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Colorado College Collections
For a quick history of Colorado College, take a look at this page.

The Colorado College Collections contain over two thousand books by CC faculty, staff, and alumni, and a complete collection of CC publications such as the course catalog, yearbook, and student newspaper. All of these materials have records in the Tutt Library Online Catalog.

We have several other collections containing historical materials on life at CC from its founding in 1874 to the present. Indexes to these collections are below.

If you're researching the history of CC, this tab in the Race, Ethnicity, and Migration Studies library guide may be useful.

Cutler Hall 1878
Colorado College in its entirety ca. 1880


Colorado College Information Files
The Colorado College Information Files contain clippings, memos, handouts, and all kinds of other information relating to the faculty, administration, departments, curriculum, and activities of the college. This is a subject index to the files.

Colorado College Photographs
Subject index of Colorado College photographs.

Colorado College Archives
The Colorado College Archives contain papers and records that are not included in the above collections, such as student scrapbooks, floor plans, and programs from college events. This is a subject index to the Archives.

Colorado College Charter
Text of the founding document of Colorado College.

Colorado College Buildings
Information on Colorado College buildings, 1874 to the present.

Colorado College Audio Recordings
Descriptive list of about 200 audio recordings of Colorado College events, addresses, radio programs, and more, 1954-present.

Colorado College Publications
Visit Special Collections to see historical and current CC student publications. Most CC publications are also part of the library's general collection, and many have been digitized.

Online exhibitions on Colorado College:
Colorado College Buildings and Views (from Early Views collection)
Colorado College People and Ceremonies (from Early Views collection)
Historical tour of the Colorado College campus
Presidents of Colorado College

Slocum Affair information
Information on the departure of William Frederick Slocum, President of Colorado College from 1888 to 1917, including scans and transcriptions of statements from women at CC at the time.

History of the Colorado College website
The Internet Archive Wayback Machine has samples of CC webpages from 1998 forward.
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