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Helen Hunt Jackson Papers, Parts 1-6

Please note: transcriptions are available for much of this material. Click the underlined folder numbers. Additional transcriptions are here.
This finding aid was substantially updated in 2003, and we continue to correct it in small ways.

Part 1, Ms 0020, 17 boxes
Part 2, Ms 0156, 2 boxes
Part 3, Ms 0315, 2 boxes
Part 4, Ms 0348, 1 box
Part 5, Ms 0351, 1 box
Part 6, Ms 0353, 1 box

Helen Hunt Jackson Papers, Part 1, 1828-1886, Ms 0020
Gift of the Jackson family (William S. Jackson Jr., Dorothy S. Jackson, Edith B. Jackson and Helen Jackson), December 1974.
Finding Aid created October 1975.

Table of Contents, HHJ Papers, Part 1, Ms 0020

Scope and content
      I. Correspondence
             Family letters
             Letter books
             Business correspondence
      II. Business records
             Legal documents
             Copyright agreements
             Land affidavits and papers
      III. HHJ's writings
             Handwritten notes and manuscripts
             Proof sheets and printed copies
      IV. Newspaper clippings
             Poems, articles and book reviews
             Travel columns
             Reviews of HHJ's books
             Clippings relating to Indian affairs
             Miscellaneous clippings
      V. Miscellany
             HHJ's childhood and family
             HHJ's adult years
             Posthumous tributes
             Accounts of Los Angeles County Indians
      VI. Photographs
             Framed pictures
             Unframed pictures of people
             California pictures
             Colorado Springs pictures
      VII. Books and pamphlets
             HHJ's books containing inscriptions
             Other books with family inscriptions
             Pamphlets, government documents and periodicals
             Books and pamphlets not kept with collection

Scope and content, HHJ Papers, Part 1, Ms 0020

Part 1 of the Helen Hunt Jackson Papers is comprised of a variety of materials, with family letters, newspaper clippings, and photographs making up the bulk. Also included are business letters and documents, personal mementos, books, and pamphlets.

This part of the collection spans HHJ's entire life, from family letters from before her birth to clippings relating to her death. Most of the material is from her early years: family letters, photographs, and books given to her when she was a child. From the middle years of her life there are notes, manuscripts, and newspaper clippings of her columns and poems and reviews of her works. The collection also contains business letters, clippings, and pamphlets from 1880 to 1885 relating to HHJ's concern for American Indians and to her role as Special Commissioner on Indian Affairs, along with photographs and picture-cards of missions, Indians, and California scenes. Probably the most important item in Part 1 is the incomplete manuscript of HHJ's novel Ramona, which was published in 1884.

Inventory, HHJ Papers, Part 1, Ms 0020


Box 1, HHJ Papers, Part 1, Ms 0020

Folder 1: 10 letters from Deborah Waterman Vinal Fiske (HHJ's mother), to her father David Vinal, 1828-33
Folder 2: 4 letters from DWVF to her husband Nathan Fiske, 1833
Folder 3: 2 letters from DWVF to her husband NF, 1835
Folder 4: 10 letters from DWVF to her husband NF, 1836
Folder 5: 10 letters from DWVF to her husband NF, 1840-41
Folder 6: 10 letters from DWVF to her husband NF, 1843
Folder 7: 2 letters from DWVF to her daughter HHJ, 1835
Folder 8: 37 letters from DWVF to her cousin Ann Scholfield and others
Folder 9: 12 letters from Nathan Fiske to his wife DWVF, 1829
Folder 10: 8 letters from NF to his wife DWVF, 1830-31
Folder 11: 6 letters from NF to his wife DWVF, 1832
Folder 12: 5 letters from NF to his wife DWVF, 1835-36
Folder 13: 5 letters from NF to his wife DWVF, 1840, 1843
Folder 14: 31 letters from NF to his daughter HHJ (then Helen Maria Fiske), 1844-46
Folder 15: 18 letters from NF to his daughter Ann, 1844-46
Folder 16: 8 letters from NF to Vinal and Hooker Families, 1829, 1830, 1832, 1846-47
Folder 17: Letter from NF to Mr. Peabody
Folder 18: 19 letters from HHJ (then Helen Maria Fiske) to her parents NF and DWVF, 1836, 1840-44
Folder 19: 3 letters from HHJ (then Helen Maria Fiske) to her Aunt Martha Vinal
Folder 20: 13 letters from Ann Fiske to her father NF, 1844-46
Folder 21: 17 letters from Martha Vinal to NF, 1844-46
Folder 22: 2 letters from Martha Vinal to her husband Otis Vinal, 1844
Folder 23: Letter from David Vinal to his son-in-law Nathan Fiske, 1832
Folder 24: Letter from Ann Vinal to Nathan Fiske, 1844
Folder 25: 14 letters from David Vinal to his daughter DWVF, 1829, 1833-37, 1839, 1841, 1843-44
Folder 26: 18 letters from Timothy Stearns to DWVF, 1836-41
Folder 27: 85 letters from various people, mostly to DWVF?
Folder 28: Letter to HHJ (then Helen Fiske) and Ann Fiske from William Perkins, 1838
Folder 29: Letter to Dr. Humphrey from Edward A. Park, 1847

Box 2, HHJ Papers, Part 1, Ms 0020

Letter Books (compiled by Nathan Fiske for his daughter HHJ in 1846)
Book 1: "Correspondence DWVF and HMF [HHJ], 1835-43"
Book 2: "Correspondence DWVF and MCH 1827-43" [MCH is DWVF's aunt Martha Hooker; also contains letters to Sarah Hooker and Anne Hooker and from Martha Vinal]
Book 3: "Correspondence DWVF and HST 1837-43" [HST is Mrs. H.S. Terry; also contains letters with Miss Elizabeth Terry]

Folder 1 - Miscellaneous letters 1859-60
Letter from M. D. Conway introducing Mrs. Lieut. Hunt to Mrs. H. W. Longfellow, 1859
Letter from E. B. Hunt, 1859
Letter from Henry A. Homes to Mrs. Hunt, 1860

Folder 2 - Business correspondence
2 letters from Thomas U. Wood to Mrs. H.M.F. Hunt, 1873
Letter from W.S. Jackson to D.B. St. John, 1877
Letter and statements relating to royalty accounts, 1877-84

Folder 3 - Business correspondence
Harper and Brothers; Scribner, Armstrong and Co.; Roberts Brothers

Letters Relating to Indian Affairs, 1878-83
Folder 4: 9 letters from S.S. Lawson (U.S. Indian Agent) to HHJ (with draft of one reply)
Folder 5: 10 letters from H. Price (Comm. of Indian Affairs) to HHJ
Folder 6: 24 letters from various people to HHJ (some with drafts of replies)
Folder 7: 8 letters (some of them copies) to people other than HHJ
Folder 8: 10 drafts of letters from HHJ to various people


Box 3, HHJ Papers, Part 1, Ms 0020

Folder 1 - Legal documents
Edward Hunt's commission as major in U.S. Army, signed by Abraham Lincoln, 1863
HHJ's widow's pension claim, 1863
Receipt for deposit of will, 1873
Marriage certificate: William S. Jackson and Helen M. F. Hunt (HHJ), October 22, 1875
HHJ's will, 1881 including codicil 1885, and agreement of compromise 1911 (ditto copy)
Approval for payment by U.S. Treasury of claim made by HHJ, September, 1883

Folder 2
Copyright agreements, etc. for Bits of Talk About Home Matters, 1873; Bits of Talk in Prose and Verse for Young Folks, Bits of Travel at Home, 1878; Nelly's Silver Mine, 1878; A Century of Dishonor, 1880; Mammy Tittleback and Her Family, 1881; Bits of Travel, 1882; Verses, 1882
Receipt from Library of Congress for deposit of copies of Bits of Talk About Home Matters, 1873
Land affidavits and papers

Folder 3
Translation of land title: Land known as Pauba given to Don Vicente Moraga, 1884
List of property patents, on Rancho San Jose del Vale, Rancho Valle de San Jose, Rancho Santa Ysabel, Rancho Walle de San Felipe, Ranch Pacuma, 1854-80
Copy of petition by Indians of Missions San Luis Rey, Pala and San Diego, 1878
List of Indian villages with population of each by tribes as per census return, 1880
Affidavits relating to application of Daniel Psham et al for Capitan Grande Racheria, 1883: Ignacio Curo and Marcellino / J. S. Mannasse / Anthony D. Ubach
Affidavit relating to claims of Arthur Golsh and Gaetano Golsh, 1883: Patricio Soberano and Felipe Joqua. Also draft copy
Memorandum in relation to queries propounded by HHJ concerning certain claims of Indians, 1883


Folder 4: Portfolio, Abbot's Institution, New York, 1850. Flyleaf note: "Early compositions of H. H.?"
Folder 5: Manuscripts of poems and rough drafts of poems. Mostly undated, pencil on yellow-orange paper. A few dated poems (1863 [not HHJ's hand], 1872, 1875, a tape-bound booklet of poems dated 1880-1881). Published versions of some of these (Going! Going! Gone!, Farewell, A Health to the Past) are in Ms 0020, Box 6, Folder 4.
Folder 6: Manuscript of The Hunter Cats of Connorloa (lacking pages 55-71)
Folder 7: Notebooks and memoranda for travel columns about Crystal Park, Gunnison country, Oberammergau, Norway, England and Scotland
Folder 8: Two notebooks concerning Sand Creek Massacre and Indian Treaties

Box 4, HHJ Papers, Part 1, Ms 0020

Manuscript of Ramona, [1884]. 1285 pages, lacking 422-652 and 1017-1044.

Box 5, HHJ Papers, Part 1, Ms 0020

(Not in folders) HHJ's diaries for 1852, 1876, 1877, 1878, 1880, 1881, 1882, and 1883 (8 diaries, all transcribed)
Folder 1: Proof sheets for the first edition of Ramona (Boston: Little, Brown, 1884), corrected by HHJ.
Folder 2: Unbound sheets for HHJ's The Hunter Cats of Connorloa, Roberts Brothers, 1884, including advertisements for other HHJ books published by Roberts Brothers.
Folder 3: Report on the Condition and Needs of the Mission Indians of California, made by Special Agents Helen Jackson and Abbot Kinney, to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs. Washington: Government Printing Office, 1883. (3 copies) With five printed illustrations from The Hunter Cats of Connorloa.
Folder 4: Zeph: A Posthumous Story. By Helen Jackson (H.H.) Author's Edition. Edinburgh: David Douglas, 1892.

IV. NEWSPAPER CLIPPINGS (poems, articles, book reviews, travel columns, material on Indians, and miscellaneous, mostly undated and from unknown publications)

Box 6, HHJ Papers, Part 1, Ms 0020

Folder 1: Poems thought to be by HHJ, many signed "H.H.," mostly undated (see list)

Folder 2: Essays and stories signed by HHJ, mostly undated (The Abundance of the Heart, The Ants’ Monday Dinner, Boarding-House Levites, Brothers’ Keepers, Dorothy Vernon’s Doorway, Fretting, In Memoriam, The Joy of Delighting, Kindlings for the Kitchen Fire, “The letter is dated San Diego, March 14, 1882,” (as Helen Jackson), Literary Pemmican, Little Bel’s Supplement (as Helen Hunt Jackson), The Map of the Battlefield, The Morals of Manners, Mrs. Diaz’s “The Schoolmaster’s Trunk,” Negative Selfishness, One Woman and Sunshine, The Pot of Gold, A Recipe for Orange-Peel Wine, Revised Friendship, Seeds of Cruelty and Fate, A State Without a Debt, Three Pennsylvania Women, A Victory of Love, Wanted, in New England: An Apostle of Sunshine)

Folder 3: "Our Book table" book reviews in the Denver Daily Tribune, unsigned, possibly by HHJ?, 1878 and undated (A Critical Opinion of the Last Literary Venture; The Family Library of British Poetry—Edited by James T. Fields and Edwin P. Whipple; Meg: A Pastoral, and other poems by Zadel Barnes Gustafson; On the Right Use of Books; The Poems of Richard Watson Gilder; Spiritual Manifestations, by Charles Beecher; “Ten Times One is Ten” and its postscript, “Mrs. Merriam’s Scholars,” by Edward Everett Hale; Two Good Cook Books)

Folder 4: Poems, unsigned, possibly by HHJ?, mostly undated (The Abbot Paphnutius, Amreeta Wine, Burnt Ships (May 28, 1867), Buttercups, Cross Words, Double Acrostic (“O glorious youth, of old adored,”), Double Acrostic (“O little bird, why sittest thou”), Double Acrostic Charades (signed “H.”) , Down the St. John’s River, Equinox, Exiles , Feast, Harry’s Birthday (November 15, 1868), Hymn for a Little Child, Kate and the Reporter, Love’s Largess [with Nebulae], Nearer Home, Nebulae [with Love’s Largess], A Revenge [with Equinox and Exiles], Sonnet: To One Who Complained of a Poet for Not Writing About Nature, A Threnody, Two)

Folder 5: Articles, unsigned, possibly by HHJ?, mostly undated (Birthdays, A Gossip and Scandal Bureau, “Heap fool! Freeze, keeping warm.”, The Matter, My Day in the Wilderness, My Knee-Buckles, A New England Romance, Notes, Reticence, Revenge by the Shilling’s Worth, Rhetorical Therapeutics, Talk and Tears, A True Story)

Folder 6: Poems by various writers other than HHJ, mostly undated. Poets include Elizabeth Barrett Browing, Lucy Gibbons, Dante Rossetti, Susan Coolidge, John Greenleaf Whittier, and William Wadsworth Longfellow; also included is a parody of Walt Whitman.

Folder 7: Travel columns - U.S. and abroad by HHJ
Folder 8: Travel columns - "Bits of travel at home" by HHJ
Folder 9: Travel columns not by HHJ
Folder 10: Reviews of Verses
Folder 11: Reviews of Bits of Travel
Folder 12: Reviews of Bits of Talk about Home Matters
Folder 13: Reviews of Saxe Holm stories (Includes speculation about identity of author)
Folder 14: Reviews of Hetty's Strange History and Mercy Philbrick
Folder 15: Reviews of Bits of Travel at Home
Folder 16: Reviews of A Century of Dishonor
Folder 17: Reviews of Ramona, including "Ramona's Land" by Elizabeth B. Custer, Boston Evening Transcript, May 14, 1887, reprinted from the New York Star
Folder 18: Reviews of Story of Boon; Bits of Talk in Verse and Prose; Nellie's Silver Mine; "Miracle Play"; Zeph
Folder 19: Columns and letters signed H.H. relating to Indians
Folder 20: Articles referring to H.H. relating to Indians
Folder 21: General articles relating to Indians
Folder 22: Articles relating to Ponca Indians
Folder 23: Articles relating to Ute and Cheyenne Indians
Folder 24: Articles about HHJ
Folder 25: Articles about Colorado Springs, Cheyenne Canyon
Folder 26: Articles about various subjects
Folder 27: Review of Ruth Odell's biography of HHJ
Folder 28: Column about relationship of Emily Dickinson and Edward Hunt

Box 7 - Scrapbooks of clippings

Book 1: Rip Van Winkle columns, 1867-68
Book 2: Columns and letters to editors concerning Indian problems
Book 3: Columns and news items concerning death of HHJ. On flyleaf: "Helen F. Banfield, April 1886"
Book 4: Tributes to HHJ after her death, poems signed H.H., notices of deaths of Dr. Goodell, Dr. Ray Palmer, Rev. Mark Hopkins, Russell D. Hitchcock, Bishop William Bacon Stevens, miscellaneous poems and news items


Box 8, HHJ Papers, Part 1, Ms 0020 - HHJ's childhood and family
Book 1: Journal 1815-1823
Book 2: Journal 1818-1823
Book 3: Journal 1823-1847
Book 4: Scrapbook entitled "Flowers from the Holy Land." Compiled by Nathan Fiske for his daughters Helen and Ann.
Book 5: Second volume entitled "Flowers from the Holy Land."

Box 9, HHJ Papers, Part 1, Ms 0020 - HHJ's childhood and family

Folder 1
Booklet, "Notes on Scriptural Subjects" compiled by DWVF. Inscribed to Helen from her father, June 2, 1844. About 60 pages.
Booklet, "Tests of Christian Character" compiled by DWVF. Includes a list of females mentioned in the scriptures. Dated January 13th, 1838 on page before notes. About 60 pages.
Booklet, "What saith the scriptures?" a collection of Bible verses compiled by DWVF. not dated. About 60 pages.

Folder 2
Short accounts of Biblical characters in various handwriting
Booklet labeled on front "References for the Kings of Judah" with a short letter to HH signed D.W.V. Fiske. Labeled on back "H.M. Fiske's Latin Exercises, March 1, 1841."

Folder 3
Three handwritten recipe books, one signed D.W. Vinal, 1828
Account book, 1843-44

Folder 4 - childhood mementos
Booklet, Catalogue of books belonging to Helen Maria Fiske's Library, July, 1839
Lock of HHJ's hair
Pamphlet: "Woman that Feareth the Lord: A Discourse Delivered at the Funeral of Mrs. D. W. V. Fiske, February 21, 1844," by Heman Humphrey. Amherst: J.S. & C. Adams, Publishers, 1844.
2 small pictures from Roman Catholic Sunday School. Note on envelope "For Helen for her birthday"
The Lord's Prayer in Arabic and Turkish (?)
Map of Turkey, signed H.M. Fiske
Series of 16 small paintings of Turkish characters

Folder 5 - mostly material related to Warren Hunt ("Rennie"), HHJ's son
6 letters written by Rennie, 1863-1864
2 letters written to Rennie, 1864
Story written for Rennie by his papa
Small diary with writing and doodling by Rennie, 1865
School records: reward of merit, two report cards
Phrenology character of Master Warren Hunt, 1855
Notes, lists, bills

Folder 6
Autographed cards, notes in Norwegian, list of pictures for the "Cats Letters", "Cantico de la Creature", list of silver, bills, account with Charles Tufts

Folder 7
Pen used in writing Ramona
Brochure. Ramona's Home: A Visit to the Camulos Ranch, and to scenes described by "H.H." By Edwards [sic?] Roberts. From the San Francisco Chronicle dated April 27, 1886. 3 copies.
Periodical "in the interests of the Ramona School at Santa Fe." Ramona Days. Santa Fe, N.M., , numbers 1 and 2 (March 1, 1887 and July 1, 1887).
Ribbon-tied booklet. Sketches in the Country of Mrs. H. H. Jackson's "Ramona." Etched from Nature by M.E. Gover. Copyright 1891.
Sample cover for Ramona

Folder 8
Drawing of Mr. Perkins's house at Ooroovich [?]
Drawing labeled "The Indian's Cross and Star" with an H.H. poem on back with same title
2 paintings of Indians [removed and placed in Box 16? JR 2002]
Fiske coat of arms

Folder 9: House and Senate bills relating to Indian land

Folder 10
Phrenological character of Mrs. Hunt, 1859
Map of Green-wood cemetery, 1861 (folded and bound as a book)
Reprint of "Notice of Prof. Hubbard, U.S.N, and Maj. Hunt, U.S. Eng." from the New Haven Palladium, Nov. 2, 1863
Invitation, 1872
Cambridge Union Railway Tickets, 1876
Printed portrait of Standing Bear and his family
Printed portrait of Walt Whitman from The Critic
Quotation from Cowper
Fragment of letter?
Collage: Come to Newport

Folder 11 - posthumous tributes to HHJ
Pamphlet. In Memoriam Helen Hunt Jackson (H.H.). Copyright 1886 by Frank S. Thayer, Denver, Colo. with letter to Hon. W. S. Jackson 2 copies.
Manuscript. "Life and Influences of Helen Jackson" by Miss E. S. Tallman, 1886
Manuscript. Tribute by Rev. Myron Reed at Glenarm Club, 1886
Mimeographed typescript. Biographical sketch for Byers's History of Colorado with letter to Mr. William S. Jackson, 1901

Folder 12: Series of 20 letters written by P. Hugo Reid to editors of the Star concerning Los Angeles County Indians. Not dated.


Box 10, HHJ Papers, Part 1, Ms 0020 - 22 framed pictures (including daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, tintypes)

P7 HHJ and son Murray
P8‑P9 HHJ and son Warren (“Rennie”) [Note: Kate Phillips’s biography of HHJ states that P9 shows Murray, not Warren. CC records, which could be wrong, state that the child is Warren.]
P10 Murray Hunt
P11‑P14 Warren Hunt (“Rennie”) (12 and 13 are duplicates, reversed)
P15‑P16 Edward Hunt
P17 Nathan Fiske
P18‑P20 Ann Fiske
P21 duplicate of P7 (reversed)
P22 duplicate of P16

Box 11, HHJ Papers, Part 1, Ms 0020 - miscellaneous pictures

P1 David Vinal 16 pictures
P2 Aunt Vinal
P3-P5 John Abbott
P6-P7 Mrs. Sanford Hunt
P8-P9 Henry Root
P10 Ida May
P11-P16 Unidentified

Box 12, HHJ Papers, Part 1, Ms 0020 - unframed pictures

Folder 1: Folder 1: Edward Hunt (2), Rennie Hunt (?), Helen Hunt with unknown woman, plaster cast of Rennie Hunt 5 pictures
Folder 2: 33 identified photographs: Louis Agassig (?), Maria L. Alcott, Richard Henry Dana Jr. (?), Leopold Fulepp, Kalman Fulepp, Mary and Ida Fulepp, Caroline Hahlreiner, Thomas W. Higginson (3), Kate Horsford, Julia Ward Howe (2), Lucy Larcom (2), James R. Lowell (?), George MacDonald, Kedves Micihemnek, Joaquin Miller (2), Edward Pierrepont, Prof. Proctor, Arthur Pröll, Gustavus Pröll (2), Lewis Niles Roberts, Lucy Stone, Charles Dudley Warner (?), John Greenleaf Whittier, Kitten (2), Cornelia, H. H. Jr.
Folder 3: 42 unidentified pictures (including possibly John Ericsson and E.B. Hunt’s brother Washington Hunt)
Folder 4: California missions - stereopticon slides 19 pictures
Folder 5: California scenes, including 9 pictures of Coronel home
Folder 6: Folder 6: 1 stereograph and 4 cabinet card photographs (plus 3 duplicates) of California Indians
Folder 7: Miscellaneous, including 14 pictures of Father Junipero Serra mural and two bars of music from manuscript printed by Indians at Santa Barbara
Folder 8: 3 pictures of Jackson home in Colorado Springs and HHJ's grave on Cheyenne Mountain

Box 13, HHJ Papers, Part 1, Ms 0020 - miscellaneous pictures

Large framed picture of Murray Hunt and his nurse
2 photograph albums, including pictures of Edward Hunt
Woodblock portrait of HHJ


Box 14, HHJ Papers, Part 1, Ms 0020 - HHJ's books containing inscriptions and other books with family inscriptions

Book 1: Addison, The Spectator in Miniature, vol. 1, 1836 Inscribed: H. M. Fiske from her father, Jan. 1842
Book 2: Alcott, Stories of Eliot and the Indians, 1838 Inscribed: Helen Maria Fiske from her cousin Mrs. E. A. Vinal, February 1840
Book 3: Gallaudet, The Youth's book on Natural Theology, 1832 Inscribed: Helen Maria Fiske from her father,1839
Book 4: The Golden Rule, 1835 Inscribed: Helen Maria Fiske's from her Grandpapa, Sept., 1836
Book 5: The Holy Bible Inscribed: Helen M. Fiske from her father
Book 6: The Holy Bible Helen Maria Fiske from her mother, August 11th, 1843
Book 7: Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe (in Latin) Inscribed: Helen Maria Fiske's, a birthday present from her father October 15, 1840
Book 8: Memoir of Mary Lathrop, 1832 Inscribed: Helen Maria Fiske from her cousin Sarah Hooker, August 1834
Book 9: Nettleton, Village Hymns for Social Worship, 1826 inscribed: D. W. Vinal's Dec. 13, 1827
Book 10: Pleasant Sundays, 1832 Inscribed: Helen M. Fiske from her cousin Deborah
Book 11: A Sabbath Notebook Inscribed: Helen Maria Fiske's from her aunt Martha Hooker, 1840
Book 12: Robert Southey, The Curse of Kehama: A Poem, 1811 inscribed: Helen M. Fiske from Her Father.
Book 13: Divine Breathings, 1832 Inscribed: Mrs. Martha Vinal from her affectionate and grateful niece D. W. Fiske, October 1833
Book 14: Fenelon, A Treatise on the Education of Daughters, 1831 Inscribed: Deborah W. Fiske, January 1832
Book 15: Fragments in Prose Gathered from the Correspondence of Wm. Cowper, 1831 Inscribed: Presented to Mrs. Tyler by N. W. F. Note: A trifling token of affection from your true friend D. W. V. Fiske
Book 16: The Holy Bible Inscribed: Annie S. Fiske from her dear Mother D. W. V. Fiske. With handwritten booklet laid in, including letter from NF and notes from DWVF.
Book 17: John Phillips, Black's Picturesque Guide to the English Lakes, 1879 Inscribed: Helen F. Banfield On flyleaf is a poem in HH's hand entitled "Southey (in Keswick Churchyard)"

Box 15, HHJ Papers, Part 1, Ms 0020 - pamphlets, government documents and periodicals

Pamphlet 1: Report of Special Agent John G. Ames, in regard to the condition of the Mission Indians of California. With recommendations. October 28, 1873.
Pamphlet 2: George F. Canfield. "The Legal Position of the Indian." In The American Law Review, January, 1881.
Pamphlet 3: Mary G. Burdette, editor. Young women among blanket Indians: The heroine of Saddle Mountain. R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company, 1897.
Pamphlet 4: Charles Smith Cook. South Dakota. Pine Ridge Mission. January 15th, 1886.
Pamphlet 5: Juan De Toro. Brief sketch of the colonization of California and foundation of the Pueblo of Our Lady of Los Angeles. Los Angeles: Daily Commercial Job Printing House, 1882.
Pamphlet 6: Federal jurisdiction in the territories. Right of local self-government. Judge Black's argument for Utah before the Judiciary Committee of the House of Representatives, February 1, 1883. Salt Lake City: Desert News Company, 1883.
Pamphlet 7: Hampton Institute. 1868-1885. Its work for two races. Hampton, Va.: Normal School Steam Press Print, 1885.
Pamphlet 8: Gardiner G. Hubbard. The Indian problem. [1876?]
Pamphlets 9a-9i. Indian Rights Association (Philadelphia, Pa.) leaflets:
9a: The Administration and the Indians. From The American, December 5th [not dated].
9b: Boston Monday Lectureship. The prelude to the one hundred and seventy-fifth lecture of Joseph Cook. Frontier savages, white and red. Delivered in the Tremont Temple, Monday noon, March 2d, 1885.
9c: Objects of the Indian Rights Association. 1884.
9d: S.C. Armstrong. Report of a trip made in behalf of the Indian Rights Association, to some Indian reservations of the Southwest. 1884.
9e: Address to the public of the Lank Mohonk Conference, held at Lake Mohonk, N.Y., October, 1883, in behalf of the civilization and legal protection of the Indians of the United States.
9f: Indian land in severalty, as provided for by the Coke Bill. 48th Congress, 1st session, S. 48. 1884.
9g: Herbert Welsh. Report of a visit to the Navajo, Pueblo, and Hualapais Indians of New Mexico and Arizona. 1885.
9h: The action of Congress in regards to the Piegan Indians of Montana.1885.
9i: Provisions of the Sioux Bill. December 10th, 1885.
Pamphlet 10: Laws and Joint Resolutions of the Cherokee Nation, enacted by the National Council during the regular and extra sessions of 1884-5-6. Tahlequah, Cherokee Nation: E.C. Boudinot, Jr., printer, 1887.
Pamphlet 11: James W.M. Newlin. Proposed Indian Policy. November, 1881.
Pamphlet 12: Henry S. Pancoast. Impressions of the Sioux Tribes in 1882 with Some First Principles in the Indian Question. Philadelphia: Press of Franklin Printing House, 1883.
Pamphlet 13: William Penn. Essays on the present crisis in the condition of the American Indians. Boston: Perkins & Marvin, 1829.
Pamphlet 14: The Indian Question. Report of the committee appointed by John D. Long, Governor of Massachusetts. Boston: Frank Wood, 1880. Inscribed "Mrs. Wm. S. Jackson, compliments of Wm. H. Lincoln."
Pamphlet 15: State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. Narragansett Tribe of Indians. Report of the Committee of Investigation: a historical sketch, and evidence taken, made to the House of Representatives, at its January session, A.D. 1880. Providence: E.L. Freeman and Co., 1880.
Pamphlet 16: Rev. H.A. Stimson. Address on the Indian Question. October 29, 1879.
Pamphlet 17: Thomas Sturgis. Common sense view of the Sioux War, with the true method of treatment, as opposed to both the exterminative and the sentimental policy. Cheyenne, Wyoming: Leader Steam, 1877.
Pamphlet 18: Thomas Sturgis. The Ute War of 1879. Why the Indian Bureau should be transferred from the Department the Interior to the Department of War. Cheyenne, Wyoming: Leader Steam, 1879.
Pamphlet 19: Annual Report of Brigadier General George Crook, U.S. Army. Commanding Department of Arizona. 1883.
Pamphlet 20: U. S. Congress. House. Population and Resources of Alaska. 46th Cong., 3d Sess., Ex. Doc. 40. 1881.
Pamphlet 21: U. S. Congress. Senate. Report of the commission appointed under the provisions
of the Act approved May 3, 1878, entitled "An Act Authorizing the President of the United
States to Make Certain Negotiations with the Ute Indians in the State Colorado." 45th Cong., 3d Sess., Ex. Doc. No. 62. 1879.
Pamphlet 22: U. S. Congress. Senate. Transfer of Indian Bureau. Speech of Hon. Alvin Saunders. 45th Cong., 3d Sess. Washington, 1879.
Pamphlet 23: U. S. Congress. Senate. Let us do justice to the Whites and Indians alike … Speech of Hon. Henry M. Teller, of Colorado. 46th Cong., 2d Sess. Washington, 1880.
Pamphlet 24: U. S. Congress. Senate. Testimony relating to the removal of the Ponca Indians. 46th Cong., 2d Sess. S. Rept. 670. 1880. Includes examination of Standing Bear. Incomplete.
Pamphlet 25: U. S. Congress. Senate. Report of the Commission appointed December 18, 1880, to ascertain the facts in regard to removal of the Ponca Indians. 46th Cong., 3d Sess., Ex. Doc. No. 30. 1881.
Pamphlet 26: U. S. Indian Bureau. A compilation from the Revised Statutes of the United States;
and Acts of Congress Since the Enactment of the Revised Statutes (June 22, 1874). Also special acts and resolutions previous to that date, relating to Indian affairs, not embraced in or repealed by the revision of the United States Statutes. Second Edition. Washington: Government Printing Office, 1876.
Pamphlet 27: Special Message of the President of the United States in relation to the Ponca Indians. February, 1881.
Pamphlet 28: Charles A. Wetmore, Special U.S. Commissioner of Mission Indians of Southern California. Report. Washington: Government Printing Office, 1875.
Pamphlet 29a-29m: Women's National Indian Association (Philadelphia, Pa.) leaflets, most not dated:
29a: A few facts concerning the condition of Indians. 1884.
29b: 4th Annual Report. 1884.
29c: Alice C. Fletcher. Home building among the Indians.
29d: Professor C.C. Painter. An Indian circumlocution office.
29e: Alice C. Fletcher. Indian home building.
29f: Mrs. M.T. Richards. Indian missions of the churches.
29g: H.L. Wayland. The Indian question.
29h: Mrs. A.S. Quinton. Indian territory exclusion.
29i: Mrs. G.W. Owen. Indian troubles and their cure.
29j: Missionary work of the Women's National Indian Association.
29k: Missionary work of the Women's National Indian Association, and letters of missionaries. 1885.
29l: Official pamphlet of the National Indian Association, with suggestions and facts for its helpers. 1885.
29m: Platform for all friends of Indians.
Pamphlet 30: Zylyff. The Ponca Chiefs. An Indian's attempt to appeal from the tomahawk to
the courts, with some suggestions toward a solution of the Indian question. With an introduction by Inshtatheamba (Bright Eyes) and dedication by Wendell Phillips. Boston: Lockwood, Brooks, and Company, 1879.
Pamphlet 31: Rev. William Stanley. The faith and practice of a churchman. Second Edition. Boston, 1818.
Pamphlet 32: The affectionate son: for the use of children. In two parts. Part second. Third edition. Portland, 1842.
Pamphlet 33: Christian Union, vol. XXIII, no. 3, January 19, 1881
Pamphlet 34: Harpers Weekly, vol. XXV, no. 1260, February 19, 1881
Pamphlet 35: Independent, vol. XXXIII, no. 1681, February 17, 1881
Pamphlet 36: Independent, vol. XXVII, no. 1424, March 16, 1876 (added in 2013, gift of the First Congregational Church, contains “The Genius of Common Sense” by H.H.)

Box 16, HHJ Papers, Part 1, Ms 0020 - oversize materials

2 Ledger Art paintings
Folio containing large photographs of California scenery and winemaking industry

Box 17, HHJ Papers, Part 1, Ms 0020 – HHJ-related materials, mostly photocopies (not part of original gift)

Folder 1 Photocopies of poems and articles by HHJ in Atlantic Monthly (see list below)
Folder 2 Photocopies of poems and articles by HHJ in Century Magazine, Christian Union, New York Independent, St. Nicholas, Scribner’s Monthly (see list below)
Folder 3 Contemporary reviews of HHJ’s books
Folder 4 Articles about HHJ, ongoing (includes HHJ fan club newsletter, 1995-2001)
Folder 5 Ramona Pageant programs, 1990s, with related materials
Folder 6 Miscellaneous (includes list of HHJ’s books at Pioneers Museum, EBay records, more)

From Atlantic Monthly:

[Anonymous], The Procession of the Flowers. Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 10, December 1862: pp. 649-657.
[Anonymous], Reviews and Literary Notices. Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 12, December 1863: pp. 794-796. [Beginning of article missing]
[Anonymous], Coronation. Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 23, February 1869: p. 241.
[Anonymous], The Way to Sing. Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 25, February 1870: p. 214.
H.H., A German Lady. Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 26, October 1870: pp. 441-456.
H.H., The Miracle Play of 1870, In Bethlehem, New Hampshire. Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 26, December 1870: pp. 732-734.
H.H., The Valley of Gastein. Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 27, January 1871: pp. 27-40.
H.H., Country Winter in New Hampshire. Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 27, January 1871: pp. 102-104.
H.H., The Ampezzo Pass and the House of the Star of Gold. Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 27, April 1871: pp. 442-431.
H.H., Encyclicals of a Traveller, Part I. Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 27, June 1871: pp. 758-763.
H.H., Encyclicals of a Traveller, Part II. Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 28, August 1871: pp. 215-219.
H.H., Encyclicals of a Traveller, Part III. Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 28, September 1871: pp. 340-344.
H.H., June Days in Venice. Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 28, October 1871: pp. 405-413.
[Anonymous], Recent Literature. Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 30, 0August 1872: p. 243. [Beginning and end of article missing; H.H. referenced in article]
H.H., A Symphony in Yellow and Red. Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 36, December 1875: pp. 666-672.
H.H., June. Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 38, July 1876: p. 31.
H.H., August. Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 38, August 1876: p. 225.
H.H., September. Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 38, September 1876: p. 300.
H.H., October. Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 38, October 1876: p. 430.
H.H., A Colorado Road. Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 38, December 1876: pp. 677-683.
H.H., January. Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 39, January 1877: p.30.
H.H., Apart. Atlantic Monthly, Vol. [?] 39, March 1877: p. 277.
H.H., April. Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 39, April 1877: p. 467.
H.H., WA-HA-TOY-A; or, Before The Graders. Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 39, June 1877: pp. 662-668.
H.H., The “Rank and File. Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 41, May, 1878: p. 619.
H.H., Border Lands. Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 41, June 1878: p. 710.
H.H., To Leadville. Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 43, May 1879: pp. 567-579.
[Anonymous], Massy Sprague’s Daughter. Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 44, July 1879: pp. 1-34.
H.H., Avalanches. Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 44, July 1879: p. 106.
H.H., Petite Marie and Benezet. Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 44, August 1879: pp. 170-172.
Jane Silsbee, (Author of Massy Sprague’s Daughter)., Sister Mary’s Story. Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 44, November 1879: pp. 576-588.
[Anonymous], A Century of Dishonor. Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 47, April 1881: pp. 572-575.
H.H., Bergen Days. Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 47, June 1881: pp. 770-784.
H.H., Four Days With Sanna. Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 48, July 1881: pp. 39-59.
H.H., Tidal Waves. Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 48, August 1881: pp. 252-253.
H.H., The Katrina Saga, Part I. Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 48, September 1881: pp. 366-377.
H.H., The Katrina Saga, Part II. Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 48, October 1881: pp. 518-532.
H.H., A Midsummer Fête in the Pueblo of San Juan. Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 49, January 1882: pp. 101-108.
H.H., Among the Sky Lines. Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 49, March 1882: pp. 375-381.
H.H., Aunty Lane. Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 49, May 1882: pp. 610-618.
H.H., The Gods Said Love is Blind. Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 50, August 1882: pp. 221-222.
H.H., Chance Days in Oregon. Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 51, January 1883: pp. 115-127.
H.H., Puget Sound. Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 51, February 1883: pp. 219-231.
H.H., By Horse-Cars into Mexico. Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 51, March 1883: pp. 350-362.
H.H., Glints in Auld Reekie. Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 52, September 1883: pp. 363-375.
H.H., O-Be-Joyful Creek and Poverty Gulch. Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 52, December 1883: pp. 753-762.
H.H., Chester Streets. Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 53, January 1884: pp. 12-25.
H.H., The Arbutus. Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 53, May 1884: p. 622.
Helen Jackson, Two Harvests. Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 54, December 1884: p. 784.
[Anonymous], Recent American Fiction. Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 55, January 1885: pp. 126-131. [Beginning and end of article missing; Ramona by Helen Jackson is referenced in article]
Helen Jackson, The Victory of Patience. Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 55, May 1885: p. 617.
Helen Jackson, Sesames. Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 57, January 1886: p. 98.
Edith M. Thomas, To the Memory of Helen Hunt Jackson. Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 58, August 1886: pp. 195-196.

From Century Magazine:

“Brother Stolz’s Beat.” Century Magazine, February, 1882
“The Village of Oberammergau.” Century Magazine, March 1883.
“Father Junipero and His Work.” Century Magazine, May, 1883.
“Echoes in the City of the Angels.” Century Magazine, December, 1883. Reprint in Journal of the West, 1968.
H.H., “The Women of the Bee-Hive.” Century Magazine, May, 1884.
Helen Jackson, “A Short Cut from Icicles to Oranges.” Century Magazine, February 19, 1885.

From Christian Union:

Helen Jackson (H.H.), “One Thirty-Six Hours on the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad.” Christian Union, November 26, 1885.
From New York Independent:

H.H., “A Day in Trinidad.” New York Independent, June 5, 1879.
H.H., “Eden, Formerly on the Euphrates.” New York Independent, October 9, 16, and 23, 1879.
H.H., “A Chance Afternoon in California.” New York Independent, April 5, 1883.
H.H., “A Night at Pala.” New York Independent, April 19, 1883.
H.H., “Justifiable Homicide in Southern California.” New York Independent, September 27, 1883.

From St. Nicholas:

H.H., The Ants’ Monday Dinner. St. Nicholas, November 1874: pp. 33-34.
H.H., Colorado Snow-Birds. St. Nicholas, April 1875: pp. 330-331.
H.H., “The Penny Ye Meant to Gi’e [sic]”. St. Nicholas, October 1875: pp. 759-760.
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H.H., The Expression of Rooms. St. Nicholas, June 1876: pp. 486-488.
H.H., Lizzy of La Bourget. St. Nicholas, October 1876: pp. 773-774.
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Saxe Holm, The First Time. St. Nicholas, May 1877: pp. 473-479.
H.H., A Dream About Fairies. St. Nicholas, August 1877: pp. 649-651.
H.H., The Shining Little House. St. Nicholas, February 1879: p. 235.
H.H., The Naughtiest Day of My Life, and What Came of It, Part First. St. Nicholas, September and October 1880: pp. 906-911.
H.H., The Naughtiest Day of My Life, and What Came of it, Part Second. St. Nicholas, September and October 1880: pp. 946-949.
H.H, The Hand-Organ Man’s Little Girl. St. Nicholas, December 1884: p. 92.
H.H. (Helen Jackson), Bathmendi (From the French of Florian). St. Nicholas, May 1885: pp. 508-512.
H.H. (Helen Jackson), New Bits of Talk for Young Folks, I. The Magic Clocks. St. Nicholas, November 1885: pp. 8-11.
H.H. (Helen Jackson), New Bits of Talk for Young Folks, The Magic Clocks-Part II. St. Nicholas, December 1885: pp. 92-95.
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Helen Jackson (H.H.), New Bits of Talk for Young Folk. St. Nicholas, March 1886: pp. 341-342.
(H.H.) Helen Jackson, New Bits of Talk for Young Folk. St. Nicholas, April 1886: p. 447.

From Scribner’s Monthly:

“Hide and Seek Town.” Scribner’s Monthly, August, 1876.

Note: These books and pamphlets were removed from Ms 0020 and cataloged separately:

Book 1: Manypenny, George W., Our Indian Wards. Cincinnati, Robert Clarke and Co., 1880.
Colorado Room E23 .M39
Book 2: U. S. Board of Indian Commissioners. Annual Docs. I 20.5:
Book 3: U. S. Commissioner of Indian Affairs. Annual Reports for the years 1875, 1876, 1877,
1879, 1880, 1883 Govt. Docs. I 20.1
Book 4: U. S. Congress. Congressional Record, January 21, 26-30, 1881. February 1, 2, 9, 12, 1881
Book 5: U. S. Geological Survey. Ethnography and Philology of the Hidatsa Indians. Govt. Docs. I 18.6:7
Book 6: U. S. Secretary of the Interior. Annual Reports for the years 1880, 1883. Govt. Docs. I1.1:

Helen Hunt Jackson Papers, Part 2, Ms 0156
Gift of William S. Jackson Jr., 1982.
Finding Aid created 1982.

Scope and content

This collection contains 138 letters written by Helen Hunt Jackson as an adult, many to her sister Ann Scholfield Fiske. Other recipients are her guardian Julius A. Palmer and his daughter Lucy.

The bulk of the collection consists of letters to Helen Hunt Jackson from friends, publishers, and readers (some addressed to H.H. or Saxe Holm). It includes 50 letters from actress Charlotte Cushman and letters from American authors John Greenleaf Whittier, Francis Parkman, Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Oliver Wendell Holmes, George William Curtis, and Moncure Daniel Conway.

The collection also contains two letters from Helen Hunt Jackson's first husband, E. B. Hunt, and correspondence between Ann Fiske and the Palmers and her friend Jennie Hitchcock. Several examples of early attempts at creative writing are included among Helen's and Annie's school papers.


Box 1, HHJ Papers, Part 2, Ms 0156 - personal letters

Folder 1: HH to her sister Ann S. Fiske, 1851-52, 8 letters
Folder 2: HH to her sister Ann Banfield and Ann's husband Everett, 16 letters, 1856-63
Folder 3: HHJ to her sister Ann Banfield, 31 letters, 1867-73
Folder 4: HHJ to her cousin Ann Scholfield, 1873-81, 6 letters
Folder 5: HHJ to her niece Helen Banfield, 1871-76, 5 letters
Folder 6: HHJ to her guardian, Julius A. Palmer, approx. 50 letters, 1848-57
Folder 7: HHJ to Lucy A. Palmer, 1851-54, 22 letters
Folder 8: HHJ to Richard Watson Gilder [n.d.], 1 letter
Folder 9: HHJ to Mr. Joseph Henry Harper, 1881, and HHJ to Maggie Post, 1881, 2 letters
Folder 10: E.B. Hunt to Mr. and Mrs. Palmer and Lucy A. Palmer, 1852, 2 letters
Folder 11: Ann S. Fiske to Julius A. Palmer, 1852-53, 6 letters
Folder 12: Ann S. Fiske to Lucy A. Palmer, 1852-61, 14 letters
Folder 13: Lucy A. Palmer to Ann S. Fiske, 1852, 2 letters
Folder 14: Jennie (Jane) Hitchcock to Ann S. Fiske, 1852-73, including a photograph of Jennie, 22 letters (see also Folder 35)
Folder 15: Ann S. Banfield to Helen Banfield, 1906, 1 letter
Folder 16: Charlotte Cushman to HH, 1869-70, 8 letters (see also Folder 34)
Folder 17: Charlotte Cushman to HH, 1871-75, 23 letters
Folder 18: William Dean Howells to HH, 1875-80, 7 letters
Folder 19: Thomas Bailey Aldrich to HH, 1882-84, 12 letters

Box 2, HHJ Papers, Part 2, Ms 0156

Folder 20: Richard Watson Gilder to HH, 1873-77, 16 letters
Folder 21: J. G. Holland to HH, 1878-79, 2 letters
Folder 22: Helena deKay to HH, not dated, 1 letter
Folder 22b: Martha LeB. Goddard to HHJ, 1873-1882, 5 letters
Folder 23a: Anne Brewster to HHJ, 1869, 1 letter
Folder 23b: H.S.D. to HHJ, 1860, 1 letter
Folder 23c: George Cary Eggleston to HHJ, 1879, 1 letter
Folder 23d: Ralph Waldo Emerson to HHJ, 1870, 1 calling card
Folder 23e: Josephine Fülepp to HHJ, 1870-1871, 2 letters
Folder 23f: Oliver Wendell Holmes to HHJ, 1879, 1 letter
Folder 23g: Thomas Niles to HHJ, 1877, 1 letter
Folder 23h: Thomas Parrish to HHJ, 1875, 1 letter
Folder 23i: Scribner, Armstrong, & Co. to HHJ, 1877, 1 letter
Folder 23j: Edmund Clarence Stedman to HHJ, 1874 and 1878, 2 letters
Folder 23k: Charles Dudley Warner to Mary Mapes Dodge and HHJ, 1876-1880, 3 letters
Folder 24a: Amelia Edith Barr to HHJ, 1885, 1 letter
Folder 24b: Samuel Bowles to HHJ concerning Susette LaFleshe, also known as "Bright Eyes" or Inshta Theumba, 1881, 2 letters
Folder 24c: George William Curtis to HHJ, 1881, 1 letter
Folder 24d: Cathrin Hansen to HHJ, 1880 and not dated, 3 letters
Folder 24e: Harper & Brothers to HHJ, 1880, 1 letter
Folder 24f: John F. McClure to HHJ, 1884, 1 letter
Folder 24g: Charles H. Nevill and Mary Nevill to HHJ, 1883-1885, 2 letters
Folder 24h: Francis Parkman to HHJ, 1881, 1 letter
Folder 24i: Elizabeth Stuart Phelps to HHJ, 1881, 1 letter
Folder 24j: J.J. Pratt to HHJ, 1880, 1 letter
Folder 24k: Mary [Sprague?] to HHJ, [1856?] and 1881, 2 letters
Folder 24l: William Winter to HHJ, 1884, 1 letter
Folder 24m: Sarah Woolsey to HHJ, 1882, 1 letter
Folder 25a: Elizabeth Agassiz to HHJ, not dated, 1 letter
Folder 25b: Rose W. Chapman to HHJ, not dated, 1 letter
Folder 25c: Moncure Conway to HHJ, 1868-1881, 5 letters
Folder 25d: Edward Everett Hale to HHJ, 1881, 2 letters
Folder 25e: N.W. Houghton to HHJ, not dated, 1 letter
Folder 25f: Robert Lamborn to HHJ, 1875, 2 letters
Folder 25g: Lucia Calhoun Runkle ("Bertie") to HHJ ("Peggy"), ca. 1875, 1 letter
Folder 25h: Emma Stebbins to HHJ, 1869 and not dated, 2 letters
Folder 25i: Elizabeth Drew Barstow Stoddard to HHJ, 1870 and undated, 5 letters
Folder 25j: unmatched envelopes, not dated
Folder 26: Various readers to HHJ, 1870-1874 (A. H. Blanchard; M. E. Bloom; Bruce Bower [?]; Mary E. Bradley; Mrs. William E. Dickinson; Mary B. Dodge; George F. Dwight; Sara M. Ely; Laura Winthrop Johnson; D. Mackintosh; Julia K. Marvin; Abby W. May; Francis Miller; Ruth Plebian; Mrs. Hattie S. Russell; Louise; unsigned), 17 letters
Folder 27: Various readers to HHJ, 1875-1884 (Hariette F. Bailey; Mrs. J.R. Baker; J. H. Beidler; Harriet Blichfeldt (2 letters); Ellie Willistoro Clarke; Caro Atherton Dugan (3 letters); S.H. Greenleaf; Henrietta Hardy; Eliza D. Keith; Mrs. Sophia H. Knight; Louise Lewis; E.A.G. Philbrick ; P.C. Remondino; Alice M. Rollins; D. Rupbord [?]; Fanny E. Russell; Charles S. Shepard; Helen Smiley), 20 letters
Folder 28: Various readers to HHJ and miscellaneous scraps, not dated (recipes, poems, clippings, envelopes; mostly unsigned; signatures include; E.B.; J.C.; and Mary B.A. Williams), 13 items
Folder 28a: Telegrams to HHJ concerning Susette LaFleshe, also known as "Bright Eyes" or Inshta Theumba, December 25, 1880s?, 2 telegrams
Folder 29: letters neither from nor to HHJ: John Greenleaf Whittier to Thomas Niles, 1878; Sarah Woolsey to William S. Jackson, 1881; B. Maria Mathews to Dr. Wilkinson, not dated (but before HHJ's death); E.E. Hale to William S. Jackson, 1886; T.W. Higginson to Mrs. Banfield, 1886; 5 letters
Folder 30: HH's school papers, 14 items
Folder 31: Ann S. Fiske's school papers, 25 items
Folder 32: Unidentified school papers, 10 items
Folder 33: Photograph, Chas and Mary Nevill; 5 items concerning Bramall Hall, Cheshire; Art concerning restoration of Bramall Hall; Christmas card from the Nevills
Not in folders: small box containing 9 tiny notes; scrapbook of nature pictures

Note: folders 34 and 35 contain an addition to Part 2 made by an anonymous donor in June, 1989
Folder 34: 22 letters from Charlotte Cushman to HH, 1869-70 (see also Folders 16-17)
Folder 35: 9 letters from Jennie (Jane) Hitchcock to Ann Fiske, 1852-63 (see also Folder 14)

Helen Hunt Jackson Papers, Part 3, 1838-1860, Ms 0315
Gift of William S. Jackson Jr., 1995.
Finding Aid created 1995.

Scope and content: military books belonging to Edward B. Hunt (West Point), published 1838-1860.

Inventory, HHJ Papers, Part 3, Ms 0315

Selections from the Laws and Resolutions of Congress in Relation to Army Affairs
Military Laws of the United States 1776-1858 by John F. Callan
Military Laws of the United States by Colonel Trueman Cross, U.S. Army
Memorial pour La Defense Des Places
Plates of Battlefields (historic)
Elements of Surveying and Navigation by Charles Davies, LL. D.
An Elementary Treatise on Optics by WM.H.C. Bartlett, A.M.
An Elementary Course of Civil Engineering - third edition by M.I. Sganzn
An Elementary Course of Civil Engineering - new edition by D.H. Mahan, M.A.
Annual Report of the Superintendent of the Coast Survey, November 1851
Elements of Natural Philosophy - Spherical Astronomy by W.H.C. Bartlett, LL.D.
Elements of Natural Philosophy-Acoustics and Optics by W.H.C. Bartlett, LL.D.
The Artillerist's Manual by John Gibbon
Aide Memoire portatif A L`Usage Des Officiers Du Genie

Added to the photo collection:
Photograph - HHJ or Ann Fiske Banfield
Photograph - Manitou Springs, Colorado W.H. Jackson Photo Co.

Helen Hunt Jackson Papers, Part 4, 1831-1845, Ms 0348
Gift of Jean Jackson Emery, October 2000.
Finding Aid created 2000.

Scope and content: letters, papers, notes of Helen Hunt Jackson and family members immediately preceding and after her death; photographs of family home; wills of Helen Hunt Jackson and William S. Jackson.

Inventory, HHJ Papers, Part 4, Ms 0348, Box 1

Folder 1: Wills of HHJ (1873, 1875, and 1876) and William Sharpless Jackson (1875).
Folder 2: HHJ's handwritten instructions for the distribution of her material goods after her death.
Folder 3: 4 letters from HHJ to her niece Helen Banfield, all from 1885: June 2, July 19, August 7 and August 8 (on the same sheet), and one undated letter from the same period.
Folder 4: 3 letters from HHJ to William S. Jackson expressing her wishes about her death and burial, dated June 9, June 10, and July 28, 1885; scriptures read at the burial of HHJ; instructions to the marble company for the stone to be placed on the grave of HHJ in Evergreen Cemetery, Colorado Springs, June 1892.
Folder 5: Letter from William S. Jackson to Helen F. Banfield, August 28, 1885, with a description of HHJ's final illness and death.
Folder 6: Letter from Helen F. Banfield to William S. Jackson, January 3, 1886.
Folder 7: 3 letters from Sara Thibault about the last days of HHJ.
Folder 8: Clipping of poem by Richard Watson Gilder titled "H.H." (August 16, 1885); manuscript of HHJ's poem "The Little Kings and Queens," not dated; three identical copies of a facsimile of a note to President Grover Cleveland from HHJ, August 8, 1885. (The original is at Princeton.)

Folder 9: 7 photographs of the exterior and interior of the Jackson House at 228 E. Kiowa Street, Colorado Springs, [before 1885]. All labeled COLORADO VIEWS. J. THURLOW, PHOTO. MANITOU, COLO.
1. Dining room. Back of photo marked HH 228 E. Kiowa pre 1885 (note by L. Lewis, 2001)
2. HH's desk in study pre 1885 (note by G. Kiefer? 199-) [photo of Rennie on desk]
3. Present front hall/former parlor (note by G. Kiefer? 199-) 228 E. Kiowa St., Colo Springs
4. Study of HHJ (note by Liz Lewis, 2001)
5. HH 228 E. Kiowa. Pre 1885 Sitting room? Looking into dining room (note by Liz Lewis, 2001)
6. [House at 228 E. Kiowa, Colorado Springs--front view]
7. [House at 228 E. Kiowa, Colorado Springs--front view, other side]

Folder 10: 4 photographs of the interior of the Jackson House at 228 E. Kiowa Street, Colorado Springs, [before 1885].
1. View of sitting room from dining room. HHJ note on back: view from dining room looking into the sitting room through the folding doors. My writing table is in the corner. -- Mr. Jackson's big arm chair on the right. Cheyenne Mt. seen through the window.
2. Study of HH. Label on back: Study of H.H. / Return to F. Higgins / Woodlawn, Cinti, O.
3. View of sitting room from dining room. (same as #1)
4. View of hallway and stairs to upper floor.

Helen Hunt Jackson Papers, Part 5, 1851-1885, Ms 0351
Gift of William S. Jackson Jr., February 2001.
Finding Aid created 2001.

Scope and content: correspondence between Helen Hunt Jackson and her sister Ann Banfield, her niece Helen Banfield, and her friend Henry Root; family photographs.

Inventory, HHJ Papers, Part 5, Ms 0351, Box 1

Folder 1: 7 letters from HHJ to her sister Ann (Mrs. E.C. Banfield), 1873.
Folder 2: 9 letters from HHJ to her sister Ann (Mrs. E.C. Banfield), 1881.
Folder 3: 15 letters from Everett Banfield to his wife Ann. 4 from 1874, 7 from 1875, 4 from 1876.

Folder 4:
18 letters from HHJ to her sister Ann. 1 from 1881, 2 from 1882, 3 from 1883, 6 from 1884, 6 undated.
5 letters from HHJ to her niece Helen Banfield. Jan. 6, 1882; Sept. 28, Oct. 22, and Nov. 9, 1884; and Feb. 27, 1885.
2 letters from Everett Banfield to his wife Ann, 1864.
Telegram to Mrs. W.S. Jackson (HHJ) from Wm. S. Jackson, January 6, 1884

Folder 5: 20 letters from Henry Root to HHJ. 4 from 1851, 9 from 1852, 1 from 1853, 1 from 1854, 1 from 1855, 4 not dated and possibly incomplete.
Note: according to librarian's notes, these letters contain references to Emmons, Professor Snell, Helen Tufts, Sue Gilbert (wife of Austin Dickinson, brother of Emily Dickinson); Amherst, and the books Wide, Wide World and Uncle Tom's Cabin.

Folder 6: 20 letters from Henry Root to HHJ. 8 from 1853, 9 from 1854, 3 from 1855.
Folder 7: 35 letters from HHJ to her sister Ann, 1871-1876
Folder 8: 26 letters from HHJ to her sister Ann, 1877-1879
Folder 9: John Allen to Mrs. Wm. Jackson, Feb. 1879; Ann to her sister HHJ, May 1881

Folder 10: Photographs
Thomas Higginson (matching 1-12-2a)
the five great-grand daughters of Mrs. Deborah W.V. Fiske in the bonnet made by her for "HH" and worn also by Grandma Banfield, taken in 1904, Helen Sterling Banfield (age 18), 2nd Helen Jackson (age 14), 3rd Edith Banfield Jackson (age 9), 4th Ruth Davenport (age 8), 5th Gertrude Sterling Banfield (age 7).

Letter book I: 3 letters from Henry Root to HH, not dated (1851?)
Letter book II: 69 letters from HH to Henry Root. 9 from 1851, 23 from 1852, 18 from 1853, 8 from 1854, 11 from 1855. Also includes an Amherst College Commencement program, August 12, 1852. (Some of the letters have 1976 notes dating them, initialed EB, DS, or HJ)

Helen Hunt Jackson Papers Part 6, 1815-1970, Ms 0353
Purchase, 2001.
Finding Aid created 2001.


Folder 1: Nathan Fiske's two journals: "An Account of the State of My Mind Occasionally written May 1815" and "New Castle, ME September 28, 1817"

Folder 2 - letters
8 letters from Ruth Odell to Helen Jackson, 1932-1934
Louise Pound to Mrs. Davenport June 2, 1930
Theodora V.W. Ward to Miss Jackson (Helen) August 22, 1953
Jay Leyda to Miss Jackson November 27, 1954 and March 6, 1970

Folder 3: Three papers written by Rosemary Evans of Perris, California: "Helen Hunt Jackson's RAMONA" (with envelope dated 1975); "Helen Hunt Jackson and The Indians" (with autograph note to Miss Jackson signed R.E.); "Emigrated."

Folder 4: 13 letters from Helen to Annie, 1872 - 1882

Folder 5 - letters
7 letters from HH to Henry Root, 1851-1854
9 letters from Henry Root to HH, 1851-1855
1 letter from an unknown sender to "Anne" (probably HHJ's sister), Amherst, May 24, 1853
Note: these letters, some of them incomplete, contain references to Austin, Lavinia, and Emily Dickinson, and also to Sue Gilbert (Austin's wife and ED's friend)

Folder 6 - letters
Gertrude Lamborn Peet [?] to Mr. & Mrs. Jackson, thanking them for a set of HH books (n.d.)
L.M. Fiske to Cousin Annie (dated only Sept. 7)
Ruth Davy to Helen (Banfield Jackson) suggesting that she keep everything HH wrote, even scraps of paper, and telling her to be brave (dated only Sept. 3)
Postcard from H.F.B. to Alice Blanchard thanking for Christmas gift, Dec. 30, 1878.
M.H.H. (Mollie) to Will saying thank you, March 11, 1882
Mollie (M.H.H.) to Mrs. William S. Jackson (HH), September 29, 1884
M.H.H. (Mollie) to Will saying thank you, December 19, 1885
William S. Jackson to his sister (Margaret), August 5, 1885
M. H. Hunt to Niece, Nov. 14, 1887
Postcard from T.W. Higginson to Mrs. Banfield, Dec. 2, 1903
William J. Palmer to the Jackson children, saying thank you for a Christmas gift of a set of HH works, Jan. 22, 1906

Folder 7 - miscellaneous
Chimes by HH, manuscript, signed "Helen, after letter Murray's death"
The Better Way by HH, manuscript, Colorado Springs, July 14, 1887
Cheyenne Mountain by HH and Burned Mountain by Dorothy Stott Shaw, manuscript, not dated, not in HHJ's handwriting
Sketch of woman with note "Edith drew this … do you know who was her subject?"
Bill for clothing, May 15, 1885
Bill for awnings, May 16, 1885
Fragment (pages 12-14) of carbon copy of typed pages, author unknown, quoting letter from Mr. Ellsworth, 1931; letter from HH to Mr. Seymour (of the Scribner Co.), June 1, 1876; and letter from HH to Dr. Holland (also of Scribner), June 13, 1876, re. Saxe Holm works
The Cradle of Peace (Manitou Park, Colorado) by Helen Hunt Jackson (H.H.). Printed pamphlet, reprinted from Bits of Travel at Home. Not dated. Ownership signature of Edith B. Jackson.

Folder 8 - letters
Helen M. Fiske (HHJ, in a young hand) to unknown recipient (probably Henry Root), saying her address in Albany will be care of Rev. Ray Palmer, dated only Frid. morn. (probably late summer 1851)
Helen (HHJ, in a young hand) to unknown recipient (probably Henry Root), long quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson's Lectures on the Times with a note at the end "I copied this the other day…", not dated (probably Albany, late 1851 or early 1852)
Helen (HHJ, in a young hand) to Luly (Lucy Palmer), Washington, "Wed. morning" (probably early 1853)
Helen (HHJ, in a young hand) to Mr. Palmer, incomplete, not dated (probably 1853)
Helen (HHJ, in a young hand) to Mr. Palmer / My dearest Guardian, Albany, June 21, 1853 [?]
2 letters from Helen (HHJ) to Maggie/Maggy (Margaret Jackson, HHJ's sister-in-law), about broken leg, June 16 and July 23, 1884
2 letters from Helen (HHJ) to Mother (her mother-in-law Mary Ann Gause Jackson), Nov. 17, 1877 (incomplete) and Aug. 7, 1885
Helen (HHJ) to Cousin Ann, saying goodbye and giving her "the most precious thing I possess, the picture of Rennie" and asking that she leave it to Helen Banfield when she dies. (dated only May 25 but probably 1885)
3 sets (10 pages total) of financial notes signed Chas. H. Fiske, Trustee, one set not dated, the others dated January 27, 1890 and January 1895
1 page of notes on the Fiske family births and deaths (HHJ's hand?), not dated

Folder 9 - photographs
"Ann Scholfield Fiske Banfield, with her 5th child in her lap, Mary Chapman Banfield, born in West Roxbury, Mass. July 21, 1865 - soon after Rennie the 2nd son of H.H.'s died of diphtheria while on a visit in that house."
House in snow "The occupants of this sixty year old house wish you sixty more Merry Christmases. Jean and Wm. S. Jackson."
Family portrait, 8 people (labeled on back by Ginny Kiefer, Curator of Special Collections at CC: "William S. Jackson, children William, Helen, Everett, Roland, Edith, Gardner, Aunt Edith or Aunt Dora")
Family portrait, 7 people (labeled on back by Ginny Kiefer "William S. Jackson's children" and dated 1904)
Family portrait, 9 people (dated 1898, also William S. Jackson's family)
"Home of Helen Jackson (H.H.)"
4 portraits of Helen Hunt Jackson (not dated. 2 identical ones - HHJ leaning on hand from the waist up; 1 HHJ leaning on hand, full body; 1 HHJ full body, hands clasped on fur-collared cape)

1 letter from HHJ to Hamilton Wright Mabie, July 30, 1883. Purchased May 2010 from Argosy Books.
1 small manuscript, first verse of “The Way to Sing,” signed “H.H. / Helen Jackson / Colorado Springs, Nov. 14, 1882.” Purchased July 2010 on Ebay.
4 letters from HHJ to William Sturgis, 1882, with a cabinet photograph. Purchased February 2016 from Between the Covers Rare Books.

3 letters from Martha Hooker (HHJ’s mother’s cousin) to Martha Vinal (HHJ’s mother’s aunt), 1833.
1 letter from Mr. Hooker’s sister-in-law to Martha Hooker, 1841.
2 letters from Sarah Hooker to her mother Martha Hooker, 1844-1846. Purchased February 2019 from Michael Brown, Bookseller, Philadelphia.
“Famous Americans” trading card #53, Helen Hunt Jackson, 2021, purchased 2022.

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