc 2-66.77); Rotenburg ad Tubarum, etching, in Latin (vol II, acc 2-67.77)
17th c. Wenzel Hollar (1607-1677). “Portrait of a young lady” from early 19th c. volume “Collection of 200 original etchings”
1633 Jacques Callot (1592-1635). Miseres de la Guerre (The Wheel), etching, in French (vol III, acc 2-111.77)
1647 Wenzel Hollar (1607-1677). Etching from painting by Holbein (vol III, acc 2-112.77)

Box 4 - 18th-19th centuries

[18th c.] facsimile reprint of the Declaration of Independence and a specimen of ornaments, Philadelphia: Franklin Court Print Shop, 1982-1983
1764 William Hogarth (1697-1764). William Hogarth 1764, portrait (vol III, acc 2-113.77)
1789 P.R. Nodder. Blue bird, untitled engraving (vol II, acc 2-26.77)
19th c. Daumier, Honore (1808-1879). Poids et Mesures (from Actualities) lithograph (vol III, acc 2-115.77)
19th c.? Lucien Gautier (1850-1924). Lucien des Soupirs (Venice) (vol II, acc 2-107.1.77);
Le Colysee (Rome) (vol II, acc 2-107.2.77); Tower of London (vol II, acc 2-107.3.77); Le Fort St. Ange (Rome) (vol II, acc 2-107.4.77); Notre Dame a Paris (vol II, acc 2-107.5.77); Mont St. Michel (vol II, acc 2-107.6.77); Houses of Parliament (vol II, acc 2-107.7-77)
1826 Thomas Bewick (1753-1828). Vulture, wood engraving (vol III, acc 2-114.77)
1864 Francisco de Goya y Lucientes (1746-1828). Folly of Fear (plate 2 from Los Proverbios) (vol III, acc 2-126.77)
1877 John Kay (1742-1826). Kay's original portraits (2nd ed.) Etching of man reading book (vol III, acc 2-118.77)
1885 R.C. Collins. Ponte Vecchio, Florence, 1885 (vol III, acc 2-109.77)

Box 5 - 20th century

20th c.? Charles Auguste Edelman (b.1879). Une maison de Grenades, etching (vol I, acc 2-65.77)
20th c.? Louis Valtat (1869-1952). Femme a la Charlotte woodcut, 2nd ed. 1/50 (vol I, acc 2-60.77)
20th c. Charles Partridge Adams (d. 1942). Wheatfields near Wheatridge, watercolor (vol I, acc 2-1.77); Sunset, watercolor (vol I, acc 2-2.77)
20th c. Bugbee, Harold D. (b. 1900). Untitled Pen and ink drawing of chuckwagon in winter (vol III, acc 2-110.77)
20th c. Printing specimens donated by J.D. Cadorini: A Clerk from Oxford (several states), Love, Good Samaritan, Alice and Hatter.
20th c. Psalm 37. from Book of Common Prayer. Printed Stanbrook Abbey
20th c. J.E. Costigan (1888-1972). The Harvest, drypoint engraving 10" x 12"; Two old Chestnut Trees, drypoint engraving, 12 1/2" x 15 1/2"; Along the brook-winter, drypoint engraving, 8 1/2" x 10 1/2/"; Along the brook, drypoint engraving, 9" x12 1/2"; Jackie, drypoint engraving, 12" x 10" 6/90 numbered engraving
20th c. Lawrence Heller. Palmer Hall lithograph (2 copies)
1903-1905 Doves Press Bible
1937 Aristide Maillol (1861-1944). Two woodcuts from Daphnis & Chloe, one dated 1937, number 11/500; the other not dated, with identification number vol III, acc 2-116.77.
1937 Arved Gorella. Composition, woodcut (vol III, acc 2-119.77).

Box 6 - Colorado (mostly illustrations from books and periodicals)

1. A Burro Party, Pikes Peak, drawn by Charles Graham. Harper's Weekly, vol. XXXII, no. 1662, p. 816.
2. Garden of the Gods, color print, copyright 1900, Detroit Photographic Co.
3. Pikes Peak at Sunset - The Mountain Shadow on the Eastern Sky, Harper's Weekly, September 29, 1877, p. 768.
4. Sheltered Falls, Pikes Peak Trail, from a photograph by W.H. Jackson & Co., Denver. Harper's Weekly supplement, date unknown, p. 397.
5. In the Lobby of the Palace Hotel, Cripple Creek, drawn by W.H. Rogers. Harper's Weekly, date unknown, page unknown.
6. Beaver Park Valley of Conejos River, Colorado. U.S. Geological Surveys West of 100th Meridian, Plate XIII
7. The Antlers, Colorado Springs, drawn by Charles Graham, Harper's Weekly, November 20, 1886, vol. XXX no. 1561, cover.
8. In the Mountains, from a sketch by W.C. Cary, color print. Harper's Weekly, August 20, 1870, p. 536.
9. Colorado - The Anti-Chinese Riot in Denver on October 31st. From a sketch by N.B. Wilkins, Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, November 20, 1880.
10. Settlers Attacked by Indians, drawn by C.S. Reinhart, Harper's Weekly, July 16, 1870, p. 457.
11. The Gateway to the Garden of the Gods, drawn by Granville Perkins from photographs, Harper's Weekly, July 19, 1879, p. 569.
12. Over the Rockies in an Observation Car, drawn by Charles Graham, Harper's Weekly, vol. XXXV, no. 1804, p. 540.
13. The Ute War - The Colored Troops Fighting Their Way into the Beleagured Camp, drawn by C.S. Reinhart, Harper's Weekly, November 1, 1879, p. 868.
14. Pack-mule Train of a Government Surveying Party in Colorado, drawn by Pranishnikoff, Harper's Weekly, October 12, 1878, vol. XXII, no. 1137, cover.
15. The Cow-Boys of Colorado - Life in a Dugout, drawn by W.A. Rogers, Harper's Weekly, November 18, 1882, vol. XXVI, no. 1352, p. 729.
16. (empty)
17. Irrigation in Colorado - Letting Water into a Side Sluiceway, Harper's Weekly, June 20, 1874, vol. XVIII, no. 912, cover.
18. In the Colorado Gold Fields - Sketches at Cripple Creek drawn by W.A. Rogers (6 sketches), Harper's Weekly, date unknown, p. 1224.
19. Manitou, Colorado, drawn by Charles Graham (5 sketches), Harper's Weekly, July 23, 1887, vol. XXI, no. 1596, p. 524.
20. Scenes in Colorado - Mountain Springs & Vicinity, sketches by John A. Randolph, October 2, 1895 (5 sketches), Harper's Weekly, October 2, 1875, p. 797.
21. Pueblo, Colorado, drawn by Charles Graham from sketches by Lenore Hasslock (6 sketches). Harper's Weekly, May 12, 1888, vol. XXXII, no. 1638, p. 332.
22. Over the Rocky Mountains on the Northern Pacific Railroad, drawn by Charles Graham (2 sketches), Harper's Weekly, October 9, 1886, vol. XXX, no. 1555, p. 648.
23. Mining Life in Colorado, drawn by W.A. Rogers, November 10, 1883 (4 sketches), MISSING, October 2008.
24. Over the Plains to Colorado (Dead over-driven sheep on the road south of Pueblo, emigrants on their way southwest) Illustrated London News, August 22, 1885, p. 192.
25. Leadville (3 sketches), Harper's Weekly, June 21, 1879, p. 485.
26. Gateway of the Garden of the Gods & Pikes Peak- Within the Gates - Garden of the Gods - Polo above the Snow-line at Colorado Springs (3 sketches), Harper's Weekly, June 11, 1892, vol. XXXVI, no. 1851, p. 572.
27. The Pike's Peak Gold Mines (from our own correspondence, 3 sketches) Harper's Weekly, August 13, 1859, p. 516.
28. The City of Leadville, Colorado, and its Surroundings, from a photograph by W.H. Jackson & Co., Denver, Colorado, Harper's Weekly supplement, December 1, 1888, pp. 926-7.
29. Aspen and Its Surroundings, from a photograph by W.H. Jackson and Co., Denver, Colorado, Harper's Weekly, supplement, January 19, 1889, pp. 58-9.
30. Irrigation in the West (12 sketches), Harper's Weekly supplement, September 22, 1888, pp. 722-3.
31. The City of Denver, and Mountain Scenes in Colorado, drawn by Charles Graham (6 sketches), Harper's Weekly, April 23, 1887, vol. XXI no. 1583 pp. 296-7.
32. Smelting Ore in Colorado, drawn by Frenzeny & Tavernier (9 sketches), Harper's Weekly, May 30, 1874, pp. 456-7.
33. History of wood-engraving, Illustrated London News supplement, July 6, 1844, p. 425.
34. Historical and Statistical View of the United States, 1860 map, -- Johnsons California also Utah, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico & Arizona (color print)
35. View of Pike's Peak -- 40 miles distant from camp, July 11th
36. Pike's Peak from Garden of the Gods (2 copies), Picturesque America, p. 496.
37. Signal Service Station on the Summit of Pike's Peak, from a sketch by John A. Randolph, November 8, 1873 (color print), Harper's Weekly, November 8, 1873, p. 989.
38. Clear Creek Canon, Colorado, United States (The Old Man's Bride), 1888.
39. Wah-Ha-Ta-Gas or Spanish Peaks from near the Cuchara, August 6th. J.M. Stanley, from a sketch by R.H. Kern, Lith by A. Hoen & Co., Balt.
40. Valley of La Cuesta Rio Pecos, H.B. Mollhausen, Lith. by A. Horn & Co. Balt.
41. Sangre De Cristo Pass looking towards San Luis Valley (Bald Peaks in the distance) (Sierra Blanca in the distance) J.M. Stanley from a sketch by R.H. Horn by A. Hoen & Co. Balt.
42. View of Sangre de Cristo looking Northeast from Camp North of Summit, August 11, J.M. Stanley from a sketch by R.M. Horn, Lith by Hoen & Co., Balt.
43. Sangre de Cristo Pass from Near the Summit Lookin Down Gunnison's Creek, J.M. Stanley from a sketch by R.H. Kern. Litho by A. Hoen & Co., Balt.
44. Mountains Near the Entrance of the Canada De Las Uvas, Charles Koppen - L. Sinclair, Litho - Phil.
45. Long's Peak, from Estes Park, Picturesque America, p. 483.
46. Head of the First Canon of Grand River (below the Mouth of Cooche-pa Creek, September).
47. Summit of Gray's Peak, Picturesque America, p. 489.
48. View of Ordinary Lateral Ravines on Grand River from Camp, September 8th.
49. View Showing the Formation of the Canon of Grand River near the mouth of Lake Fork with indications of the Formidable Side Canoes.
50. Fort Massachusetts (at the foot of the Sierra Blanca, Valley of San Luis), J.M. Stanley from a sketch by R.H. Kern, T. Sinclair's Lith. Phil.
51. Coo-Chi-To-Pa Pass (View Looking up Sahwatch Creek, September 1st), J.M. Stanley from a sketch by R.H. Kern. Litho. of Sarony, Major & Knapp, N.Y.
52. A Conical Hill, 500 feet high, Standing in the Valley of Laguna, Colorado. H.B. Mallhanson, T. Sinclair's Lith. Phil.
53. Chicago Lake, Picturesque America p. 491.
54. Eroded Sandstones, Monument Park (6 sketches) (2 copies), Picturesque America, p. 493.
55. View of the Black Forest Mountain Hope and Sierra Prieta - Looking S.W. from Topographical Hill. E. Stout from a sketch by A.H. Campbell. Lith. of Sarony & Co., N.Y.
56. Bowlder Canon, 1874, Picturesque America p. 485.
57. Peaks of the Sierra Blanca from near Fort Massachusetts. J.M. Stanley by R.H. Kern. Lith. of Sarony & Co., N.Y.
58. The Ute War - Major Thornburgh's Last Charge, from a sketch by H. Viele, Harper's Weekly, November 1, 1879, p. 869.
59. Mountain of the Holy Cross, Picturesque America p. 501.
60. Une rue de Leadville, Le Tour du Monde, p. 430.
61. AM Arkansas
62. Ansiedlers Blockelaus (Colorado)
63. Chasse Aux Bisons
64. Denver (Aux Nouvelles Decouvertes Mineres du Colorado), 1878, Le Tour du Monde, p. 417.
65. The Childs-Drexel Home for Union Printers, Colorado Springs
66. In the Rocky Mountains
67. Hunting the Prong-horned Antelope with Greyhounds on the Eastern Slope of the Rocky Mountains
68. Rocky Mountain Falls West of Chief Mountain Lake
69. Rocky Mountains, Looking Westward
70. The Rocky Mountains, painted by W. Whitteredge, D. Appleton & Co., N.Y. (color print)
71. Bill Williams Fork
72. Canon in den Felsingebirgen
73. Erste Anfange einer Stadt im fernen Wester, 1883
74. In einem Stadfhan Des Fernen, 1885
75. Grand Coulee
76. Crossing of the Colorado River Near Mouth of Paria Creek, 1873
77. Ein Round-up, 1891
78. Bieh auf Reife, 1891
79. Die Pacific - Bahn: Schnee: Tunnels in del felfelgibirgen, 1882
80. Niederlaffung im Amerikauifdjen Urwald
81. Nadel-feifen im Gebergsland von Colorado
82. Eine Halteftelle Der Pacificbahn im Felfingeberge
83. Sherrmankaufe ou der Pacificbahn Felfingeberge
84. In einem Stadimen des firnen Fehiens, 1885
85. Husidneiben eines Etieres
86. Indianer als Pfdfudyer, 1862
87. Das Zufammentreiben des Brehes qun "Round-up", 1891
88. Wilde Flucht, 1891
89. Ouray, Colorado, from a photograph by W.H. Jackson & Co., Harper's Weekly supplement, June 8, 1889, pp. 466-7.
90. Cimarron, Colorado, drawn by Charles Graham (6 sketches), Harper's Weekly, April 14, 1888, vol. XXXII, no. 1634, p. 272.
91. Clear Creek Canon, Rocky Mountains, A.E. Bunner, American Canons, p. 725.
92. The Old Ute Reservation, Colorado, drawn by Harry Finn from photographs by Charles Goodman, Harper's Weekly, June 11, 1887, vol. XXXI, no. 1500 p. 425.
93. The proposed Capitol of Colorado, drawn by Hughson Hawley, from the Architect's drawings, Harper's Weekly, May 1, 1886, vol. XXX, no. 1532, p. 277.
94. Departure of a Colony of Emigrants for Colorado - Indians Gambling for the Possession of a Captive, Harper's Weekly, March 26, 1870 (2 sketches), p. 197.
95. Colorado - The Magic Mining City of Leadville, from Carbonate Hill
96. The Ute War - Major Thomas T. Thornburgh - Prospecting on the Ute Reservation - An Ominous Meeting, Harper's Weekly, October 25, 1879, p. 844.
97. Pikes Peak, Colorado - Hiram Powers, The Sculptor and wife at the window of their Residence in Florence Italy - Governor M. M'Cook of Colorado Territory (3 sketches), Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, July 22, 1871, p. 312.
98. Vue de la ville basse d'Empire (Colorado), Le Tour du Monde, p. 260.
99. Through the Veta Pass
100. Prairie Scene near the Rocky Mountains, Illustrated News, March 19, 1853.
101. The Recent War with the Sioux Indians (6 sketches), The Graphic, May 25, 1878, p. 521.
102. Trout-hatching in Colorado, Harper's Weekly, July 4, 1874.
103. Contrasts of life in Leadville, Colorado (2 sketches), Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, May 17, 1879, p. 169.
104. Colorado Remembers the Sick Soldiers (6 sketches), Harper's Weekly, September 17, 1898, p. 920.
105. Two Railroads into Cripple Creek (3 sketches), Harper's Weekly, date unknown, p. 701.
106. Second Ward School House, Leadville, Colorado
107. A Picturesque Railway Line (3 sketches), Harper's Weekly, April 22, 1882, vol. XXVI, no. 1322, p. 244.
108. Colorado - Scenes in the New Mining Town of Leadville, Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, supplement, June 7, 1879, p. 235.

Donald Jackson Collection of Original Leaves, 1150-1804
(See online exhibition for digital images and descriptions of these leaves)

1. 1150 Italy. Manuscript on vellum. In Latin. Lectionary. Revised Carolingian script. Helen Davies multispectral imaging data
2. 1230 France. Vulgate Bible. In Latin. With numerous initials and filigree decoration.
3. 1470 Venice. Livy’s Roman Decades. In Latin. Wendelin Da Spira, of the first printing house in Venice.
4. 1472 Venice. Cicero, De Officiis. In Latin. Wendelin Da Spira.
5. 1472 Strassburg. Lyra, Postilla super Psalterium. In Latin. John Mentelin, printer.
6. 1472 Venice. Dream of Scipio. In Latin and some Greek. Nicholas Jenson, printer.
7. 1472 Rome. Nicholas de Lyra, Postilla Super Psalterium. In Latin. Sweynheym and Arnold Pannartz, printers.
8. 1473 Augsburg. Dialogues of Pope Gregory. In German. Johann Baemler, printer.
9. 1476 Augsburg. Ramerus de Pisis, Pantheologia. In Latin. Gunther Zainer, printer.
10. 1483 Augsburg. Richenthal, Concilium zu Constanz. In German. Anton Sorg, printer.
11. 1485 Venice. Sacrobusco’s Sphaera Mundi. In Latin. Erhard Ratdolt, printer.
12. 1489 Argentine [Strassburg]. Jacobus de Voraigne’s Golden Legend. Lives of Saint Vincent and Saint Basil. In Latin. Georg Husner, printer. For a digital version of the entire book, see: (Mistakenly identified as Dante until 2008.)
13. 1493 Nuremberg. Schedel, Nuremberg Chronicle. Anton Koberger, printer. Two leaves: one in Latin; one in German, with hand-colored illustrations.
14. 1493 Basle. Unidentified leaf by Johann Froben. In Latin.
15. 1496 Venice. Batista de Trotis, Justinian Code. In Latin.
16. 1497 Paris. Phillippe Pigouchet, Book of Hours. In Latin. “Devota contemplatio beate marie virginis iuxta crucem filii sui lachrymantis ad commpassionem salvatoris singulos invitantis” and “Stabat mater dolorosa.”
17. 1497 Nuremberg. The Nuremberg Bible. In Latin. Anton Koberger, printer.
18. 1499 Venice. Hypnerotomachia Poliphili. In Italian. printed in the house of Aldus Manutius.
19. 1512 London. Jacobus de Voragine, The Golden Legend. In English. Wynkyn de Worde, printer.
20. 1513 Venice. Varroni’s Cornucopiae. In Latin. Aldus Manutius, printer.
21. 1541 Lyons. Decretal of Boniface. In Latin. Maillet, printer.
22. 1515 Venice. Lucretius. In Italian. Aldus Manutius, printer.
23. 1517 Nuremberg. Theuerdank. In German.
24. 1518 Venice. First printed Greek Bible. In Greek, issued by Aldus Manutius.
25. 1525 Basle. Pliny’s Natural History. In Latin. Johann Froben, printer.
26. 1527 London. Boccaccio’s The Fall of Princes, Princesses, and other Nobles. Translated into English by John Lydgate. Richard Pynson, printer.
27. 1540 France. Suetonius’ Lives of the Twelve Caesars. In Latin. Robert Estienne, printer.
28. 1552 Italy. Turnebus’s edition of Aeschylus. In Greek.
29. 1555 Geneva. The Latin Bible of the Estienne family. In Latin.
30. 1555 Basle. The Opornius edition of Vesalius. In Latin.
31. 1559 Venice. Giolito edition of Petrarch’s sonnets. In Italian.
32. 1570 Geneva. Arrangement of the Great Latin Orators. In Latin. Estienne or Stephanus, printer.
33. 1570 London. Barclay’s “Ship of fooles of the world.” In English. John Cawood, printer.
34. 1572 London. The Bishop’s Bible. In English. Richard Jugge, printer. Two conjugate leaves.
35. 1572 Frankfort. Petrarch’s Trostspiegel, with woodcuts by Hans Weiditz. In German. Christian Egenolff, printer.
36. 1578 London. Queen Elizabeth’s Prayer Book. In English. John Day, printer.
37. 1579 Italy. Holy Bible. Supposedly issued by the house of Giunta. In Latin. Date may be wrong; typeface and format suggest earlier.
38. 1584 Antwerp. Hebrew Bible. In Hebrew with Latin translation and notes. Christopher Plantin, printer.
39. 1585 Mexico City. Estatutos Generales de Barcelona. In Spanish. Pedro Ocharte, printer.
40. 1598-1600 London. Hakluyt’s Voyages. In English. Robert Barker, printer.
41. 1602 London. The Works of Chaucer. In English. Adam Islip, printer.
42. 1608 Madrid. Cervantes’ Don Quixote. In Spanish. Juan de la Cuesta, printer.
43. 1611 London. King James Version of the Bible. In English. Robert Barker, printer.
44. Before 1612 Theatrum Orbis Terrarum. In Italian and Latin. Map produced by Abraham Ortelius.
45. 1657 London. London Polyglot Bible, New Testament. Latin translations of Arabic, Ethiopian and Persian text. Thomas Roycroft, printer.
46. 1663 Leyden. States – General Bible. In Dutch. Johan Elzevir, printer.
47. 1685 Cambridge, Mass. The John Eliot Indian Bible. Samuel Green, printer.
48. 1743 Philadelphia. Cato Major. In English. Benjamin Franklin, printer. John Caslon type.
49. 1743 Germantown, Pa. The First Germantown Bible. In German. Christopher Sauer, printer.
50. 1748 Ephrata, Pa. Der Blutige Schau Platz. In German. Seventh Day Baptist Brotherhood Press, printer.
51. 1753 Madrid. Euclid’s Elements of Geometry. In Spanish. Ibarra, printer.
52. 1753 Glasgow. Foulis’ Lucretius. In Latin. University of Glasgow, printer. Alexander Wilson type.
53. 1757 Birmingham, England. The Poems of Virgil. In Latin. John Baskerville, printer.
54. 1758 Twickenham, England. Horace Walpole’s Noble and Royal Authors of England. In English. Strawberry Hill Press, printer.
55. 1760 Boston. Nathaniel Ames’s Almanack for 1760. In English. Kneeland and Green, printers.
56. 1763 Germantown, Pa. The Second Germantown Bible. In German. Christopher Sauer, printer.
57. 1782 Philadelphia. Bible. In English. Robert Aitken, printer.
58. 1791 Worcester. Bible, (II Maccabees). In English. Isaiah Thomas, printer.
59. 1794 Parma. Virgil Thompson’s Seasons. In English. Giambattisti Bodoni, printer.
60. 1804 London. Poems of Goldsmith, Parnell, and Somerville. In English. Printed for the Shakespeare Printing Office. Bulmer typeface cut by William Martin. Woodcuts by Thomas Bewick.

2011 Addition to Donald Jackson Collection, gift of sons Mark and Robert Jackson:

ca. 1500 manuscript leaf, Italy, in Latin.
1500 manuscript leaf; France, in Latin.
1471 Pliny the Elder’s Naturalis Historia, printed by Johann and Wendelin of Speyer,
Germany, aka Giovanni and Vendelino de Spira, first printers in Venice, 1468-1477. In
1486 Cologne, Koethoff, Soliques of St. Bonaventure, in Latin.
1487-1488 two leaves printed by Johan Amerbach, each laid into blue folder, one with
accompanying note; two copies of Donald Jackson’s brochure on Amerbach, printed at
the Prairie Press in Iowa City.
ca. 1494 LipsiaelLeipzig, Conr. Kachelofen, in Latin. (Pencil notation: 1495 nach
Freiburg...) [Possibly Francesco Negri’s Modus Epistolandi, 1497? OCLC 758545782]
1495 Venice, Bible, Paganinis, Ecclesiastes, in Latin.
1496 ArgentoratumlSfrassburg, Johan Gruninger, two leaves in Latin.
(1531? Basel? Henricus Petri?) Lucretius, De Rerum Natura, in Latin.
1540 Paris, Suetonius, Lives of the Twelve Caesars, Robert Estienne, in Latin.
ca. 1550 Geneva Bible, Stephanus (?), biofolium beginning with Salomon Regum III, in

2020 Addition, gift of Mark Jackson:

1572 Venice, antiphonal, printed by Luc Antonia Guinta, in Latin.


Original Leaves from Famous English Books (Special Editions Folio Z239 .2 .O74):

1523 Pynson’s Froissart. In English.
1575 Foxe’s Book of Martyrs. In English.
1611 The King James Bible. In English.
1632 The Second Folio Shakespeare. In English.
1701-4 Clarendon’s “History” Oxford. In English.
1756 Dr. Johnson’s Dictionary. In English.
1757 The Baskerville “Virgil.” In Latin.
1785 The Foulis Press “Pope.” In English.
1794-6 Bulmer’s “History of the River Thames.” In English.
1844 Chiswick Press: The Book of Common Prayer. In English.
1896 Kelmscott Press: The Well at the World’s End. In English.
1902-5 The Doves Press “Milton.” In English.

Stanley S. Slotkin’s Collection of Original Leaves from Printed Books (Special Editions Folio Z250 .C64):

1609 Hebrew Bible. Hebrew commentary. Basel (?)
1618 Magna Bibliotheca Veterum Patrum, Cologne: Antonii Hierati. In Latin.
1673 The Book of Common Prayer, Cambridge: John Hayes. In English.
1684 Bible, Amsterdam: J.V. Someren. In Dutch.
1696 Matthew Poole, Annotations Upon the Holy Bible, London: Thomas Parkhurst. In English.
1710 Aristophanes, Comoediae Undecim, Amsterdam: Thomas Fritch. In Greek and Latin [printed leaf is not from this book]
1725 Cornelius Cornelii a Lapide, Commentarius in Canticum Canticorum, Antwerp: Verdussen. In Latin
1728 Veit Pichler, Summa Jurisprudentiae, Augsburg: Georgii Schlüter & Martini Happach. In Latin.
1731 Claude Fleury, Histoire Ecclesiastique, Paris: Hippolyte-Louis Guerin. In French.
1752 Honoré Tournely, Cursus Theologicas, Cologne: Metternichiana. In Latin.
1764 Franz Hunolt, Christliche Sitten-Lehr, Augsburg: Ignaz Udam. In German.
1769 Sforza Pallavicino, Vera Oecumenici Concilii Tridentini, Augsburg: Matthaei Rieger. In Latin.
1774 Historia Ecclesiastica, Venice: Bassani. In Latin.
1788 Ephraim Chambers, Cyclopedia, or, An Universal Dictionary, London: J.F. and C. Rivington. In English.
1796 Encyclopedia Britannica, Dublin: James Moore. In English.

Addition, 2021, gift of the Sisters of St. Francis:

1500 Latin Bible. Lyons, France.
1500 Hippocrates. Basel, Switzerland. In Latin. Two leaves.
1574 Martin Luther Bible. Frankfurt. In German.
1597 John Gerard, Theatrum Botanicum: The Theater of Plants, or, An Herball of Large Extent.
1624 Roman Missal. Antwerp. In Latin.



Map case drawers (oversize)

18th c. Giovanni Battista (1720-1778). Veduta dell' insigne Basilica Vaticana coll ampio Portico (2-106-77); Veduta dell Facciata della Basilica di S. Giovanni Laterano (2-35-77) (drawer 21)

18th c. Johann Elias Ridinger (1698-1766). Six Garden of Eden engravings, Genesis 2:8 (2-105.1.77); Genesis 2:16-17 (2-105.2.77); Genesis 2:19-20 (2-105.3.77); Genesis 2:23 (2-105.4.77); Genesis 3:6 (2-105.5.77); Genesis 3:6 (2-105.6.77) (drawer 22)

18th c. William Hogarth (1697-1764). The First Stage of Cruelty, engraving, 1822 (drawer 22)

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